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                               OPEN  //  charlie kang — hunting a ghost !!  ( open to f / m / n-b )

                      He glances over at the other, before running his fingers through his hair. It SEEMS a fairly open & shut case, but he’d rather get all the details he can about it. Dumping his bag on the motel room table, he scratches at the back of his neck. “Crime scene first?” He asks the other; working with other hunters, he’s found so many have different methods, but when it comes to Charlie, he doesn’t really care the order ( as long as much information is gathered prior to going for the monster ). There’s every chance this case could take some turns, but as far as he can see, it won’t take too long to handle. 

Because money is currency and currency is energy, when you shrink down to accommodate someone, you’re basically saying the equivalent of ‘I don’t think you could grow and manifest the money you desire to work with me. I don’t believe you’re that powerful. I also don’t think I have the right to charge what I’m worth or to make the decisions around here about what to charge.’
—  Jen Sincero, You are a Badass at Making Money

11/15/2017 -  On your journey through life, make sure your biography
has at least one extraordinary chapter.

I’m working on an homework assignment for Teen Fashion Marketing. When I’m finished with that I’ll have to start editing for my mom (she’s a writer) and finish my presentation on Eleanor Roosevelt. I must admit, she’s a rather inspirational woman.

I just realised how bad on idea it was to binge all of Voltron because now I have no C O N T E N T to binge

I want more Space DadTM Shiro and more of my husband Keith and more Bisexual Flirt Lance and more Space CookTM Hunk and more Lil’ nerd Pidge and more Big Brother Matt and more Badass Princess Allura and more Alien Brit Coran and WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE CLIFFHANGER

I’m in a desert of content andjust want to read a shit-tonneTM of Keith fanfics (recommend me some) 

Just standing next to someone who’s being totally who they are, who is lit up by life, who goes for it fully, who believes anything is possible, who is excited to be in on the adventure of spinning around on this planet, who allows themselves to look stupid, to fail, to succeed, to be rich, to be generous, to basically be, do, and have all the things and experiences that make them the most themselves - it makes you feel like you could go out and flip over a car, right?
—  Jen Sincero, You are a Badass at Making Money

I’m so excited to wear him to a con! AC3 is one of my favorite games and the American revolution is also one of my favorite time periods in history!
Hope to meet up with more Assassin cosplayers in the future!!
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Spoiler Free Thor Thoughts -

They built the sets! I am so excited, they built the sets! The costuming was also fantastic. Great movie! I definitely recommend seeing!  

You just have to be willing to do what it takes. And here’s what it takes: Agreeing to get really really really really uncomfortable. Over and over again.
—  Jen Sincero, You are a Badass at Making Money
When it comes to having sex and making money, you’re supposed to know what you’re doing and be all great at it, but nobody teaches you anything about it, and you’re never supposed to talk about it because it’s inappropriate, dirty, not so classy.
—  Jen Sincero, You are a Badass at Making Money