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Do you understand the Boba Fett cult following and if so are you a part of it?

MMM OKAY I HAVE THEORIES mostly around the fact that much of the “traditional” or purist section of the star wars fandom has a tendency to over-masculinize and badassify many of the male characters beyond recognition, turning them into personal power fantasies and leaving behind all of their humanizing, endearing traits as they go? I mean alright that might have been harsh. But honestly, you see it happen with Vader, you see it happen with Han, you see it happen with Lando, and you even see it happen with Luke. Boba Fett is one of the most intense, because his character as seen by the movies didn’t really have much more than “stoic badass who kills people 4 $$$” and the EU made him survive the Sarlaac pit (???? how) whereupon everyone seemed to laud him as the Epitome Of All Badass. Or something.

That’s my impression, anyway. I don’t really know for sure, I could be wrong. 

HOWEVER. I personally have nothing against Boba Fett. He’s a mostly chill dude. He does his job, and he does it well. His job just happens to be killing people for cash. And his life must have been pretty crazy, all things considered, so I can see where that stoic persona might have been cultivated. 

Also, his dad got decapitated when he was a small tiny boy, so that must have sucked. 

Actually, I’ve come to appreciate him a lot more after reading AC Crispin’s Solo trilogy - which, actually, blanket statement, A+++ job to Crispin for keeping all these fandom-worshiped male characters as their ACTUAL CHARACTERS FROM THE MOVIES and not being gross or sexist or over-masculinizing anything nice work friend - because he’s really professional. And if he’s not being paid to kill you, he leaves you be. He’ll actually help you, at times. He won’t stab you in the back or be dishonest or lie or cheat or act like a scumbag, and he’ll keep his promises to people when he makes them. He’s got honor, which is a lot to say for a guy who makes a living killing people for money. And when he’s got Bria tied up he’s actually very much a gentleman and makes sure she’s comfortable and not feeling violated oh my God. Like “are you sure you’re okay sitting like this” “yes?” “well okay good just making sure. And now I’m just going to tie your hands over here so you don’t escape okay Miss Tharen I’m not going to hurt you” “aren’t you being paid to kill me though” “I’m a bounty hunter Miss Tharen not an animal” LIKE OKAY THAT’S OBVIOUSLY PARAPHRASED BUT???? What a guy eh. 

See my point is that Boba Fett as per Crispin’s characterization and the movies is literally just a guy who’s trying really hard to do his job so he can get paid, has no shits left to give, and spends half of his time a) running around the galaxy trying to nab Han’s sorry behind, b) being incapable of catching Han’s sorry behind because of sheer luck and the convenient presence of Han’s frustratingly well-timed friends, c) rolling his eyes at Hutts under his mask probably, and d) just generally being there for comedic potential purposes you know? I mean poor guy Han and Lando drugged him and stole all his stuff one time. They didn’t strip him though so he got out of that mostly unscathed, just minus like 34095840 weapons. 

Okay, I retract my last statement, he’d probably kill Han even if he wasn’t being paid just because of how many times Han has metaphorically mooned him.

BUT MY POINT IS I have nothing at all against Boba Fett and actually like him, he’s chill and honorable, you know? But I don’t think he should be revered as the ultimate epitome of ruthless badass and like cult worshiped because that’s just weird.



I was reading chapter 69 and I couldn’t help but notice these two similar frames. The first one is from chapter 35 when Touma helped her with stopping the Level 6 Shift program and saved the SISTERS in the process. The next picture is from chapter 69 when Touma stopped her in her uncontrollable Level 6 rampage. 

I don’t really know what to say other than she looks adorable in both, and that these faces (as far as I know) seem to only appear in front of Touma. And that, my friends, is reason #508173204610394 why one should ship Mikoto and Touma.

All the shipping aside, chapter 69 was fucking awesome. Remember Touma’s fight with Aureolus? Aureolus thought it was a grand idea to cut off Touma’s right arm to stop its power, and then a FUCKING DRAGON emerged and that was how he won. I always thought that the dragon came due to Aureolus’ ability, Ars Magna, that when he started seeing Touma as a monster, his thoughts became reality and Touma DID become a monster: the dragon. But after chapter 69, I don’t know what to think anymore.

External image

ARE YOU SEROIUS? Ars Magna couldn’t have been present to cause a distorted reality like that to appear. Now, my theories are as follows: the first is that Ars Magna’s effect stayed even after he defeated Aureolus and that his right arm never really ceased to being a dragon. It just stayed as a dragon, but it wasn’t visible because his arm was reattached.

However, what if this dragon is the true form of Imagine Breaker? What if a magic-eating, esper-power-consuming dragon was actually hiding inside Touma’s body, and that was the true form of his ability, kind of like how Accelerator’s vector redirection’s true form is when he gets his Angel Wings? I want to believe Touma has a fucking dragon in his arm. I think that would badassify him. With that in mind, I wonder if he would be able to control it without having to have his arm ripped off of his body.

TL;DR Misaka is cute, and Touma is badass. It fits, it ships.