badass nerd


“Hanging out with Mystery (maybe named Debbie) plus asking Peridot to build an extra space for her to stay.”

Things I've learned from Death Note so far:
  • A: Sunshine, rainbows and tons of anxiety.
  • Naomi Misra: No one fucks with Naomi.
  • Beyond: Cute but psycho. But cute. Also probably otaku.
  • Mello: Is somehow everyone's small son. Angst, violence and literature.
  • Matt: Tech geek/cigarette addict/nerd/badass. But at the same time very small and must be protected.
  • Near: Also very small. Usually followed by mechanical robots.
  • Nose quite boopable.
  • L: Very tol. Usually followed by a trail of orphans.

It starts with “Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days”, and then, you become part of the adventures of two brothers, a fallen angel, a grumpy old man and a car, getting to know the people that become part of their lives, from The Roadhouse, a badass nerd, a phophet and to the wayward girls. And suddenly, you become the invisible passenger of the Impala, and you fall in love with the show, the characters and the cast. And even though the show breaks your heart, it brings you an incredible joy, because for a moment, this show and these characters make you forget about the terrible aspects of your life and it makes you go on even when you don’t feel like it. You find a place where you finally belong, a place where there are more people like you and for once, life doesn’t seem so scary anymore. And yeah, these characters don’t exist, and I will probably never meet the amazing cast of this show because I’m broke, or the people I met on the internet thanks to this show, but it’s still there. I’m part of this and we have built this. And the best of all is that I found my family. Happy Supernatural day.