Not That Different

Characters – Sam x Reader

Summary – A book brings the reader together with the youngest Winchester

Word Count – 1,858

Warnings – None!

A/N – Request from @nobodygottimeforthisusername: Heyho! I’m a really big fan of your imagines and the series, your style is so unique and amazing! I would be very happy if you could accept my request (please don’t rush, it’s not urgent). Could you do an imagine, where the reader is from an foreign country (preferably Germany - mainly because I’m German lol) and Sam likes her accent so much, that he’s always chatting with her and asking questions so she has to keep on talking and it slowly begins to annoy her? If you have any questions about German words and stuff you can always ask me, I’m a reliable source ;) thank you soooo much and keep up with the amazing work you do! ❤️

Also written for @jared-padaloveme’s Fluffy Birthday Challenge.  My trope was: #20: I’m in a bookshop and I really need that book can you get it for me?  Wait, you’ve read that book?  Let’s have an in depth conversation about it.

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The first time Sam saw you, it was at a bookshop in Pennsylvania.  You were trying to reach a book that was on the highest shelf.  After discretely watching you trying various different ways to reach the elusive book - including jumping up and trying to climb the bookcase - he was finally no longer able to hold in a chuckle.  You turned around, your face red.

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Finally finished watching Iron Fist. I will now say stuff about it.

- Firstly, I really disliked Danny from the start. But now I just dislike him mildly. Like, once you accept that this is somebody that was totally abandoned at 10 by family & grew up in isolation in a monastery getting beat up & taught to be a weapon, you can see why he does a lot of the annoying stuff he does.
- Finn Jones isn’t a horrible actor so the character kind of grows on you.
- About the whitewashing issue, dare I say that given how dumb Danny is throughout most of the series, Asian people dodged a bullet there? Like seriously, Asians deserve better characterisation.
- Also I am so pumped that she has decided to adopt “Sweet Christmas” as a part of her general vernacular.
- Colleen is complex & simple and she’s not my absolute favourite but I still really like her. Like, I needed her to be a part of The Hand, that plotline was awesome.
- Speaking of, I really hate Bakuto but I also NEED more of him.
- And Gao…I don’t even know what to say. Old female POC who is badass & has & is gonna outlive everybody? Best thing Marvel has ever done tbh.
- I want to strangle Davos but also like only person closest to my ethnicity in the series & has better fight scenes than the main protagonist?!! Ha!
- Harold Meachum is the scum of the earth (but THAT WAS FARAMIR AND I CAN’T EVEN).
- Joy Meachum. So. Fucking. Brilliant. I just knew the moment I saw her in the first episode that this was gonna be her villain origin story. It breaks my heart but it also makes me want another season of this show.
- Ward. Meachum.
- I love Ward Meachum.
- Like, LOVE HIM.
- I am so sorry I judged you in episode 1, Ward.
- Like, Ward’s characterisation is not perfect but it is the closest thing to it. Most engaging character on the show.
- Tom Pelphrey is beautiful & he is terrifying and heart breaking as Ward Meachum.
- I love all the Netflix Marvel series & they have so many wonderful supporting characters. But Ward Meachum is second only to Claire.
- Ward Meachum deserves his own show. Preferably one where he is on vacation, his bank account has money & his dad stays dead.


What she says: I’m fine

What she means: exit, pursued by a bear by e. k Johnston is such an amazing and underrated book about rape culture and teenagers. Not only does it feature gay cheerleaders but it accurately shows the protagonist as a survivor rather than a victim and her best friend is a badass female who slays me and everyone needs to be reading it thanks.

Jeanmaruani as a trio okay, hear me out.

Trios and friendships are my two favorite things in this world and I can’t shake the thought of this random group of three.

Maybe it’s because I have a thing for two male best friends and their stoic, badass female bestie but yanno.

Okay no iM A G IN E:

  • Jean, Marco, and Annie having to be paired up in a group of three and Marco breaking the ice because Jean is being awkward and stubborn and Annie makes eye contact with neither of them.
  • Marco becoming a positive influence in Annie’s life, resulting in her gaining a soft side for him.
  • That one childhood friends!au where Jean gets made fun of because of his chubbiness and Marco sticks up for him but they both get beat up until this little blonde girl with big light blue eyes and a large nose comes to the rescue and takes all the bullies down by herself and the three have been best friends ever since.
  • Oh hey remember that au everyone loves? When Marco lives? Imagine Jean, Marco, and Annie in the Survey Corps together. Imagine the fact that they almost lost their best friend shaken them to the point of several nights not sleeping alone.
  • The hurt and betrayal when they find out about Annie. The angst.
  • Jean and Annie being super protective over Marco bc?? you don’t?? mess?? with our cinnamon roll?? without??? getting??? fucked up???
  • Marco and Jean squinting at people who make fun of Annie because of her antisocial tendencies and nose size and Marco having to hold Jean back from smacking a bitch.
  • Marco watching a bond grow between Jean and Annie and being smug as shit about it.
  • Jean and Marco kissing Annie’s cheeks to make her smile.
  • The Female Titan looking out for her smol bbys and carrying them around.
  • Group huggles while injured.
  • Knowing looks and glances.
  • Shoulder brushes and subtle smiles.
A Strange fem!Harry Idea

Imagine Harry as a girl though. Not one of those au’s where he, or should I say she, looks like Lily. 

But her with her long, messy black hair, and her mothers green eyes, with the round glasses, and everyone being the same, not everyone is gender bent, just harry, probably being Harriet Lily Potter and going by her middle name, which just kills Snape everytime he hears “Lily Potter!”

Everyone being surprised when she made the Quidditch team in her first year because the Slytherins would be like “a first year girl? Pathetic!" 

Tom Riddle’s memory being quite shocked to see how she has the courage to go down and save Ron’s little sister. 

Sirius and Remus being ecstatic by how great of a witch she’s growing to be. 

Hermione and her having girl talks and sometimes talking about the Gryffindor boys late at night in the dorms. 

Her having a crush on Cedric and nearly losing it when he dies, but she knows she can’t since Lord Voldemort has just returned.

Sirius sending her make up because "I heard from a muggle girl these have a taste.” (Referring to lip glosses) 

Mrs. Weasley treating her like a daughter and being so excited to see her dress up in a dress for the wedding. 

Kreacher calling her mistress. 

Everyone being so surprised how she was brave enough to stand up to Umbridge and try to save a false Sirius.

Dumbledore treating her like granddaughter. “There’s some jellybabies if you want some.”

Boys hitting on her before the Yule Ball, trying to get a date.

A first year fem!Harry being placed into Gryffindor.

Fred and George developing a crush on her and trying to ask her out but stopping each other each time because “We promised each other,” “C’mon, it’s clear she’s got the hots for Ron,” “i think she’d say yes to Ginny before us.”

Giving Snape a look with his mothers eyes and Snape trying to keep his shit.

Bellatrix saying she’s too delicate to revenge Sirius’ death.

Actually being at Tonks and Lupins wedding, and helping Tonks get ready.

Malfoy finding himself attracted to ‘Potter.’

Taking Neville to the Yule Ball and there being an accidental awkward kiss when they get back to the dorm.

Hagrid giving her these pretty little odd objects he finds in the woods, and she having a collection of these odd things.

Ginny being the badass she is and kissing fem!Harry because it felt right.

Luna and her just doing stuff together.

The Death Eaters believing a ‘foolish girl couldn’t defeat the dark lord.’

Lord Voldemort saying “the girl who lived, come to die.”

Severus Snapes last words being “like your mother” instead

Her and George ending up together after the war from some odd reasons and intimate nights spent together.

a female harry potter in which theres a badass well written female, some lesbian shit, people still dying, a best girl friendship, awkward dates, but for her at the end of it all, she still got a happy ending with her best friends and a family that she chose because who wouldn’t want the weasleys as a family?

Without a Trace - Part 3

Word Count: 1689

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Language, Torture, Mentions of violence to a baby, unwilling drug use, gore, canon divergence. 

A/N: Feedback appreciated. This chapter got away from me. I’m totally fucking up this series. I apologize! 

Without a Trace Masterlist 


“Where the fuck is she?” Dean bellowed, throwing a lamp across the room and watching it shatter against the wall.

“Dean - ” Cas stepped in, trying to keep Dean calm, but Dean shoved him away. Sam sat at the other table, lack of sleep evident on his face, but he was pouring through every possible thing he could find trying to find you and your son.

“No!” Dean screamed right in the angel’s face. “Adam has my girlfriend and he has our son! He’s had them for a week and we know nothing! Don’t you fucking dare tell me to calm down!”

“We have all hands on deck.” Sam sighed. “Wherever Adam’s keeping them…he’s doing a hell of a job. None of our connections can find them.”

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Reasons The Blacklist is fucking amazing

•James Spader as an antihero
•well developed female characters
•badass villains of every gender, age and creed
•the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard
•James Spader being sexy and amazing
•spies, spies, everywhere
•awesome music
•James fucking Spader
•James Spader speaking foreign languages and generally being a suave motherfucker
•the music is perfect
•intrigue all around
•James Spader

Why the Matron is the best female character in DGM

Even though she’s not a majour character I really like her. She is a very strong willed woman and takes her job serious. SHe even keeps you in the infirmary against your will.

If you try to run she WILL hunt you down find you.

She doesn’t take anyone’s bullshit.

I love that she has this half-insane side. It’s hilarious.

But that aside, she cares deeply for the members of the Order, she even places their safety above her own. Not only she gave up her shoes, she openly refused Leverrier.

She could have been branded as a traitor, yet she rejected Leverrier without hesitation. She’s definitely the best feamle lead.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t like other girls in DGM. I loved Lala and Anita too, I miss them so much. In the end I even grew to like Eliade whom I disliked in the beginnig, but she won me over with her monologue and her last words: “Arystar, I just wanted to love you.“ And the fact that Anita countered a Level 2 Akuma was the most badass thing a female did so far.

I also like Miranda and Road very much, even Lulu Bell a little. Fou is an absolute win. I love her friendship with Allen. That little tsundere.

The reason why I accented the Matron, because no one really pays attention her despite being a very well-developed character. I hope we’ll see her around more.