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OttoWeek Day 1

Day 1: I wish… give us your idea of what might have happened on the show. A headcanon? A plot bunny? A perfect prompt to explore canon more freely :)

- Otto meeting an older version of himself who’s in his late-20s/early-30s and is a respected Time Squad Officer. Even though that older!Otto would still be short, he’s essentially a badass nerd (he’s super strong and knows how to use a phaser, but he’d still be cracking history jokes and geeking out over videogames and such). It would have given our little Otto something to strive for/look forward to in the future. As a side note, Larry and Tuddrussel would be pleasantly surprised and super proud of their small son.

- I headcanon Otto having a photo album that records all of his adventures with the Time Squad as well as casual pictures of him, Larry and Tuddrussel chilling out at the satellite. One day Larry is cleaning out his room and he comes across the photo album, which is titled ‘My Family’. Larry is hesitant to read through it because he’s afraid that it’d contain more horrific photos of Otto’s days at the orphanage. But to his surprise, they’re all pics of him, Otto and Tuddrussel, and his little Otto looks so happy, healthy and cheerful. Suddenly, Otto comes into the room and he finds Larry looking through his pictures. However Otto isn’t mad or annoyed. He goes up to Larry and says “So what do you think of them?” But Larry doesn’t answer right away. Instead he kneels down and gives Otto the biggest hug.

- Otto learning more about Thomas Edison and feeling utterly betrayed that he took advantage of Nikola Tesla. It would be a moment of character growth for Otto in learning that some of his favorite historical figures aren’t necessarily good people.

- A Les Mis parody involving Otto as a Jean Valjean-type character. During a mission in late 1700s/early 1800s France (maybe one involving Victor Hugo!), Otto sees a couple of starving orphans which triggers painful memories of him back in his days at the orphanage. Not wanting to see others like him suffer (and going against the ‘minimal interference’ rule), Otto takes a loaf of bread from a bread basket at a small shop and gives it to the kids. However, he is apprehended by a Javert-esque constable who sings about upholding his duty to the law (and is a large ham in general). Fortunately Larry and Tuddrussel are actually good caretakers this time around and rescue Otto before he’s carted off, prompting ‘Javert’ to hunt them down. The group essentially tries to complete their mission all while trying to avoid getting captured by this crazy cop who’s constantly singing.

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Could I have a ship if you are still doing them. I'm 5'2 and I'm really small. I weigh about 107lbs. I have short strawberry blonde hair and I love to read and play videogames. Listening to Music is a must for me. I'm a badass nerd.

@batfamilyimagines you were here the whole time? OMG

Ok, yeah uhm…


I ship you with Tim (with my husband, but you can have him because you are love), because I think you guys would enjoy each other’s company. 

Let’s get it on with the fact you are blond, strawberry, but still blond. We all know he has a thing for them. Your love for reading is something he sympathizes with, because he likes to cultivate himself too. You both may not read the same things, but he still enjoys a nice, quite reading date, in which he’ll end up asleep eventually. 

He likes to listen to music too, maybe not as much, but he loves it when you both get to discuss the genres you both listen too. 

He’ll probably take you out to these library that has a cafeteria integrated, or viceversa, since it is a win-win situation. 

Just like you he is really caring, and will most likely will only listen to you when it comes to taking care of himself.

I hope you liked it hun<3 Love ya!
‘spirited away-chihiro and no-face’ T-Shirt by Rebellion-10
A vector design of Chihiro ogino and no-face (kaonashi) from the anime movie: spirited away. (sen to chihiro no kamikakushi). If you’re a fan of this design then this is the right design for you. / ‘’Wear It With Pride’’ • Also buy this artwork on apparel, stickers, phone cases, and more.

A vector design of Chihiro ogino and no-face (kaonashi) from the anime movie: spirited away. (sen to chihiro no kamikakushi). If you’re a fan of this design then this is the right design for you.

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Who are you hedgelord

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Ok since not today mv came out I think badass!jimin is really really nice and idk even if I like badass!kook and nerd!jimin would you write a hc about jikook both being badass? Like they're both dominant and boi

+ If you want shit handle you call in Jimin and Jungkook.

+ They’re both high ranking swat members and take no shit from anyone.

+ When the couple walks into a room everyone gives them their full attention cause they demand it.

+ Jimin and Jungkook have a even relationship and will fight anyone who dare comments other wise.

+ Jungkook is silent and Jimin is vocal.

+ even in intimacy they’re both dominate. Rolling around, being extra rough with one another, both grunting and panting.

+ They have so many scratches and Hickies everywhere it’s hard to figure out who even bottom that night (They switch all the time)

+ Even when they’re domestic they’re both adorablely dominate.

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Nerds can be just as badass as non-nerds! And Dean, I never said you weren't awesome. But maybe I'll have to save that judgment until later.

Charlie: I think Dean might actually be pouting. Come on Dean bean talk to her stop being an ass. And you’re right, badass nerds unite.

Dean: I feel very objectified at this moment. But you can hold your judgement until later. It just gives me more time to come of with ways to make you scream.

Charlie: DEAN!

Dean: What Charlie? Do you really expect me to have any shame?


After “Alex, the warrior” here comes “Alex, the damn epic funny badass nerd” I can’t with her, she’s so amazing it shouldn’t be legal. Whether you admit it or not, we all want to be just like her (or marry her, or both, whatever suits you…) Bring some Alex sass into your life!

I worked superhard on Sanvers vid for like two weeks, but of course youtube had a problem with the song copyright. So just to cheer myself up I spent last week working on this. It was harder than expected, but I had lot of fun vidding it so I hope you all will have fun too!

And again… thanks for the support on my last vid. I’m still speechless. You’re amazing guys! <3

Things I've learned from Death Note so far:
  • A: Sunshine, rainbows and tons of anxiety.
  • Naomi Misra: No one fucks with Naomi.
  • Beyond: Cute but psycho. But cute. Also probably otaku.
  • Mello: Is somehow everyone's small son. Angst, violence and literature.
  • Matt: Tech geek/cigarette addict/nerd/badass. But at the same time very small and must be protected.
  • Near: Also very small. Usually followed by mechanical robots.
  • Nose quite boopable.
  • L: Very tol. Usually followed by a trail of orphans.

“Hanging out with Mystery (maybe named Debbie) plus asking Peridot to build an extra space for her to stay.”