When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty. The world teaches you that the way you exist in it is disgusting — you watch boys cringe backward in your dorm room when you talk about your period, blue water pretending to be blood in a maxi pad commercial. It is little things, and it is constant. In a food court in a mall, after you go to the gynecologist for the first time, you and your friend talk about how much it hurts, and over her shoulder you watch two boys your age turn to look at you and wrinkle their noses: the reality of your life is impolite to talk about. The world says that you don’t have a right to the space you occupy, any place with men in it is not yours, you and your body exist only as far as what men want to do with it. At fifteen, you find fifteen-year-old boys you have never met somehow believe you should bend your body to their will. At almost thirty, you find fifteen-year-old boys you have never met still somehow believe you should bend your body to their will. They are children. They are children.

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Fight Like a Girl

Anhotep I, Ancient Egyptian Warrior Princess, Hyksos War, “cleansed Egypt of the Hyksos”.

Queen Boudicca, led the Iceni Rebellion against Rome, 1st century.

Relief of two Roman gladiatrices found at Halicarnassus, Roman Empire

Hua Mulan, Tang Dynasty China, disguised herself as a man to fight in her father’s stead.  Inspired the Disney movie “Mulan”.

The Trung Sisters, 1st Century Vietnam, rebelled against the Chinese Empire.

Joan of Arc, the Hundred Years War. Led the French to victory against the English.

Tomoe Gozen, 12th-13th century Samurai.  The woodblock print below depicts her beheading the Samurai Moroshige of Musashi at the Battle of Awazu.

Matilda of Tuscany, Middle Ages, Investiture Conflict, personal bodyguard of the Pope.

The Isabella de Carazzi and Diambra de Pettinella Duel, circa 1552.

Julie d'Aubigny, 17th century swordsmen and opera singer. Considered one of the greatest duelists in history.

Mary Read and Anne Bonney, 17th/18th century pirates.

Elizabeth “Lady Bare Knuckles Stokes, popular bareknuckle boxer in Britain, early 18th century. Fought both men and women, was also noted for her skill with the broadsword and cudgel.

Hannah Snell, Royal Marine, Seven Years War, disguised herself as a man.

Deborah Sampson, American Revolution, disguised herself as a man. Removed a musket ball from her thigh with a knife.

The “Petticoat Duel” between Almeria Braddock and Mrs. Elphinstone, circa 1792.

Nadezhda Andreyevna Durova,  most heavily decorated soldier in the Russian Cavalry during the Napoleonic Wars.

Pine Leaf, Crow Nation War Chief, 19th century

Harriet Tubman, American Civil War, spy, army scout, and co-commander of Union forces during the Combahee River Raid.

Loretta Valsaquez, American Civil War, Confederacy. Disguised herself as a man.

Frances Lousia Clayton, disguised herself as a man to fight with her husband, Union Army, American Civil War.

Cathay Williams, 38th Infantry (Buffalo Soldiers) during the late 19th century. Disguised herself as a man.

“Stagecoach” Mary Fields, Old West icon, once shot a man in the bum in a gunfight after he called her a nigger.

The Dahomey Amazon’s, West Africa 19th century.  The most feared warriors of the Kingdom of Dahomey.  Their favorite pastime was to decapitate their captured enemies.

Princess Pauline Metternich and Countess Kielmannsegg Duel of 1892

One of many “Soldateras” during the Mexican Revolution

Captain Flora Sandes, World War I, English woman who fought in the Serbian Army.  Won the Serbia’s highest honor (the Order of the Karađorđe’s Star) after leading her company on a successful assault despite being wounded by a grenade and in a bout of hand to hand combat.

Edith Gerrud, the Jiu Jitsu Suffragist

Spanish Civil War.

Lydia Litvyak, Soviet Air Force, World War II: First female fighter ace, first kill scored by a woman, highest scoring female fighter pilot with 16 kills. Heroine of the Soviet Union.

Nancy Wake, World War II, commanded a 7,000 man resistance group in France. Was tortured by the Gestapo for 4 days and never talked.  On the flip side she was known for interrogating enemy spies and getting them to talk, then executing them.

The 46th Taman Guards Night Bomber Group, a Soviet all female bomber group during World War II.  Nicknamed “The Night Witches” by the Germans because of their stealthy bombing tactics.

Partisan Fighter, World War II

Lyudmilla Pavlichenko, Soviet Sniper during World War II, deadliest female sniper with 309 kills. Heroine of the Soviet Union.

Mariya Oktyabrskaya, Soviet tank driver during World War II, Heroine of the Soviet Union.

Capt. Kim Campbell, US Air Force, A10 Warthog pilot during the Iraq War, the pictures speak for themselves.

Rukhsana Kausar, defended her family from a band of terrorists with an axe and a captured assault rifle.


Summary: You are a YouTuber who does material like PAINT. You and Dan are dating, soon you tell your fans along with Dan’s.

Ship: Dan x fem!Reader

Warning: fluff, angst, swearing, sarcasm, sass, etc.

Your P.O.V

I put my microphone away, rubbing the back of my tensed up neck. I’d been working on my latest video for hours on end. I finally finished it. It was my rendition of Enter Sandman by Metallica. I’m a YouTuber, and quite a big one. Not to boast or anything. I do music videos, kinda of like Jon Cozart. My latest one was a shit load of editing. I’m extremely diverse when it comes to musical instruments. In certain frames, I was positioned playing two different electric guitars, drums, and singing. My videos are very different. Sometimes I’m doing beautiful calm songs or hard rock and everything in-between.

People loved it. I guess that’s how I met my now current boyfriend, Dan Howell. He loved my personality off and on the camera. We soon became a thing. We didn’t live far from each other so, meeting up was relatively easy. I glance over my video once more, biting my lip down in concentration. My focus was peeled away when I heard a loud ding. A text from the one and only, Dan Howell. Every time I got a message from him, my heart soar. ‘How’s the video coming along, love?’ I shake my head, smiling to myself before typing back. ‘Pretty good. Should be out in a few minutes, love.’ A few seconds pass before he replies. ‘Is there any chance I can get a sneak peak? ;)’ I roll my eyes, laughing. ‘Sorry, no can do. But we can hang out and watch it together if you want?’ He replied, almost immediately. ‘Sounds wonderful, love. See you soon!’

God, he was adorable. I take a deep breath, watching again, for what felt like the millionth time before I click ‘POST’. Shutting off my computer, slipping on my jacket, I walk out the door and head over to Dan’s. ‘Be there in a few minutes, DON’T WATCH IT WITHOUT ME!’ Within seconds, my phone dings. ‘Ugh, fine. IT’S LIKE YOU KNOW?! DO YOU HAVE POWERS OR SOMETHING?!’ I laugh lightly. ‘I wish lol, here.’ I stumble up the stairs before making my way to the door. He opens it within seconds, smiling wide and bright. “C'MON, LET’S WATCH IT!” I roll my eyes, cheeks flushed. He adored my musical talent. Often showing me off to his friends for getting someone so diverse in such an art form like music itself. We plop down on the couch, slipping a blanket over our legs, he pulls out his computer. I look up the video, clicking on it. Dan’s overflowing with anticipation.

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I bite my lip to hide my discomfort. I hated watching myself sing and perform. Honestly, I didn’t think I was good enough. But that didn’t stop Dan from assuring me that, I was, in fact, good enough. The one good thing about me is that I’ve got an insane vocal range. It can vary to an alto, rarely reaching a soprano, but can go down to a tenor. If I try hard enough, I could probably reach baritone. So, when it came to the song, Enter Sandman by Metallica, it was easy to do his voice. I could, with a lot of practice, have a growly, sexy voice. So low, that it would sound like a man. In the video, I’m shot by multiple frames, one singing up close, two others on electric guitars and one on the drums. My makeup was pitch black, smokey and hot. My outfit was dark and somewhat scandalous. In one of my shots, specifically the one that focuses on my lip movements, I’m wearing a beanie with my hair tucked deep inside. Piercings sprinkled my ears. I’m not gonna lie, I look hot af.

I lean back, watching Dan as he watches me- well video me. The video begins, fog and smoke sprinkle the ground. The lighting, shots and frame make me very happy. It was perfect. It shows four different angles, one with me and my electric guitar, another with me singing, another with me playing the drums and the last playing a bass guitar. As soon as the song ends, Dan literally howls. “THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING! MY GIRLFRIEND IS SO TALENTED!” I roll my eyes blushing. “Thanks. I didn’t think it was that good.” He scoffed, shoving the computer in my face. “Read ‘em and weep, love!” Dan motioned towards the comment section. I glance over them, smiling.


              She is so sexy I’m gonna die!!!!!


                                                     She is so freaking talented, like holy shit.

“My beautiful, talented girlfriend.” Dan whispers into my ear as he nuzzles his face in the crook of my neck, kissing it. I glance back at them. “Think we should tell them?” He laid down on my lap, I run my fingers through his hair. “The fans? The world? Well, I mean we already told Phil, our friends and family. D’ya think we’re ready?” I shrugged, biting my lip. “I don’t know. I’m ready whenever you are.” He grinned, launching up to kiss me. “Than lets do it. Right now.” My eyes go wide. “Right now?!” Dan nodded, running across the room to grab his camera. I shake my head, laughing. I stand off to the side, writing down never have I ever’s. He sits down, grinning like a child. “Okay- so, I’ll do my normal introduction and then I’ll introduce you-” I nodded, smiling. He began as per usual.

“Hey guys! So, this has been a long time coming video and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be making it. There has been some speculation on who’ve I’ve supposedly been dating- most, if not all the people on the internet think I’m dating Phil- I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but I am not. So this video is about the person I am actually dating. I would like everyone to welcome my girlfriend- the one, the only, (Y/n) (Y/L/N)!!!” I take that as my cue to enter. I sit down next to him, smiling. “Hi…” Dan giggles. “Oh my god, look at you!! You’re blushing!” As he said that, I blushed even harder. “Stop it!! It’ll only get worse if you point it out!” He laughed, kissing my flushed cheeks and then the top of my head. I flushed even more.

Originally posted by alienphaan

“Okay so, we’re gonna play, Never Have I Ever!” He grinned, grabbing the cards from my hand to shuffle. “Okay love, would you like to go first?” I nodded, taking a card only to swear under my breath. “Shit.. Okay, so never have I ever had a one night stand.” I put one of my fingers down and clap my hands together. Dan’s eyes go wide. “There’s a lot about you I don’t know, haha.” I bit my lip, laughing. “That’s a good thing, haha. Now you read.” We go back and forth for a little while before Dan finally ends the video. “Okay, and that’s a wrap! Thanks for watching! Click subscribe to be kept up to date on all my videos! I’ll be sure to put (Y/n)’s Youtube channel link in the description below. PLEASE go check out her channel! She’s incredibly talented! Honestly, I don’t know what I did to get a girl like her! Thanks guys! See you later!” I blush and shout before he turns off the camera. “By guys!”

“Stop showing me off! I’m really not that good.” He rolled his eyes, kissing me, passionately. “You are perfection. C’mon, help me edit this and we’ll post it together.” A few hours past before we finally finished the video. Dan decided to go on twitter to set out a tease for the fans. I do as well. I cuddle close to Dan, looking up at him. “You ready?” He nods, kissing me again. “I was born ready.” We click POST and wait. It takes a few minutes but within no time, the comments section is booming. Not to mention twitter. They were all so heartwarming. Mostly kind words. Some of course, were not that kind but I didn’t care. I was happy to be with Dan. I loved him.

(I hope you liked it)

First Sign of Trouble

Prompt: “She could smell gas even before she opened the door.”

Summ: Kirk x Reader - you both are badasses, and you save lives, though you need a little help to save your own. 


You could smell gas even before you opened the door.  

“Shit.” You said as you typed in the code for the door.  

It slid open with a gust of air and you stepped in. 

“Scotty!” You yelled, a brown haze over the whole engineering room made it impossible to see anything.

“Scotty, where are you?” You yelled again, getting a mouthful of gas this time which left you gasping for air.  

You reached into your medical bag and pulled out an oxygen tablet, popping one in your mouth.  The relief was instant.  These pills, once crushed allowed 15 minutes of supplemental oxygen to be administered directly into your mouth.  You also popped a pair of goggles on your face from the medical bag.  

It was loud in the engineering room, pops and crashes sounding from everywhere.  You pulled out your com to try to get a hold of Scotty.  No such luck.  

“Damn it.” You huffed and pressed the com button again. 

“Y/N to bridge.”

“Bridge here.” It was the Russian whiz kid who responded. 

“Chekov, can you tell Captain Kirk that I can’t find Scotty, and that the gas leakage seems to be getting worse.”

“Yes, ma'am.” He responded and ended the com.  

“Scotty!” You yelled again and started jogging through the engineering room, along the metal bridges and down the steep stairs between the large cores and machines and whatnot.  As a nurse these things made little sense to you, and you only had one objective.  Find Scotty.“  

A flash of red caught your attention in your periphery and you scrambled haphazardly that way.  Scotty was lying near a boiler that looked like it was the source of the gas leak, and it was leaning precariously towards an unconscious Scotty who was sprawled out on the floor.  

The gas leak was so bad that you coughed a little, despite the oxygen pill, and felt a little light-headed.  You reached for your com again.  

"Y/N to bridge and medbay.” You said into the handheld, your voice raspy.  You rushed up to Scotty and kneeled beside him, pressing your finger to his pulse, which fluttered weakly under your fingertips. 

“Bridge here, Y/N are you alright?.” Now it was Kirk’s voice, sounding concerned, and if he was running somewhere. 

“Medbay here.” Your boss, Dr. McCoy responded.  

“I found Scotty, down near boiler 11,” you say as you read the sign on the side of the boiler, “This is the source of the gas leak.” you had to stop to cough, “Dr. McCoy, Scotty is unconscious but is breathing and has a weak pulse, he appears to have hit his head but no other injuries." 

There was suddenly an explosion from a deck above, and metal creaked around you.  You ducked instinctively and leaned over Scotty, as if to protect him. 

"Jim, Dr. McCoy?” You pressed the com again. 

A static fuzz was all the response you received.  The explosion must have knocked out the coms.  

You focused your attention to Scotty, quickly wiping sweat from your brow.  Adrenaline was pumping through you and you pleaded for your hands not to shake.  The boiler popped and hissed above your head menacingly but you continued to assess and treat Scotty.  You were preparing a hypo that would hopefully allow him to regain consciousness when you saw Jim stumbling through the engineering room towards you, leaning over to cough.  He waved his arm as if trying to push the smoke away.  

“Jim!” You yelled, your heart rate suddenly increasing at the sight of him. 

He looked up and you locked eyes with him, relief spreading over his face.  It only lasted a moment, though before he took one look at the boiler above you and his face flashed with fear.  

“Y/N! You need to get out of there, that thing is going to explode” You could barely make out was Jim was saying as he stumbled towards you.  

You glanced down at Scotty still lying prone on the floor.  You injected the hypo into his neck, hoping it might help him regain consciousness.  His eyes fluttered open and your heart soared.  He gasped for air and you thrust a oxygen pill into his mouth.  Once he crunched it between his teeth he took a deep breath in and started to sit up, and you steadied him by his shoulder.  

Jim had reached you by now and slid to his knees beside you, ramming his shoulder clumsily into you and leaning over, gasping.  You reached quickly into your bag and passed him your last oxygen pill.  He crunched it gratefully and wrapped a hand around your upper arm for balance.  

“Lets get out of here.” You said and stood up, Jim followed suit and leaned over to help Scotty stand, his arm wrapped around Jim’s neck.  You took Scotty’s other arm, and all three of you stumbled forward.  

The boiler made a loud, uneasy creaking noise, as the three of you cleared the stairs and continued on towards the door.  

Scotty was mumbling something and tugging at your arm.  You looked to him and finally understood what he was saying.  

“Jim!” You exclaimed, locking eyes with the Captain, “Keenser is still in there!  We need to get him out!”

“I’ll go get him.” Jim said, releasing Scotty’s arm, whose uneasy weight suddenly collapsed on you and we almost fell if not for Jim grabbing Scotty again.  

“I can’t support him and I can probably just scoop up Keenser and carry him out of here.” You suggested to Jim, his eyes uneasy. 

“This thing is going to explode any second, I can’t let you go back in there, it’s too dangerous.” Jim’s eyes pleaded with yours.  

“It’s the only way, Jim, and I can’t just leave Keenser in there to die.”

Jim looked distressed but slowly nodded.  

“Go, but get out at the first sign of trouble.”

“If I lived by that motto, I wouldn’t be dating you.” You grinned quickly and leaned forward to press your lips to Jim’s before turning and running back towards the boiler.  

Keenser was deeper into the engineering room, near the far wall, and you traipsed the groaning metal bridges and stairs to get to him.  Your breaths became more and more difficult with every step, the oxygen pill wearing off little by little.  Black spots clouded your vision, but you made it to Keenser and kneeled down to pick him up.  He was light, but it was still difficult to carry him as you were becoming oxygen deprived.  

As you passed the damaged boiler you saw it’s contents bubbling and nearing the top, and something inside you told you that once it did, it was going to explode.  You tried to walk faster but it was difficult while carrying Keenser.  

There was  gentle shuffling in your arms as Keenser woke up.  You set him on his feet and he looked around confused.  You could see the door from where you were standing now.  He seemed able to walk and you pushed him towards the door. 

“Go, Keenser!” You rasped, shoving him gently with your hands.  He resisted for a second, grabbing your arm to pull you, but he wasn’t very strong.  He looked back at the door, then back at you, and dashed for the exit.  

You, on the other hand, slid to the ground.  Your limbs were becoming soft and heavy, your head swimming with fuzz, and black spots almost overtook your vision.  You tried to pull yourself forward towards the exit, but your body wouldn’t obey.  

The last thing you felt was the shaking of the metal bridge you were on before the world went black.  


It felt like the world had exploded.  

Everything was grey and fuzzy as you realized the ringing in your ears was just the ringing in your ears and not something exploding. 

Your whole body ached as if you had been hit by a starship but somehow you were able to open your eyes.  You felt before you saw the source of something pressed up against your leg. Looking down you saw the yellow of a Starfleet shirt hunched over and a man’s head resting on your bed, head pressed against your leg.  


You rustled your fingers as best you could, limbs still numb, and Jim’s head popped up immediately.  He looked around before looking back at you, his eyes squinty from sleep.  Immediately his face opened up, his eyes widened, and his lips stretched into a smile.  He reached to grab your hand as he scooted closer to the head of your bed.  You caught a waft of his familiar scent; salt, steel, and cinnamon.  You loved that smell.  You attempted a small smile back and from the huff of laughter that you got from Jim, it didn’t work out so well.  

“How are you feeling?” He asked tenderly, his free hand reaching up to smooth your hair back.  

“Just peachy.” You responded raspily, using one of his favourite quirky phrases he liked to use.  

He smiled at that and brought your hand to his mouth for a gently, sweet kiss.  

“What happened?” You asked, scooting yourself up a little in the bed, before a pang of pain in your head made you whither back down.  

“Don’t try to move too much, Bones said you’d be groggy and might have a headache.” Jim said, his eyes full of concern.  

“Since when do you listen to Bones?” You teased, attempting another, more successful smile. 

“Since your life is concerned.” Jim said, his face deadpan serious.  

You regarded him for a second.  How did you get so lucky? You thought to yourself and brought a shaky hand up to gently caress his cheek.  He leaned into it, and it looked as if he had tears in his eyes.  

“I’m ok, see?” You reassured him, “I am going to stay around to bug you for a lot longer, I promise.”

The corners of his mouth tugged up in a brief smile, but they soon fell down again.  He took a shaky breath in before he spoke, “Y/N, I thought I’d lost you.” He couldn’t meet your eyes, “When Keenser came out of that room without you, I thought you were dead.”  

He rubbed a hand down his face as if trying to dispel the impending tears.  Your hand reached up again and you stroked his tear stained cheek with your thumb, tears pricking your eyes as well.  He reached up and wrapped a hand around your wrist, and he stroked your palm, holding your hand to his face.  

“How did I get out?” You asked, though you thought you already knew the answer. 

“I went in and got you.” Jim said, huffing a laugh through his tears before he continued, “against Bone’s and everyone else’s wishes.”

“That’s my Jim.” You smiled and pulled his hand forward to kiss his knuckles before continuing, “you should listen to your own advice, you know.”

Jim looked up, a confused look on his face as you felt the comforting circles he traced on the back of your hands. 

“Get out at the first sign of trouble.” You winked and smiled even wider as he smiled, shook his head, and looked down at the floor. 

“Well if I listened to that, I wouldn’t have you.” Jim looked up and smiled, his crystalline blue eyes sparkling with happiness as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours.  

You wrapped your arms around his neck as best you could and decided that despite almost having died, you have never been more happy than right now.

Empress Part 2

Summary: You’re apart of the one-hundred and you’re really bad ass. People you don’t agree with start to put themselves in charge. You, however, have a different set of plans. 

Ship: Bellamy Blake x Fem!Reader

Warnings: fluff, angst, flirting, swearing, MENTIONS OF PHYSICAL ABUSE, etc. 

Tagging: @kiralivelove @thalia-prior-of-ravenclaw

Your P.O.V

I rest my hand on the dirt, muttering a prayer that Vera use to sing to me. Clarke stood over me, weeping. The moment we got here, Clarke and I became mutual friends. I was always there if she needed a shoulder to cry on. I stood up, glancing at her. “I’m sorry about Wells. I didn’t know him very well, but he was a good guy.” She cried, but smiled. “Yeah, he was a good guy. H-He took the blame for my father’s death.. He even forgave me for how I had treated him..” I put my arm out for her to take. She embraces me, whole heartedly before releasing.

Bellamy enters a few seconds later. Clarke wipes away her tears. “I’m sorry about Wells.” His voice came out as genuine. Which was odd to me? She thanked him and then walked back into the camp. I followed her, making eye contact with Bellamy. My heart skipped. It was a strange feeling. Not exactly unpleasant, just unusual. Maybe it was because his gaze was intimidating? Yeah, that had to be it.. I shake the thought out of my head. Clarke and I head back to the tents. I walk into mine, plopping down to sharpen my knives. After I’m done, I make my way out to hunt. Out of the corner of my eye, Bellamy seethed with anger. I could tell this bothered Bellamy greatly. But I didn’t care. We need food.

Third P.O.V

Clarke ran into Bellamy’s ten, huffing.”Where’s (Y/n)?!” He shrugged, even though he knew quite well. He worried about her. “Hunting, why?” She shoved a knife into his hand. “What is this?” Finn comes in seconds later. “That is the knife that killed Wells-” She turned it over to show him the embroidered side. Murphy. His eyes went wide. “Do you know for sure?” Clarke was too deep in her grieving state. Blaming. That’s all she wanted to do. And Murphy was the perfect target to direct her pain. She didn’t bother to listen to Bellamy’s reasoning. “He needs to pay for what he’s done-” Before Bellamy could intervene, Clarke stormed out of his tent, barreling towards Murphy. 

She pushed him, hard. Tears threatening at her eyes as she cried out. “YOU KILLED HIM, YOU BASTARD!” He rolled his eyes, scoffing. “What’re you talking about princess?” She threw the knife at his feet. “This is your knife, found by Wells’ body!! With his blood on it!” People began to form up against him. “Woah, guys- I didn’t-” But before he could continue, they started to shout. “HANG HIM!” Another voice tags along as the crowd forms. “HANG HIM! HANG HIM!” They start to chant in terrifying unison. Murphy looked at Bellamy with a pleading expression. “Bell, I didn’t kill him-” All of a sudden, he was grabbed by a group of guys who already begun to bind his wrists. The poor boy kicked and screamed, practically begging for dear life. Clarke gasps and watches in horror. “BELLAMY! YOU HAVE TO STOP THEM!” 

He turns over his shoulder, gawking before glaring down at her. “THIS IS ON YOU, CLARKE! IF YOU HADN’T KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT, THIS WOULDN’T’VE HAPPENED!” He stalks away from her, looking up at Murphy, who begged from above. “Please, Bellamy! You have to believe me! I didn’t kill him!!” Before he could finish, Bellamy kicked the chair from under his feet. Murphy coughed and spurred, blood rushing to his face. The kids cheer, maliciously. All of a sudden, a dark mass jumped from the trees, causing the kids to gasp. As it reached the ground, an arrow ripped through Murphy’s binds. His body falls into the arms of the stranger. Murphy looked up to see.. “(Y/n)?” He questions. She unties his wrists, taking off the noose. When she stands up, the kids fall silent. “Are you okay, Murphy?” He nods his head. 

She then turns her gaze back to the crowd. “What is the meaning of this?” The 100 kids can’t help but quiver and cower at her tone and stature. An unknown voice yelled from deep within the crowd. “Murphy killed Wells!” A few voices speak up in unison. “Justice!” She growls back at them. “Justice?! This is not justice?! It wasn’t Murphy. He wasn’t guarding last night.” Bellamy questions with a bite. “How do you know that?” She scoffs, looking him up and down. “A queen always keeps track of her people.” He rolls his eyes. Soon enough, tension began to rise. It was thick. Nobody knew of who’s identity of Wells’ killer. Then, a small voice spoke up.. Charlotte. “I did it! I killed Wells!” 

Everyone’s eyes went wide. With lightning like speed, Bellamy took Charlotte to his tent for interrogation. Finn, Clarke and (Y/N) followed his tail. “Why’d you kill him, Charlotte?!” He asked, kneeling down to face her. “You told me to slay my demons-” Clarke eyed him, suspiciously. “What does she mean, Bellamy?” His hair tousled as it shook. “She must’ve misunderstood. She was having nightmares and I told her to slay them. To be strong.” Muphy yelled from outside the tent. “HAND HER OVER BELLAMY!” Finn shook his head, pacing. “She’s just a kid.” (Y/n) glare down at her. “She’s old enough to know what she was straight up murder.” Clarke nodded, fuming at her. “You’re right. You killed a boy, Charlotte. You took his life! YOU KILLED HIM!” 

Your P.O.V

She choked back her tears, trying oh so desperately not to cry. Clarke continued to scowl down at her as she sniffled. Bellamy looked between the two of us with pleading eyes. I sigh. “She needs to be punished-” Bells eyes went wide, only to be silenced by my hand. “But I do not think death is the answer. Why spill more than we need to?” He breaths a sigh of relief. “We sneak her out of the camp.” Finn suggested, with hope in his eyes. I look to Bellamy and Clarke. “Take her and go.” Clarke looks back at me, with pleading eyes. “Come with us. You know the woods better than anyone.” I wait for Bellamy to speak up and stop me but I am not his concern right now. Our quarrel is not now. 

They need me and arrogance won’t help our case. Instead, Finn nudges my arm, nodding with determination. “Go, I’ll distract them.” I nod, sneaking out of the tent before we bolt away from the camp. Murphy and his followers trail not too far behind us, shouting tauntingly. “CHARLOTTE! WE’RE COMING FOR YOU!” All of a sudden, the little girl took off in the opposite direction, yelling out. “MURPHY! I’M OVER HERE!” Clarke’s eyes went wide. “Charlotte! Shut up!” She hissed as Bellamy bolted to catch her, covering her cries, now muffled. But being sneaky and small, she got out of his grasp and ran again. She stops at a drop off, tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry..” Bellamy stood in front to protect her from Murphy and his followers. 

“Give us the girl, Bellamy.” Clarke and I stood in front, growling at them. “It doesn’t have to be this way.” Clarke tries to reason, quietly. Before either of us could comprehend the situation, one of Murphy’s guys wrapped a knife around her neck while Murphy put a knife to my neck. I watched Bellamy tense up, his guard still on Charlotte. She tried to push against his insanely strong grip. “Bellamy, let me go! I can’t let them kill Clarke and (Y/n)! I’m not worth it!” I growl back at Bellamy. “Don’t let her go, Bell.” He nodded, however, Charlotte looked between us, crying. “I’m sorry.” And then, she did something I wasn’t prepared for. She jumped. 

Right off the cliff. Bellamy and Clarke cried out, lunging forward to grab her. But it was too late. I lean against the railing, shocked. She just jumped into the chasm. Bellamy got up faster than I thought humanly possible the stalked over to Murphy, who was just as shocked. He punched him, repetitively. After a minute, Clarke pulled Bellamy off him. “We can’t kill him!!” He looks at her with wide eyes, like she had grown a third head. “Are you serious, Clarke?! What do you suppose we do then?!” He shouted back at her. Before she could speak, I stood up, wrapping my hand around Murphy’s neck, slamming him against the tree. “We banish him.” I growl, lowly. I throw him to the ground, stalking back to camp. Bellamy, hot on my tale. “It’s not your fault..” I say to him before heading up to the drop-ship. Little did I know, his eyes followed me all the way. 

It had been a few days since the incident with Charlotte and everyone has been on edge. Murphy no longer lurks around the camp and it seems to calm them. Bellamy continues to bark orders at people, as if they were his dogs. But their real loyalties resided with me. I help as much as I can, which, to everyone, seems enough. Clarke and Finn left not too long ago to go get some more supplies. I sent the rest of evening restocking the medical bay. I don’t know what time it is before I head out but it must’ve been late considering that it was pitch black out. All of a sudden, a massive crash came a few miles ahead of the camp. Everyone got out of their tents to see what the ruckus was. 

I look over my shoulder to find a girl, almost naked, latched onto Bellamy’s arm. For some reason, in that moment, I felt nauseous and mad. Why was I mad? Bellamy can do what he wants? However, I tear my gaze away, ignoring my emotions as I grabbed my weapons. On instinct, as if he knew, he chased after me. “No.” Still shirtless, he sticks his chiseled arm out in front of me. “We can wait until the morning.” I wanted to fight back but I just couldn’t. For some reason, I don’t know whether I was too tired or too mentally drained, in that moment, I couldn’t fight back. However, I didn’t trust his motives. “Fine.” I say, he eyes me, not trusting me either. A mutual distrust. I head back to my tent. That night, I didn’t sleep at all. But then again, I usually don’t. Considering my past. 

My nightmares were worse than ever. Though, I know I won’t see…him here, it doesn’t stop me from worrying me any less. In fact, it builds up my already horrible paranoia. The next morning, I got dressed, glancing over my scars and bruises that he left on me. I cover them up before heading out. I was happy to have the weather on my side, it not being too cold or too hot outside. As I headed out, Octavia stopped me, asking. “Have you seen, Bellamy?” That bastard. “No, but I think I know where he went.” She catches my drift, rolling her eyes. “He left, didn’t he?” I nodded. “I figured he’d pull a stunt like this.” Octavia and I have grown quite close since we arrived on earth. She’s great, funny and smart, a warrior. Though I met her a long time ago, well, she met my eyes, not me. It was nice to get to know her, face to face. I grab my equipment and head out to hunt. I make my way towards the water. 

As I pass a cave, I swear I hear a stick crack from behind me. Turning my head over my shoulder to see what it was. Nothing. I grip my knife tighter, wary. Then, someone put their hand over my mouth.The hand was big, meaty and calloused. Definitely male. My screams being only muffles now. Grabbing my shoulder with exceptional power, he turned me over to face him. I stop fighting against his grip, scanning him up and down, looking for a sign of weakness. A flaw to win in this fight. But then, everything goes still. It was as if his eyes spoke for me. Be quiet. We both look around the corner to see a group of men dressed just like the guy in front of me, run past us. They spoke in a harsh, unknown language before making their way past us and out of sight. My heart was thumping. I’d never seen people on the ground, and up so close. I knew we weren’t alone. But then it hit me. He was one of them as well. We look back at each other. Male. Definitely a guy. He’s tall, I would say 6′2. Toned with deep blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, tousled and messy. 

He was gorgeous, beyond so. Sporting dark fur and wool, baggy pants and a few shirts with a big brown jacket. A mask covered the lower part of his face. He motioned to the hand that covered my mouth. It was as if he was non-verbally saying that he was going to remove it. Maybe hoping that I didn’t scream or cry for help. He let go of me, warily, waiting for me to attack. I don’t, which confuses him. “Why did you save me?” I ask, curiously. Though my heart beat is practically out of my chest, my voice is strong, steady. He doesn’t answer me. However, his eyes trial up and down my body, almost scanning me. His confused expression was as if I wasn’t what he expected. For some reason, I felt awkward- tense under his gaze. I have the pure audacity to pry once more. “What’s your name?” He continues to ignore me. My brows furrow as my gaze travels down to his stomach. Blood

“Woah! What happened?!” He follows my eyes trying to cover it up with his hand. I take a step forward, touching the outline. He jumps back, grabbing my hand, roughly. I flinch at the contact, it brought back a horrible memory that made my skin crawl. I grit my teeth. Suppress it, (Y/n). I think to myself before growling up at him. “Either you let me fix that, or I can hand your ass to you on a silver plater?! You’re choice.” He ponders my words for a second, though he knows he has no other choice. Letting go of my arm, we walk further into the cave to find a bed and casual homely attire. This was his home. He watches my eyes scan the room with curiosity. When I look back at him, I can’t help but think that he is just as intrigued and curious about me as I am about him. He groans in pain as he sits on the bed, I can’t help but flinch at the thought of what pain he could be in. I pull out my mobile nursing equipment before sitting on the bed next to him. His feet dangle at the edge as he props himself up with his elbows, groaning again. 

With one hand, I push him down flat on the bed. He growls in discomfort, glaring up at me. “What?” I ask, innocently. It takes him a few seconds to realize that I he has to be shirtless for me to have enough access to the wound. He looked wary, not just because I could be a threat, but he looked almost nervous about the whole endeavor. As if this were the first taste of any sort of intimacy he’s ever had in his life. Slowly but surely, I help him out of his shirt to reveal his washboard abs and a stab wound. Though I was suppose to focus on his wound, my eyes subconsciously continued to travel to his pelvis. I’d also be lying if I said his grunts of pain weren’t sexy. After stitching him up, I clean the outside of the wound with a cold towel. I don’t feel his gaze on me until I’ve finished sealing it completely. His ocean blue eyes boring into the side of my head. I start to put the equipment away, hoping to distract myself with something other than his eyes. He grabs my arm, not as hard as last time but enough pressure to show me that he didn’t want to be left alone. “Dimitri..” He said, softly, almost inaudible. Almost. “What?” I questioned, knowing I’d heard it clearly but secretly egging him on to say it again. 

“Dimitri. That tis my name.” Jaw tight as he sat up. Though he was only sitting, he was now towering over me. If I thought he was beautiful before, he sure looked gorgeous now, especially this close to me. “Dimitri.. It’s nice to meet you.” My voice came out a lot shaker than intended.Which was odd, considering I usually have a strong voice. I cough, clearing my throat. “I should get going-” I stand up, turning over my shoulder only to be held back. He tugged my wrist, gently. A feeling that I quite enjoyed. And, for some odd reason, when I looked into his eyes, not for a second did I doubt the inability to leave this place. “Will I see you again?” For some odd reason, I felt a pull, a strong tug, to see him again. I wanted to get to know more of him and I knew by the way he was acting, he wanted to get to know, or understand me as well. We were both aliens to one another, aching to understand one another. My mind ran with how sudden and wrong this was. I shouldn’t do this. He could be the enemy. I shouldn’t. But then again, when have I ever gone by the rules? My mouth was moving before my mind. “I’ll be here tomorrow.” A promise. One I had to keep. 

He nodded, eyeing me with pure fascination. Something I did not too long ago. For some reason, I felt in my gut that he wouldn’t go after me. Not when I just saved his life. That would be stupid. As I head back to camp, I thought to myself. I shouldn’t be meeting with the enemy. Was he even the enemy? I just assumed. But then again, he did save my life. That has to count as something, right? I head back with half of the rashen’s I intended to catch. I drop the food off and almost run right into Octavia. “(Y/n)! Glad I found you. We need your help.” I pear over her shoulder to see Clarke and Finn holding someone up. Just when this day couldn’t get any weirder. “This is Raven, Finn’s-” Clarke pauses, pain in her eyes. Oh, fuck. I take Raven’s weight. “Go set up. I can carry her in.” I say to Clarke. She nods, thankful for the distraction. I smile down at Raven. “You’ll be fine, hun.” I help her into one of the medbays, glaring up at Finn. He looks down, ashamed. 

I’m smart enough to know that Clarke and Finn had a thing. And here his girlfriend was, half dead in front of us. Finn held her hand, not daring to look up at my hard gaze, probably scared I’ll kill him where he stood, and he was right. When I look away, I swear I see him relax a little. “Raven, honey. I’m gonna stitch you up, okay? This is gonna hurt.” She nods, growling back with determination. “Do it.” I pour some alcohol on the wound, she hisses before biting her lip. The moment I finish stitching her up, she sighs in relief. Clarke comes in a few seconds later, avoiding Finn’s heavy gaze. She motioned for me to follow her, I do. I close the tarp, following her down the drop-ship steps. Clarke begins, her voice full of frustration. “Bellamy jacked Raven’s radio. It’s our only means of communication with the ark.” 

I nodded, hesitantly. I, like many others, wanted nothing to do with the Ark. But deep down, I knew we needed them. Their resources, anyway. “Okay, let’s get a search team and scout the area.” Bellamy came up to me as we left, trailing behind. He looked ashamed, sad. Though, I knew why he really threw the radio away. He killed Jaha in attempts to save his sister. I understood that desperation. The way he walked around me made me think I was ashamed or angry with him. The rest of our group scattered to look around. The second I’m in the clear, I talk lowly. “I know why you did it.” Bellamy looked at me with hope and confusion. “What?” I press on. “You killed Jaha to protect your sister. And getting rid of that radio means that you live another day.” 

He stopped dead in his tracks, petrified. “How’d you know about that?” He asks, threateningly. Bellamy towered over me, trying to be scary. It didn’t work, though his gaze made my heart race. I press my hand on his chest, smirking as I push past him. “I know everything, Bellamy Blake.” He looks at me over his shoulder, not satisfied with my answer. I continue. “I heard that it happened when they tried taking me from my cell.” He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Don’t worry. Your secrets safe with me. But Octavia’s gonna know, eventually. You should start practicing your apology speech.” He looks like he wants to say something but before he can, a voice not too far away yells. 

“I FOUND IT!!” We rush back to camp. I follow, going my own pace. As we make our way back, I can’t help but look for Dimitri. A small part of me wanted to see him again. Maybe because he was considered to be a bad boy and a bit of a mystery to me. I mean, he is a grounder. I’m not suppose to talk to them, or even know about them. But then again, when have I ever followed the rules. And truth be told, whether I saw him or not, I knew he was watching. I slow down, in no need to rush. “C’mon, hurry up, princess!” Bellamy yells from outside the gate. I walk past him, scoffing. “I’m an empress. Get it right.” Swiveling my hips as I walk past him. I could feel plenty of eyes on me, especially Bellamy’s. The next day, I head out at the same time to hunt, well, to meet Dimitri. I arrive early, hiding behind the cave wall. 

Dimitri’s P.O.V

I sneak out of the city, staying close to the walls. They’ve become my best friend during my secret excursions. Every step I take is with delicate meaning. Once I get to the outskirts of the city, I run to meet (Y/n). I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was strong, tough as nails. Beautiful, gorgeous even. Though I’ve only met her once, there was something enticing about her. I take off my scarf and head into the cave. I look around for her, almost desperate. Nothing. All of a sudden, I’m flipped around and tossed to the ground. Groaning in pain, I lifted my head up to see (Y/n) smirking down at me. Her waist sat right above my pelvis. I gulp, nervously. When she spoke, I swore I shivered. “You’re gonna have to be faster than that.” She pulls herself off me, giving me a hand up. 

I grab it, smirking. She pulls me up but I’m fast to slam her against the wall, placing her hands above her head. “You sure about that?” I ask, towering over her. I let go of her hands, walking away as I take off my jacket. It being suddenly very hot in the cave. She smiles, an action I’m sure she isn’t use to doing. “So, tell me about yourself, Dimitri?” I organize my bookshelf, nervously. “I live in a village not far from here. What about you, (Y/n) of Skikru?” She smiles again, I’m sure at the name. I could get use to seeing that smile. Dimitri, you’re flirting with the enemy. A voice in my head whispers. I ignore it and listen intently to (Y/n). “I”m from space.” I question, sitting down. “What is it like out there? In space, I mean?” She sits down next to me, pondering. She scrunches her nose in a cute way as she thinks before speaking. 

“Beautiful, but, extremely cold and lonely. We’ve been up in space for a long time. That’s all anyone knew. But the view of earth was extraordinary.” I watched her face as she spoke. And then, a thought hit me. My place. My secret place. She had to see it. I grab her hand, excitedly. “Come with me.” At first she wobbles on her feet before meeting my pace, tuning in like I thought she would. “Dimitri, where are we going?” Instead of answering, I smile down at her before nudging her to look up. She does so, gasping. Her face lit up. An image that would be etched within my brain forever. I lean into her, memorizing her facial features. “You saw everything from space. I wanted to show you my point of view.” She doesn’t say anything, all too captivated. (Y/n) then looked down before meeting my gaze. “Why didn’t you kill me when you had the chance? Why do you trust me?” I smirk, blushing slightly. “Why do you trust me?” 

She scoffed, folding her arms, defiantly. “I asked you first.” I sigh, defeated. “I have been watching over you and your people since you have arrived. At first, I thought you to be potential enemies. But all I can see now is a bunch of delinquent kids, scared and unsure. In a world they do not understand. And then I saw you-” I hesitate but recover. “I saw you hunting, sacrificing yourself for- Charlotte, I believe.” She winces at the memory of her. Guilt washing over me, I knew what it was like for someone to pour salt into an open wound. “My apologies. But I noticed how protective you are with the kids and your clan. All you wanted to do was protect them. That’s why I didn’t kill you.” She fiddles with her hands, almost like she was nervous. An emotion, I could tell, she liked to suppress and rarely broadcast. 

(Y/n) stood up straighter, as if she was trying to compose herself. “Thank you.” I can’t help but laugh at her adorable discomfort. “You look like you’re going to hurl. Deep breaths. Nobody is watching you. You can relax. You always seem rather tense. Why is that?” I ponder. She stops, her smile completely wiped clean from her face, as if it was never there. “I have my reasons.-” (Y/n) pauses, moving her eyes back and forth, conflicted. There was a pull, a need to tell me, someone, anyone for that matter. I didn’t pry as she continued. “Maybe one day I’ll tell you about them.” I nod, understandingly. I was in no rush for her to learn about my secrets. And neither was she. Lord knows we both have things to hide. Things we’re probably not proud of. We chat for a little longer, well, I wouldn’t exactly call it chatting. It was more of witty remarks and quick playful banter. It was casual, very comfortable. 

But then, the worst part came. Saying goodbye. It was my least favorite part. I hold onto her arm, with a pleading expression. “Will I see you again?” She smirks, eyeing me happily. “Tomorrow, same time.” (Y/n) winked at me, leaving me speechless, flustered and on the tip of my toes, wanting more. What a tease. I thought to myself as I headed home, a smile plastered on my  face. There was something enticing about her. That pull made me want to see her all the time. She was strong, wise and beautiful. Not to mention a sarcastic smart-ass. (Y/n) gave me quite a hard time and I loved it. We met up at the same time and place for the next couple of days. We’d talk for an hour or two before heading back to our second lives. It was kind of like Romeo & Juliet, a story that (Y/n) told me about. We lived two completely different lives but when we were together, we were able to be ourselves, live freely. 

All those days (Y/n) and I spent together, we taught each other many incredible things. I learned about literature, stories, tales, and all sorts of things. I taught her more about the land and harmony between people and animals. When we are reincarnated, we transform and are reborn. I felt like I could really be myself around her. But deep down I knew my life and what I wanted were two very different worlds. I can’t help but think about what could happen with (Y/n). But it was all a lot bigger than the both of us. I had duties- responsibilities to live up to. And I was scared that (Y/n) wouldn’t be apart of that life. Of that world. But maybe, just maybe, that was a good thing. 

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I see Sakamoto and Katsura vs Enshou as the last fight of this part of the arc.

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