The 100 women are fucking badass and I love it, like

I have a bullet in my spine, and might never walk again? Pull that fucker out, never mind the anesthetic 

Need to sneak into medical? I know I’ll just rip my stitches open

Boyfriend’s life in danger? I will walk right up to the motherfucker that took him and demand they release him or else I will start dropping bodies because I am a badass bitch

And all of that happened in just one episode. I love the female characters in this show!

credit to nathnmiller for the gifs

she’s trouble alright:  (listen)

“You have a mind to keep me quiet, 
And although you can try. 
Better men have hit their knees, 
And bigger men have died.”

I. hell on heels / pistol annies  II. boys wanna be her / peaches  III. kinda outta luck / lana del rey  IV. me and the devil / soap&skin  V. bubblegum bitch / marina and the diamonds  VI. creator / santigold  VII. raise hell / brandi carlile  VIII. do it like a dude / jessie j  IX. eyes on fire / blue foundation  X. problem / natalia kills  XI. seven devils / florence and the machine  XII. bad girls / m.i.a.

Why you should respect Mikasa as a character


She is a badass

She can kick your ass as many times as she wishes to

She is beautiful:

External image

External image

She isn’t emotionless

External image

External image

She is just a girl

And don’t forget She is also adorable 

Really guys. Mikasa is an amazing character and everyone should respect her.

Okay but y'all really need to watch Van Helsing on SyFy.


•Van Helsing is actually a woman named Vanessa

•The token white male character has no romantic interest in her at all and is actually paired with another main character of color.

• The WOC and token white male were in a life threatening situation and the token white male was the one who didn’t make it out?????

•Vanessa, legit the main and titular character’s love interest is a woman, her best friend Susan

•There’s badass female and poc rep and also a hearing impaired character who is more badass than most of the crew.

Why are y'all not watching this again? It’s already been renewed for season 2.

Why the Matron is the best female character in DGM

Even though she’s not a majour character I really like her. She is a very strong willed woman and takes her job serious. SHe even keeps you in the infirmary against your will.

If you try to run she WILL hunt you down find you.

She doesn’t take anyone’s bullshit.

I love that she has this half-insane side. It’s hilarious.

But that aside, she cares deeply for the members of the Order, she even places their safety above her own. Not only she gave up her shoes, she openly refused Leverrier.

She could have been branded as a traitor, yet she rejected Leverrier without hesitation. She’s definitely the best feamle lead.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t like other girls in DGM. I loved Lala and Anita too, I miss them so much. In the end I even grew to like Eliade whom I disliked in the beginnig, but she won me over with her monologue and her last words: “Arystar, I just wanted to love you.“ And the fact that Anita countered a Level 2 Akuma was the most badass thing a female did so far.

I also like Miranda and Road very much, even Lulu Bell a little. Fou is an absolute win. I love her friendship with Allen. That little tsundere.

The reason why I accented the Matron, because no one really pays attention her despite being a very well-developed character. I hope we’ll see her around more.

I just finished watching this movie, and guys, let me tell you you need to see it too. It’s old and you can feel it in the animation (though it’s reallyyyyy detailed), but the story, the characters… everything is so good and well done! This movie is amazing, it’s gonna crush your heart with feels. And you know what’s the best? There’s a badass, non sexualized female character. Yep, that’s possible ! They didn’t add boobs or curves to show you it’s a girl, nope, she looks like all the others ‘cause they are freaking dolls

(see?? thats her in the middle !)



The similarities between OkiKagu and SuiKarin:

  • He has hots for her but she’s obvilious to it
  • They constantly get into fights and bickerings
  • She wins most of the fights through violence
  • He’s got some issues with his sibling (though not in a negative way)
  • She’s a tsundere plus from an almost-extinct clan with an unsual hair color and super power(s)
  • He seems to like teasing her as a pastime
  • They’re on fuufu manzai mode everytime encoutering (fuufu manzai lit. means husband-and-wife comedy duo)
  • Both better end up with together for god sakes!!!!!!!! 

Well, overall, if Karin could drop her crazy-fangirl mode over Sasuke (who merciless stabbed her to get his goals) then she’d be a really badass kunochi as Kushina! And… Kagura’s still the best female manga character! Damn all the sexists who make light of women!

As for Suigetsu he seems to be a pervert brat with a potty mouth like Sougo I guess =3=

  • Bonus gifs found in the progress of writing this post coz I’m in my leecher mode:

And more…

That’s why I can’t choose =“)

Reasons The Blacklist is fucking amazing

•James Spader as an antihero
•well developed female characters
•badass villains of every gender, age and creed
•the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard
•James Spader being sexy and amazing
•spies, spies, everywhere
•awesome music
•James fucking Spader
•James Spader speaking foreign languages and generally being a suave motherfucker
•the music is perfect
•intrigue all around
•James Spader

Armored Lady Monday (Tuesday edition)

and as i said, armored doesnt mean allways medieval/fantasy stuff, space armor is amazing too

was busy playing the smash bros demo, sorry

BUT i dont think this particular armored lady needs an intro or a bio, and if you dont know who she is…. why? how? she is the most badass female on videogame history by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

Samus Aran, best bounty hunter in the universe

if you by any chance know about my oc Laura, samus’s armor is one of the biggest inspiration for her armor aswell if you would compare both you could pretty much see a looooot of similarities, weird thing is i didnt even based of samus, until later on i saw some metroid prime art and i noticed how influential she was for me