badassery or something

anyway here are some headcanons for the niflheim best sibs (prompto&aranea)

  • prompto’s low key shy in front of aranea at first, but he’s used to traveling with a bunch of boys who revel in each other’s badassery so he does something cool and is like “DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!” and realizes only aranea is there, but she’s like “wow, look at you” before he can get shy and he’s STOKED because she’s THE MOST BADASS
  • prompto actively seeking out praise from aranea and aranea being that babysitter in charge of a kid that’s exhaustingly enthusiastic but u don’t wanna break their spirits, you know?
    • “check this out!” “-out of breath, stabbing an enemy- nice one”  
    • “aranea, look at this!” “can’t look yet shortcake or we’ll both die”
  • prompto is Pop Culture Boy and aranea grew up in a military state essentially, so she probably has 0 pop culture knowledge 
    • a recurring gag is that prompto will serve her a reference that she doesn’t get and he has to give her like a five minute summary so aranea has an approximate knowledge of all pop culture
    • aranea: star wars? that’s. the, “beam me up scotty” one right?
    • prompto: oooh, you’re close! (she’s not close)
  • aranea’s also like 100% not used to people being openly emotive in front of her because of her upbringing in the empire, so she’s like, kinda happy to have someone who’s so relatively emotionally honest and can’t stop commenting on prompto’s moods. definitely softened by the whole thing.
    • “look who’s happy!” “what’s got you so cranky?” “don’t tell me you’re down in the dumps again, thought you’d crawled out of that”
  • aranea’s actually super into selfies! the only pictures she’s had taken were for military personnel logs so she loves the idea of being able to take them on her own terms and gets low key excited whenever prompto asks her to pose
  • prompto’s a city kid who’s never seen snow and aranea’s that embittered “I GOTTA GET THE MILK AND THE BREAD” east coaster
    • prompto: -jumping into snowbanks at full speed-
    • aranea: i really don’t see the appeal
  • prompto asks aranea to pull him behind the snowmobile on a piece of scrap metal they found
  • prompto starts a snowball fight. he regrets it.

- “Are we going to stand around here all day or are we going to fight?” - Kingsman: the Secret Service x TaoHun

16 Days Of Outlander - Day 14

The Search

Wasn’t sure I’d have much of a post for this ep (seeing as how my favorite scene was that kilting up/come back to bed deleted scene), but alas there were a few worthy mentionable moments :) So lets get this started!

Natural Outlaws

Claire and Jenny’s adventure had a little of everything.



And something I’d never seen done on tv before

But the best thing about their time together was the trust and closeness they forged, where Claire - and Jenny - had reached a place safe enough to trust in each other’s word. And that word was Potatoes

Honorable Mentions

Murtagh’s Plan

If anything the pointless endless montages gave me was at least I got to see Duncan Lacroix do a little sword dancing, and hear Caitriona Balfe sing. Granted, once was more than enough, but it was nice all the same.


There were however two scenes that I really did enjoy. The first being Murtagh and Claire’s heart-to-heart in the cave. I felt that was the point their relationship moved past just being Jamie’s Godfather and Jamie’s Wife to being Murtagh and Claire’s very own.

Claire’s quick to recognize just how devoted Murtagh is, and I think he saw her’s for Jamie long before anyone else did.

Honorable Mention

Two of my all-time favorite shots of Caitriona Balfe in S1

She just looks absolutely stunning in the entire sequence of shots on that beach.

Enter Dougal

The second scene is probably my favorite scene with these two. And not so much about the politics, but all about the fierceness it brought out in Claire. She’d reached her boiling point and was having none of it.

From the moment she hears Jamie’s been captured

To her ferocious belief he’s still alive

There’s nothing whatsoever that’ll fill the Jamie-shaped hole in her very being.

Honorable Mention


Jenny’s Pistols. Loved these! So beautiful

I really liked Claire and Jenny’s adventure score. Great piece of music.

This unblinking dude. Seriously, I don’t think this guy blinked the entire time he was on screen! Like WTF?

This Deleted Scene… (*shakes fists* Damn you PTB!)

Truer Words…

And lastly, some favorite stills

good things about today:

i wrote a paper and submitted it and felt good about it

got feedback on a previous paper and the prof told me my writing was good (which!! i am probably going to sail on for a solid 12 hours)

bought a copy of All the Crooked Saints

got to sit outside and drink a coffee

tell me something good about your day! or a moment of badassery, or even just something that made you smile.

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Prompt- Sterek- Frozen AU. Obviously so long as Derek and Stiles aren't related...

“You’re engaged,” Derek repeats, for maybe the seventh time. “To a girl. That you met literally ten hours ago.”

“Can we focus, please?” Stiles is anxiously making a snowball, turning it over and over in his mittened hands until it starts to harden into ice. “My brother is out there, upset and alone and freaking out and disrupting the laws of nature, I think we’ve got bigger problems than–”

“Have you even heard of Princess Lydia before last night” Derek says. “She's terrifying, Stiles. She’s been looking for a kingdom to take over ever since the Martins passed her over and gave the crown to her idiotic male cousin. She’s using you. She might not even like you, have you considered that?”

“Well, who cares,” Stiles says mulishly, slumping down into the sleigh. “The Southern Isles have some really dumb rules about women and crowns, so… she can be something in Arendelle. More than I ever will be, probably, and she deserves it, okay? She’s smart. I’ll make it work. I’ll explain it to Scott, and he’ll understand and come home–”

“What about what you deserve?” Derek asks softly, and then coughs and looks straight ahead. “It’s not… love, okay?”

“What do you know about it? The only thing you love is your weird giant wolf friend, probably.” Stiles reaches over the front of the sleigh and pats the wolf’s huge hindquarters. “Good dog!’”

“Triskele is not a dog,” Derek protests, appalled. 

Rihanna reminds me of a grade 12 girl in high school that I would never talk to because I’d be too intimidated by her fashion, talent and general badassery. But then she’d say something nice to me in passing which would give me the confidence I’d need to stand up to my bullies that day