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Your being forced into one of those "Transported into an rpg video game" scenarios. You get to pick the RPG and two anime characters to be in your party. What world, party members, and class do you pick when you are transported there?

RPG: Log Horizon’s RPG because if you die in the game you can just respawn. There’s already a well managed economy and society. Also there’s a cute princess

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2 Party members: Mio Akiyama and Lucina cuz they’re the waifus.

Mio will the the bard since she has awesome music skills and can heal form the back. (She doesn’t like staying in the front)

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Lucina is the badass sword warrior waifu that fights at the front. She’s hella fucking strong and can destroy everything

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My class would be a wizard….but like not old. Y’know?

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Happy Birthday Uzumaki Naruto (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

I’m so proud of how far you’ve come and I couldn’t be happier that you have a family to cherish and love forever ♥  Also, thank you for letting us cosplay you & your badass waifu in crime and letting me bring fiction to life…sorta HAHA.

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so, yuunoa vs mikayuu, which one do you think will become canon?


Or rather, the more appropriate question, I think, should be, “who do you think will get more screen time?” 

And for that, it depends entirely on how one would look at it.

As typical of most shounen manga, the authors don’t usually have much room to explore the romantic side of things, in favor of focusing more on neutral themes (i.e. “family”), as this manga has been wont to show us. This being the case, I highly doubt Kagami Takaya will be giving us a “canon” pairing, if ever.

However, I will acknowledge the fact that just because a manga has been labeled “shounen,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that the target demographic actually follows through with it. 

If you were to look at the demographic ratings based on gender for Owari no Seraph in Japan, you would see that the female fans grossly outweigh the male fans, gearing closely to an 80-20 ratio. It shouldn’t come as a surprise: both the protagonist and deuteragonist are gorgeous bishounen and the art style does lend itself to be somewhat more feminine than most shounen series. 

As the chart shows us, using an 1834-person sample, 414 of them are male, with the female audience outnumbering them at a whopping 1420. 

Granted, this poll is for the anime, but it goes without saying that this would be a relatively accurate indicator for the manga as well. 

The thing you have to understand anon, is that like any other industry, anime/manga is a business. Even if this manga is geared towards a male audience, publishers know that the female fans and “fujoshi” ladies contribute A LOT of dough into the mix. It’s not something that can be disregarded easily. Furthermore, have you seen how this anime/manga has been promoted? Although the manga tends to be a bit more neutral in its promotional gimmicks (the promotion on the manga website for the second cour of the anime does have the famous “I’ll save you.” line in big red kanji), it’s no secret that a huge chunk of all the promotional images for the anime has featured Yuuichirou and Mikaela. 

As a side note, did you know that the flip side of this poster:

…has the promotional image of Junjou Romantica Season 3 on it? It couldn’t be anymore blatant in what it’s trying to do. XD  

So what does all this basically mean? 

If you were to ask me who would be getting more screen time, I would have to say Mikayuu. Even without the very light shounen-ai / brotherly hints that we’ve been shown, this story is about the two of them. The mystery of the “Seraph of the End” is what basically drives this story and with these two especially being in the thick of it. 

Of course, without a doubt, it’s also about Yuu’s new family, about redemption, moving on, etc. But we can’t forget the fact that there was a reason as to why the author decided to keep Mika alive. Whether that’s for the fujoshi’s own benefit or not, remains to be seen. 

And at the same time, who knows? Yuunoa may get plenty of screentime too. After all this is a shounen manga. ^^ And Shinoa is proving herself to be an awesome female badass lead and waifu material. 

Moral of the story, anon? We’ll see. XD