Worried ~ Sirius

I swear I’m working on the requests I’ve gotten and some Remus stuff since I seem to favor Sirius.

Anyway, this features living in a flat with the marauders and Lily, badassery on your part during the war, Remus helping you after a mission, fluffy Sirius and Remus and Sirius having a moment.


You was gone in Northern London for seven days, longer than any of us had been separated. There was a group of death eaters purposely doing things to expose the wizarding world to the muggle community. You were charged with arresting them and somehow transporting them back to headquarters for them to be further questioned and investigated. Along with arresting them, you were to try and find out the location of Voldemort or some of his plans.

There were eight death eaters. You had followed three to an abandoned warehouse on your second night. The three knew you were coming, they had the upper hand and led you straight into their lair. The other five attacked, stunning you, and detaining you for questioning.

After a three days of taking them in circles with your manipulation tactics and lies, they were done messing around. They had figured out who you were and figured it would be more fulfilling to kill you than hold you captive, but they wanted to have some fun first.

You suffered under the cruciatus curse for what seemed like forever, before gaining enough strength to plant a seed of doubt amongst them to distract them from me. Being in the Order, there was one thing everyone was trained in and one thing most everyone experienced. You were all trained in at least one wandless charm and had pretty much all been put under the cruciatus curse.
Your wandless charm was “Accio”. If you were captured, you couldn’t reach your wand to defend yourself, so, you thought it best to learn the summoning charm in order to always have access to your weapon.

While the eight men were noisily arguing about each other’s loyalties, you were able to summon your wand to you and free yourself. After casting a body bind curse, you laid on the cold ground and re-gained my breath.

Now, one thing that sucked about missions, is that your superiors never told you how to go about things exactly. You had your objective and you figured it out. So, when they told you to bring a GROUP of death eaters back, you were worried about how you would do it.

You ended up tying all the men together and apperating with them to Headquarters.

You took a taxi home, too exhausted to use any magic and barely made it up the stairs of the complex. It was two in the morning and you were hungry, thirsty and aching all over.

The thing is, with the cruciatus curse, the pain stays for a long time. You can lose your mind if you are under it for too long, but if you are released then the pain continues to flare up.

Remus was the only one awake.
He sat you down on the kitchen counter and helped you with your wounds. He first got you some food and water. There were cuts and bruises on your face from the angry strikes of the men, and bruises were forming all over your body from the curse.

Your freezer was full of ice packs and our medicine cabinet was full of ibuprofen and other painkillers. You all had potions and ingredients lying about everywhere. You downed three pills and peeled off your shirt, wet from blood sweat and the current rain, to reveal sickening bruises on my ribs.

“Who else is home? You asked, trying to distract yourself from the pain of Remus putting cream on my skin.
"Lily, and Sirius.” He said, “we’ve all been worried sick about you. What was your mission?”
“Some death eaters, causing trouble up north as a distraction, but they were risking muggle exposure. I thought there were only three. I was wrong. There were more. I got taken and they got sick of my jokes and backwards interrogation, so, death it was.” I laughed, “I made them doubt themselves, got them to argue so I could overpower them. Took me long enough, huh.”
“Sure did.” He smiled, “go lay down with Sirius. He’s out cold. You’ll need a shower in the morning once your rested.”

You did as he said and made your way to your room on aching legs. The door was ajar and Sirius was laying on the bed with his hair in his face. You sat down on my side of the bed, the mattress barely dipped at my weight, and sighed.
You stood up to put fresh clothes on, but banged your knee against a drawer in the dark.
Sirius shot bolt upright and grabbed his wand in defense.
“(Y/N)?” He asked, flipping on a lamp.
“Hey.” You smiled.
“Oh my god, you’re back!” He exclaimed. He got up and ran to embrace you, crushing your body with his, while kissing every part of your face he could, as if you would vanish under his fingertips.
You cried out in pain and he pulled away.
“You’re hurt.” He gasped.
“No shit.” You laughed.
“You’ve got blood on your clothes. And… bile.” He frowned.
“Yep, pain will do that to you.” You nodded.
“Let’s get you out of those clothes.” He said.
He pulled out a drawer of your clothes and grabbed some pyjamas. These consisted of shorts and a house shirt from what seemed like a lifetime ago.
He helped my out of your clothes and into fresh ones, then helped you into bed.
“What did you find out?” He asked, gently tracing your bruised skin.
“Voldemort, he’s going to attack all the wealthy purebloods in power that don’t side with him. Then he’s going to come after the Order and annihilate us so no one can stop him from taking the ministry.” You told him.
“They told you that?” He asked in doubt.
“Of course not, they asked me the questions. I just reverse interrogated them. It’s quite simple really, the tactics and physiology of it all, you see-”
“You’re brilliant, you know that.” He sighed, interrupting you.
“I’m just getting the job done so I can come home.” You smiled weakly.
“It will be over soon. I promise.” He assured me, “now, you need to rest, tomorrow, I’ll help you wash up.”
He kissed you softly and we were silent.


I came home from a mission and she wasn’t there.
She was gone for a week.
I was worried sick, even more than normal.

She came back in the middle of the night, bloody, bruised and broken. Remus fixed her up a little, but she still looked horrible.
She terrified me at first. The window of our room was open, allowing moonlight into the room and wind could be heard echoing off the outdoor walls. There was a bang that woke me up, so I sat up and turned to the noise, fully awake.
I found a gaunt, frail silhouette in front of the bed. The face was sunken in and all different colors. It’s clothes were clinging to its body in a strange fashion.
It was her.

The next morning, Lily was called away, leaving me, Remus and (Y/N) together. The poor girl slept until five o’clock in the afternoon. She came out of our room on shaky legs and sat down to take medicine and eat.
“Feeling better?” Remus asked, handing her a sandwich.
“Not really.” She mumbled,
“I’m sorry, love. How ‘bout we get you cleaned up after you eat?” I suggested, looking at her filthy person.
She nodded. While she ate, I drew a bath in the dinky bathroom of ours and took the sheets off of our bed to be cleaned.

I came back from the laundry room downstairs to find her and Remus talking quietly.
“You done, babe?” I asked.
“Yeah.” She said softly.

I helped her to the bathroom and into the warm water. She whimpered a little when she sat down, but got adjusted quickly.
The white bubbles were almost spilling over the side of the tub and made the steamy room smell amazing.

She went to grab some shampoo but I stopped her.
“Sirius. You gotta let me do something.” She sighed.
“No, you’re hurt. You need to take it easy.” I said softly.

I had brought in a plastic cup to use to wet her hair. She had let it grow long during school, and kept it that way. I took up the hot water and poured it down her head, drenching her greasy and bloody hair. I took some soap and massaged it into her scalp gently, afraid to break her. He eyes were closed and her face and body relaxed long before I finished her hair.

After washing her hair, she put on fresh underclothes and I cleaned all of her wounds. Remus, Lily and Dorcas stocked up on potions and muggle ointments to help heal any ailment. So, with the help of Remus, who knew what to do with all the muggle medicine, she was cleaned up and fresh.

I sat her on the large couch in the living space and gently combed the knots out of her hair. Remus brought her tea and we made her lay down and rest.

I sat down on the floor to watch her. She was sprawled out on the cushions with a few blankets engulfing her. For a while she was awake, watching me study her face.

“Sirius.” Remus called from the kitchen.
“Yeah.” I responded, getting up to meet him.
“She’s going to be okay, mate.” He told me as he puttered around, cleaning everything up.
“I know,” I sighed, “it’s just tough living like this.”
“It is. But the war will be over soon. She got some of the best information out of the death eaters that we’ve been able to get. She’s one of our top interrogators, she’s done great. I’m sure they’ll let her off for a bit as we plan according to their schemes.” Remus said kindly.
“Yeah. I just hope that it goes fast. For all of us. This isn’t the life I thought I would be living.” I confessed.
“You had plans?” Remus looked at me quizzically.
“Yeah.” I shrugged, “I wanted to be an Auror and live life. Maybe travel around, help some people. Get married, I don’t know.”
“I don’t think anyone would pin you as a person who wants to settle down. It all seems bleak now. Dreams and aspirations.” He mused.
“Yeah. I’m just wish we were back in school.”
“Never thought I’d hear you say that. But I agree.”
“You need help? Seems like the kitchen has become one mess of a hospital.” I asked.
“That’d be great.”

Protective dad Draco and his beloved son Scorpius.♡

I had a few people (and anons) ask for some dad Draco + Scorpius art, so here you go! The shadows in the BG kinda look like dementors, but if you squint you can kinda see that they’re a mass of people staring in contempt :’(
Into the Badlands is the perfect cure for your Iron Fist blues
Last weekend, Marvel premiered Iron Fist, its latest live-action Netflix show. To the disappointment of many fans, the series isn’t very good. Fortunately, there’s a solution if Iron Fist’s dull plot, poor characters, and Finn Jones’ single confused facial expression left you with a craving for some serious martial arts mayhem: AMC’s Into the Badlands.
By Chaim Gartenberg

So I binged the first season of Into the Badlands the other day, and wow… think southern gothic post-apocalyptica meets wuxia badassery. The martial arts are physics-defying and showy as heck, the scheming and back-stabbing rivals Game of Thrones (all of the power-play machinations, none of the gratuitous rape!), and the small character moments can be surprisingly affecting given how off-the-wall some of the world-building can be.

Also, Daniel Wu is reeeeeeaally easy on the eyes. Just sayin’.

It’s on Netflix right now, so give it a shot!

Inspired by: aka @renrink

(yes I’m aware the post is 11 months old but nobody can stop me)

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Underfell Sans you better run ‘cause you’re about ta get your butt kicked and burnt to the ground not even Snowdin’s ice will be able to help ya.

Just a quick sketchy-doodle that somehow surprisingly took three hours??? I don’t even know sketches aren’t supposed to take that long

*abuses Luminosity setting on SAI whoops*

One of my favourite things about Clarke is precisely how athletic/physically strong/battle skilled she isn’t. Because while you have Lexa, the skilled warrior, who is super smart and cunning, obviously, but mainly cool and shit — you also have Clarke, who makes up for her lack of battle skill with her manipulation and improvisation and overall wit and intelectual badassery. Such different badass lady leaders, who get what they want in two different ways, one not better than the other, and they show us that being a badass doesn’t restrict you to one established way of doing things. You can be a badass in many different ways.

nekoma ANBU

Fight Like a Girl

Anhotep I, Ancient Egyptian Warrior Princess, Hyksos War, “cleansed Egypt of the Hyksos”.

Queen Boudicca, led the Iceni Rebellion against Rome, 1st century.

Relief of two Roman gladiatrices found at Halicarnassus, Roman Empire

Hua Mulan, Tang Dynasty China, disguised herself as a man to fight in her father’s stead.  Inspired the Disney movie “Mulan”.

The Trung Sisters, 1st Century Vietnam, rebelled against the Chinese Empire.

Joan of Arc, the Hundred Years War. Led the French to victory against the English.

Tomoe Gozen, 12th-13th century Samurai.  The woodblock print below depicts her beheading the Samurai Moroshige of Musashi at the Battle of Awazu.

Matilda of Tuscany, Middle Ages, Investiture Conflict, personal bodyguard of the Pope.

The Isabella de Carazzi and Diambra de Pettinella Duel, circa 1552.

Julie d'Aubigny, 17th century swordsmen and opera singer. Considered one of the greatest duelists in history.

Mary Read and Anne Bonney, 17th/18th century pirates.

Elizabeth “Lady Bare Knuckles Stokes, popular bareknuckle boxer in Britain, early 18th century. Fought both men and women, was also noted for her skill with the broadsword and cudgel.

Hannah Snell, Royal Marine, Seven Years War, disguised herself as a man.

Deborah Sampson, American Revolution, disguised herself as a man. Removed a musket ball from her thigh with a knife.

The “Petticoat Duel” between Almeria Braddock and Mrs. Elphinstone, circa 1792.

Nadezhda Andreyevna Durova,  most heavily decorated soldier in the Russian Cavalry during the Napoleonic Wars.

Pine Leaf, Crow Nation War Chief, 19th century

Harriet Tubman, American Civil War, spy, army scout, and co-commander of Union forces during the Combahee River Raid.

Loretta Valsaquez, American Civil War, Confederacy. Disguised herself as a man.

Frances Lousia Clayton, disguised herself as a man to fight with her husband, Union Army, American Civil War.

Cathay Williams, 38th Infantry (Buffalo Soldiers) during the late 19th century. Disguised herself as a man.

“Stagecoach” Mary Fields, Old West icon, once shot a man in the bum in a gunfight after he called her a nigger.

The Dahomey Amazon’s, West Africa 19th century.  The most feared warriors of the Kingdom of Dahomey.  Their favorite pastime was to decapitate their captured enemies.

Princess Pauline Metternich and Countess Kielmannsegg Duel of 1892

One of many “Soldateras” during the Mexican Revolution

Captain Flora Sandes, World War I, English woman who fought in the Serbian Army.  Won the Serbia’s highest honor (the Order of the Karađorđe’s Star) after leading her company on a successful assault despite being wounded by a grenade and in a bout of hand to hand combat.

Edith Gerrud, the Jiu Jitsu Suffragist

Spanish Civil War.

Lydia Litvyak, Soviet Air Force, World War II: First female fighter ace, first kill scored by a woman, highest scoring female fighter pilot with 16 kills. Heroine of the Soviet Union.

Nancy Wake, World War II, commanded a 7,000 man resistance group in France. Was tortured by the Gestapo for 4 days and never talked.  On the flip side she was known for interrogating enemy spies and getting them to talk, then executing them.

The 46th Taman Guards Night Bomber Group, a Soviet all female bomber group during World War II.  Nicknamed “The Night Witches” by the Germans because of their stealthy bombing tactics.

Partisan Fighter, World War II

Lyudmilla Pavlichenko, Soviet Sniper during World War II, deadliest female sniper with 309 kills. Heroine of the Soviet Union.

Mariya Oktyabrskaya, Soviet tank driver during World War II, Heroine of the Soviet Union.

Capt. Kim Campbell, US Air Force, A10 Warthog pilot during the Iraq War, the pictures speak for themselves.

Rukhsana Kausar, defended her family from a band of terrorists with an axe and a captured assault rifle.