Am I the only one who was disappointed when we never got a friendly interaction between Eleven and Max? Max looked so upset when she introduced herself and Eleven just brushed passed her. I just wanted two badass girls to be the best of friends. Is that too much to ask for????????

There’s a Ghost… in the Shell

Can you see it?

This is a long overdue fanart of GITS. I’ve been wanting to draw Motoko for a long time! The Major from the original 1995 movie is my favorite from all of her versions. I tried to capture and preserve her features the best I could while trying to incorporate my style. I hope to have succeeded at that.

I LOVED the movie btw (yeah sue me) and I think they made an excellent work bringing to life the most memorable scenes from the original. The making of a cyborg and the tank scene are my other fav scenes and they were amaziiiing in the movie omg!!

I’m currently watching Arise, I avoided it all this time because I didn’t like Motoko’s look there but I was soooo wrong! I’m enjoying it a lot! Motoko will always rock no matter her look! <3

So, I dedicate this piece to all GITS fans, I hope you like it! ;)