Favorite wlw character(s): Alex Danvers

“You know, when you first suggested that I was gay, I denied it. And then I thought that it was just about you. I mean, how could I not like you? But, you know, deep down, I think I still wasn’t comfortable that that was my new normal. But it is my new normal. And I’m happy that it is. ‘Cause, I don’t  know, I finally… I get me. And now I realize that it wasn’t about you, but it’s about me living my life.” 


Stanuary week two: Protect
He might not always be able to be there to protect his brother from bullies, but at least he can keep him from taking their words to heart.

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Okay but WOSO fam, can you believe these past few days?

1. Allie Long gets married, blessing us with gorgeous pics of the gals and their (alleged) significant others (I’m look at you Preath and Krashlyn) attending the wedding– Allie looked stunning btw

2. Halloween rolls around, and suddenly we get:

  • Christen Press and her dog as twinning lobsters
  • Alex dressed up as Eleven from Stranger Things (wig, Eggo waffles, and all)
  • Sydney, Dom, and Cassius as Aladdin, Jasmin, and Abu respectively
  • Krashlyn looking bomb with Ali as a Day of the Dead skeleton woman and Ash being badass as the Joker

3. Halfway through the week, the rumors of Ali Krieger’s trade to the Orlando Pride starts circulating again

4. Annnnd whaddaya know? The rumors are true! The Kween is now a full-fledged member of the Orlando Pride!

BONUS: The sketchiest NWSL trade in history so far– Kriegs gets traded to the Pride and what does Washington get? Virtually nothing. The best part? Ali got traded for the grass. #KRASSisthenewOTP #shipitforlyfe

‘Mind if I join you, Captain?’


Because the Agents of SHIELD ladies are amazing and badass, here’s a little something that exceeds the typical week long event- a two week event appreciating these spectacular ladies! All kinds of things are encouraged- fics, gifs, graphics, whatever it is you can make. <3 

Tag  it as #aosladiesappreciation or my personal tag, #userchochang. The dates are explained below with a explanation of what. If there are still questions, my inbox is open to questions as well. 

(However, what must be said is that is centric to the aos ladies, not about their relationships! That goes on Days 12 through 14, if it’s your choice. But let’s keep it to appreciating the aos ladies for who they are, not who they’re involved with.)

  • Day One / January 16: Anything and everything Daisy Johnson! Whether it’s favourite Daisy scene or appreciating her character development, it’s all good. 
  • Day Two / January 17: This day is all about Jemma Simmons, and about her as a person. About her growth, how people affect her, how she’s changed, all is welcome!   
  • Day Three / January 18: Day Three goes to the Calvary herself, Melinda May! Anything and everything Melinda today. <3
  • Day Four / January 19: To Bobbi Morse goes Day Four! Let’s give Mockingbird some love, shall we?
  • Day Five / January 20: Elena Rodriguez is the focus of Day Five, especially since Slingshot has some out! 
  • Day Six / January 21: AOS Ladies of one’s choice in Season One! Have fun, the ride has only just begun for our beloved characters. 
  • Day Seven / January 22: AOS Ladies of one’s choice in Season Two! Great content here to choose from. <3
  • Day Eight / January 23: AOS Ladies of one’s choice in Season Three! Nothing negative about characters though, so if your Jemma ships clash, well, don’t shade it in the actual post because I’ll edit it out. Be nice, be respectful.
  • Day Nine / January 24: AOS Ladies of one’s choice in Season Four! Coming Full circle and all that.
  • Day Ten / January 25: AOS Ladies of one’s choice in canon, so anything you like from all four seasons + Slingshot. 
  • Day Eleven / January 26: AOS Ladies of one’s choice in anything that’s not canon, so AU’s abroad! Have fun guys.  
  • Day Twelve / January 27: Your favourite dynamic with the aos lady (ladies) of your choice that you see as platonic! The romantic one is coming up next, don’t worry.
  • Day Thirteen / January 28: Your favourite romantic dynamic for the aos ladies (or lady) of your choice! Whether it’s Daisy/Happiness, DaisyJemma, DaisyElena or something more popular like DaisyLincoln, JemmaFitz or BobbiHunter, all are welcome! (Be nice.)
  • Day Fourteen / January 29: Free Choice! The last day is about doing whatever you like, so literally anything goes as long as it involves the aos ladies.
i have a lot of rogue one feelings

specifically on that last darth vader scene in the hallway. like, it’s incredibly badass and scary and gripping, and i’ve been thinking about it for weeks for many reasons, chief of all this one:

it’s the perfect way to end the movie for the same reason that “do you think anyone’s listening?” is such a chilling, beautiful, hopeful, lonely line. literally the whole movie, every action & death & sacrifice, is for nothing if those last few nameless people don’t do what they did. nothing else matters if these people - who aren’t in positions of power, who weren’t on the front lines, who didn’t make the same commitment rogue one did - don’t sacrifice it all.

after everything, it’s these last few terrified people fighting and dying in a hallway to get the plans two feet further that counts. they’re nameless and faceless (helmets), they’re trapped & desperate, but they fight to get the plans to the next man, and the next, and the next, and the next.

and that’s the thesis of rogue one: all these people risking it all for one tiny step, for a hope that the next person will do the same. bodhi doesn’t know that they’ll be able to send the plans when he plus in; chirrut doesn’t know the shields will open when he walks for the switch; luke can’t blow up the death star without the plans; the galaxy can’t have peace if this man doesn’t claw his way to the jammed door. they just have to trust & do their part and hope that everyone else will do theirs.

so that last scene is a BRILLIANT directorial choice. they die alone in a hallway. we don’t know who they are. but they’re important. they’re so damn important. it’s really beautiful and horrific and humbling. a lesson in the importance of coordinated individual action & sacrifice towards a goal & it’s incredibly powerful.

We decided to host a Luke Garroway Appreciation Week because it’s been quite some time since the last one was hosted and Luke Garroway deserves more appreciation and also because (to quote Isaiah Mustafa who by the way is a member of the main cast) he is the most badass character on the show! 

The week will be from the 28th of November and will have the last day on the 4th of December! We will track #lukegarrowayappreciation and #dailyisaiahmustafa so tag us if you want us to see your edits! Below you will see how the week is set up!

  • Monday, 28th of November, Day 1: Favourite Luke Garroway Moment(s)/Scene(s)
  • Tuesday, 29th of November, Day 2: Favourite Lucelyn Moment(s)/Scene(s)
  • Wednesday, 30th of November, Day 3: Favourite Dynamic/BROTP
  • Thursday, 1st of December, Day 4: Favourite Quote
  • Friday, 2nd of December, Day 5: Favourite Episode
  • Saturday, 3rd of December, Day 6: Favourite Luke Garroway Outfit(s)
  • Sunday, 4th of December, Day 7: Favourite Isaiah Mustafa Moment(s)

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- Jo & Kim