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aaaaa such an amazing writer, I couldn’t believe when you got to chatting with me for the first time! You went from badass writer who did that fanfic that made me flail out of my chair to a badass nerd who shares original stuff with such a flavor all its own. It’s been a ride getting to know you and you’re always so supportive of other artists and their interests. Thanks for being there for me so much, you keep being awesome.

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blog rates: Simple Plan is my favorite band!!!!! I strongly recommend any of their songs if you haven't listened to them :) Also, your blog is def. goals, I love it so much. congrats on almost reaching your next k, you certainly deserve it!! :))

i actually love some songs from simple plan ahahaha but the songs i like are old af bc i haven’t listened to anything new

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Why yes, as a matter of fact, I am about to show you some hardcore shit.

So, today I was bored and wondered how much a cheapass computer I could build myself would cost.

Tralalala, choosing components (AMD’s new processors are tempting but were too pricy for my liking, and all of Intel’s current ones are overpriced, underspecced, last generation or a combination of the above), then we come to hard drives. Being the badass nerd I am, I took each hard drive’s manufacturer, model, capacity, RPM measurement and cost, then made it spit out cost per gigabyte.

I’d love me one of them VelociRaptors, but oh dear god the cost and the tinyness.