badassery 101


works together without giving any fucks

+ looks deeply into each other’s eyes


+ badassery

+ parenting 101

+ Mikasa defends him

+ concern for each other

+ acknowledges the other

+ Levi gets speechless when looking @ her

+ Mikasa makes sure she fulfills their promise

+ acts like no one else is in the room when talks

+ understands each other’s past/feelings

+ similar shitty pasts they could talk about

= RivaMika

White was sitting behind the wheel of his 500-horsepower black Mercedes. Howlin’ Wolf was on the stereo. He wore black sunglasses and a tight black T-shirt, and he drove fast, steering with one hand while ashing an Al Capone cigarillo with the other. “I quit smoking cigarettes like six years ago,” he explained, rolling through a stop sign. “These are just baby cigars. I don’t inhale.”
—  Excerpt from New York Times interview with Jack White III

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