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Why I Never Touched DnD Until College

I’d like to say that I’ve been playing DnD since grade school but that would be a lie. In the same way that a 4 year old saying they could fly when put on their father’s shoulders would be a lie. It’s a lie in the most typical of senses but to that 4 year old, the dream of flying is very much a reality. So when people told me I wasn’t allowed to scale the school’s walls and trees, it didn’t matter because they would be climbing too if they had claws like Wolverine. I’ll just SNIKT my way right up this tree, thank you very much. Role playing was an integral part of my childhood because for a kid who was deemed too feminine, too “girly,” because I couldn’t throw a football, my heroes were those who never quite fit in. I learned that I had my own mutant powers as I grew up. I read faster than the other kids, aced tests with ease, never had a problem talking to adults, and avoided the difficulty of having blue skin like Nightcrawler and Mystique. But I also learned that I couldn’t BAMF way out of tight situations with bullies, my strict parents, or my introverted nature. Role playing provided me an escape from my real world troubles and in that fantasy world; I even found some of my best friends have stuck with me until today. Arguing over how much damage your Super Saiyan 3 Dragon Punch is going to deal to me if I’m a Epic Black Knight of Badassery with super-regeneration and a Lightning Shield of the Kami will really bring you together. It was in a community filled with misfit kids who loved being over-powered Mary Sues and Gary Stus because that was the only place we were allowed to be powerful, righteous, and real. Sure it wasn’t DnD but my friends and I could conquer plenty of dungeons and slay hundreds of dragons just as well as any D20 slinging teenager at the time. Role play taught me that sometimes, life gives lemons. And when life gives you lemons, rub them on a stick and raise your newly enchanted sword high for all the world to see.

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repulsive || hideous || ugly || not attractive || unappealing || not unattractive || meh || no preference || ok || mildly attractive || nice looking || cute || adorable || attractive || pleasant on the eyes || good looking || hot || sexy || beautiful || gorgeous || hot damn || would tap that || perfect || godlike || holy fuck there are no words


grating || irritating || frustrating || boring || confusing at best || awkward || unreasonable || psychotic || disturbing || interesting || engaging || affectionate || aggressive || ambitious || anxious || artistic || bad tempered || bossy || charismatic || appealing || unappealing || creative || courageous || dependable || unreliable || unpredictable || predictable || devious || dim || extroverted || introverted ||  egotistical || gregarious || fabulous || impulsive || intelligent || sympathetic || talkative || up beat || peaceful || calming || badass || flexible|| the bigger nerd ||

How likely they would have sex with them:

not if they were the last person on earth and the world was ending || fuck no! || never || no way || not likely || not sure || indifferent || I’m asexual || maybe || probably || it depends || fairly likely || likely || yeah sure || yes || would tap that || hell yes || fuck yes! || wishing that could happen right now || as many times as possible || we are already having sex

Level of Friendship:

never in a million years || worst of enemies || enemies || rivals || indifferent || neutral || acquaintance || friendly toward each other || casual friends || friends || good friends || best friends || fuck buddies || bosom buddies || practically the same person || would die for them || true friends || my only friend ||

First impression of them:

I hate them so much || I don’t like them || I don’t trust them || they annoy me || they’re weird || I’m indifferent || meh || they seem alright || they’re growing on me || truce || I think I like them || I like them || I’m not sure if I trust them || I trust them || they’re cool || they’re genuine || I think we’re going to get along || I really like them || I think I’m in love || oh fuck they’re hot || I love them

Current impression of them:

I hate them so much || I don’t like them || I don’t trust them || they annoy me || they’re weird || I’m indifferent || meh || they seem alright || they’re growing on me || truce || I think I like them || I like them || I’m not sure if I trust them || I trust them || they’re cool || they’re genuine || I think we’re going to get along || I really like them || I think I’m in love || oh fuck they’re hot || I love them

How good of a kisser:

worst kisser ever || terrible || bad || awkward || just okay || alright || pretty good || good || makes me moan || excellent || exciting || oh god they’re good || I dream about it || fucking amazing || absolute perfection || we haven’t kissed

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Okay so I NEVER STOP THINKING ABOUT MIRRORVERSE SPIRK NASA AU OH MY GOD I just- SPOCK IN A SWEATERVEST okay so while mirror NASA spock is still a badass nerd he's a NERD and he's constantly just like "FITE ME" and Jim is standing there like "you touch my nerd imma kill you" and I'm just- I LOVE THEM AH also I will eventually write the NASA au for you because I am obsessed (it may end up being mirror NASA au but yeah it'll happen)

Ya messed with the wrong neighborhood

I’ve been meaning to draw these two for a while but just didn’t know what to do (/w\) I am very glad you like them!

So, one of my favorite scenes of Bellarke in Season 1 was the “Oppenheimer Scene,” and I loved it because it was such a NERD moment for them both, and I adore that my otp is a bunch of badass-nerd cuties. 

But, yeah, that oxymoron banter just made my nerd heart soar even more. 

Like, that’s what my husband and I do. We legit have pun offs and wordplay competitions that sort of crop up naturally and randomly, and that’s what Bellarke did… could they be anymore married?! Honestly!

I just, love it! I never thought I’d see a relationship that was a reflection of my own great love story. 

So I’ve always been self conscious about having my pic taken. Specially now and days when I chose to just cut off all my hair due to loosing it. It really affected my confidence but I’ve been told by several people I rock the bald look well so I’m just trying to embrace it and go with it. Here’s an actual good pic of me without a hat hiding my baldness lol. Thanks to my friend @artsegoviaphotography who always does great photography work.

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Getting a dog w/ Shawn?? Bulletpoint..

  • Ok so we know he’s allergic to dogs so you two getting a dog together would be his desperate attempt to grow out of it
  • But because he’s still actually allergic the pup would have to stay at your place
  • You two would go to a shelter so you could adopt (always adopt - never buy ok guys)
  • And he would instantly fall in love with a tiny baby husky and you’d take that lil nugget home
  • So, having the dog is a different thing
  • At first, you’d both be extremely obsessed with it
  • Shawn would be pumped full of antihistamines at all times so as to not die
  • Side effects of some antihistamines include drowsiness so Shawn would be sleepy and giggly all the time
  • And he would try to name it something from Harry Potter I bet ya that boy is such a nerd
  • Something badass, like Fawkes or Hedwig
  • He would try to teach the pup tricks from day one because he’s always wanted a puppy to be his best friend 
  • You two would watch tv with your new baby between you two, always dozing off
  • And that’s cool at first, you guys can cuddle in bed
  • Until the lil fucker won’t leave the bedroom during sexy time, the cockblock he is
  • But when he grows a little older, he starts to get it and you guys can finally enjoy some time to yourselves without a barking ball of fluff showing up between the sheets
  • And hopefully, Shawn becomes desensitised to the pup and he can actually move in because he practically lives there anyway

Who wants me to write this


Yvonne chats with E! on the Tribeca Red Carpet. 21 April 2017

handmaidsonhuluI present to you, the cast of The Handmaids Tale at our premiere @tribeca ( minus a few key peeps who couldn’t be there im looking at you @amandabrugel, we missed you!!). My fellow actors are the most talented group of bad ass people and I’m so proud to work with them. I honestly thank my lucky stars every day to just be able to call them my friends:) [x] (Posted by Elisabeth Moss)

tfw you have many asks to attend to, but you have a thought that literally keeps you up at night due to the excitement of writing it the next day.

Bachelor/Bachelorettes during a zombie apocalypse!!! (made sure not to include gore btw!)

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Ok since not today mv came out I think badass!jimin is really really nice and idk even if I like badass!kook and nerd!jimin would you write a hc about jikook both being badass? Like they're both dominant and boi

+ If you want shit handle you call in Jimin and Jungkook.

+ They’re both high ranking swat members and take no shit from anyone.

+ When the couple walks into a room everyone gives them their full attention cause they demand it.

+ Jimin and Jungkook have a even relationship and will fight anyone who dare comments other wise.

+ Jungkook is silent and Jimin is vocal.

+ even in intimacy they’re both dominate. Rolling around, being extra rough with one another, both grunting and panting.

+ They have so many scratches and Hickies everywhere it’s hard to figure out who even bottom that night (They switch all the time)

+ Even when they’re domestic they’re both adorablely dominate.


The red King~


Because he is my one and only favourite nerd, badass boy, nerd/Mom and super-badass-motherfucker-boss *_* ~