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rcssian-sniper  asked:

Makarov had his aim scoped down on a dictator that planned to rule by force with his army, as he knew this could cause major problems and needed to be taken down immediately. Taking a deep breath and hoding his aim steady inches away from pulling the trigger he heard footsteps behind him and quickly lowered the rifle, since he wasn't dead he knew it was his partner "You're late"

Oriana sighed and stretching out her arms “Sorry tough guy, had to take care of some boys in the way, don’t worry their dead and well out of the sight” she said casually lowering herself next to the Sniper. She could see the dictator this man who was going to rule by force with his army.

Oriana looked through the amount of guards surrounding the man, how many of them had been from the lab that experimented on her, if it wasn’t for her Mafia breaking her out she could be down there with them. The thought made her blood run cold, but also a boiling hatred coursed through her veins. Through her own research this man was major funder of the project that gave her, her powers. He was responsible for what they did to her, a little girl at the time.

A fiery expression crossed her face and an amber haze began to form around her hands.

Badassery Level: Bawse

First, I want to thank everyone for welcoming me into this amazing community for these past 6 months. And it is even more amazing that I’m here today for my 6 months anniversary with 6,000 of y’all. This is not my official gift for all you amazing bitches, but I just thought I would say something before I come off as an ungrateful asshole. Give me some suggestions of what I should do for my 6,000 followers gift. I already have some (one) ideas but just tell me anyways. Thank you to all of you for your relentless support. Enjoy!

Outfit #1

Hair: Erratic - @stealthic

Top: Skyler - @somesimsgirl

Bottom: Kelly - Karla Lavigne

Shoes: Suede Heels - @sims-boutique

Necklace: Camille - @theslyd

Hat: Deary - @toksik

Outfit #2

Hair: Erratic - @stealthic

Top: Lena - @trillyke

Bottom: Lorena - @toksik

Shoes: Julia - @madlensims

Necklace: Panic - @toksik

Outfit #3

Hair: Erratic - @stealthic

Top: Choker Top - @salem2342

Bottom: Claudine - @sentate

Shoes: Bruja - @madlensims

Necklace: IDR Choker - @bellaisadellima

Outfit #4

Hair: Erratic - @stealthic

Top: Alexandre Vauthier Billowing Bodysuit - @sims-boutique

Bottom: High Waisted Pencil Skirt - DarkNighTt

Shoes: Nosferatu - @madlensims

Outfit #5

Hair: Erratic - @stealthic

Top: Top with Decollete - @mariamariasims

Bottom Acc.: Leather Ponte Leggings - @chisimi

Shoes: Christian Louboutin - @rinvalee

Necklace: Krabia - Jomsims *use Ctrl + F*

Hat: Deary - @toksik


#BlackGirlMagic and Olympic Badassery in Rio!

The word on the street is “Black women are taking over Rio!” Dropping Black Girl Magic! I mean, they’re sprinkling pixie dust everywhere. I celebrate each gold win with a song in my heart (Deniece Williams’ “Black Butterfly” to be exact)

It means everything to see Black women at the top of their game. It’s also important for times such as these when my spirit is crushed each morning with the names of Black people added to the end of seemingly, never-ending hashtags.

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hey guys this is a basic glamour spell i’d say, to make you look like however the fuck you want and radiate the vibrations YOU want

all you’re gonna need is 

a piece of jewelry you’re going to enchant

writing utensils 

a candle

a fireproof container

your fav crystals 

write down on small pieces of paper with writing utensils corresponding the trait you want to vibrate, or maybe a trait of yours you’d like it to shine, for example: you may be kinda anxious in social events so you’d write in a red marker or a black one “bad bitch and not the one you wanna fuck with” so people would be more scared to talk to you

you may want to show your leadership, kindness, sweetness, badassery, or humor or whatever trait of yours you treasure the most, so if you do write that down in a color you associate it with 

write down with colors YOU associate with that trait; for example i wanted my kindness and me being compassionate to show so i wrote it down in a pink utensil because pink reminds me of kindness and compassion

after you’re done writing down the traits and vibrations you want to set off from yourself, burn the papers from the candle flame and let them burn out in the fire proof container and for fucks sake be safe i dont wanna write how you’re supposed to handle fire. if you’re scared of fire put some water in a bowl and dump the pieces of paper in there. or you can just shred them and put them in the bowl

after you’re done place the jewelry in the whatever shit you just prepared and place your hands over it

visualize the energies of the words and your wish going into the piece of jewelry, filling it up, imagine the jewelry DAZZLING with the energies from the glamour 

once you’re done with this take the crystals and put them around the container

note: it can be whatever crystals you want and you can set them however you’d like, just make sure you imagine the crystals kinda surrounding the container in a circle kinda way

this can be done with make up too. ex:

mascara to make you look dazzling and glamorous 

lipstick to make you speak the truth, and/or make people listen to you

blush to make you calm and cool or make you intense looking

pink make-up to make you look sweet and loveable

bold and dark make up to make you look like a bad bitch

earrings to make you listen to people more

necklace to radiate positivity and calmness 

foundation to make you look invisible if you’re anxious 

colorful bracelet to draw attention to you

but honestly I want an mv for all three songs like I’ve never heard so much perfection and variety and badassery and beauty in just three different songs like this is as satisfying as a full length album wtf I fucking love exo


This scene wrecked me. Like, do you see how proud Hak is of Yona? Do you see how he brags about her? This is one of my absolute favorite aspects of their relationship. Yes, he’s protective of her—she’s a princess and he’s her bodyguard, after all—but he also wants to show the world how strong and resilient she is and revels in her moments of badassery.  He doesn’t mollycoddle her (well, he usually doesn’t), doesn’t underestimate her or treat her like she’s incompetent, and constantly pushes her to her limits because he has the utmost faith in her capabilities. 

I love these two knuckleheads so goddamn much.

anonymous asked:

I don't really see too much hate on Slytherin because they're bad guys, but rather people who think they belong because it's the "badass" house rather than actually enjoying (or in some cases even knowing) what it is that the house itself stands for. I actually find it kind of upsetting because I'm proud of being a Slytherin, not proud of always being "morally challenged" as some think as Slytherin's only quality.

I see a lot of Slytherins = bad guys stuff. I’ve never see anyone claim to be Slytherin because it’s the badass house, but I don’t doubt there are people that do. Most Slytherin I know are really proud of being Slytherin, like yourself, and always enjoy explaining why they are. 

Slytherin traits are cunning, ambition, resourcefulness, self-preservation and fraternity. None of those things mean evil or morally deficient, which is why it’s so annoying when people assume that’s all there is to Slytherin.

Besides, Slytherin doesn’t have the monopoly on badassery. All four houses are equally badass, just in different ways.

a really nice cap I got from Vader down, just beautiful and also this and the vader comic itself are great for people who doubt how powerful vader is based on the lack of flash in the OT 

just because he isn’t doing back flips doesn’t mean he isn’t ridiculously powerful, this cap attests to that as in it he is blocking a shot from a tank like come on. (among other feats of badassery he pulls off in this and the vader comic)