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I know there’s a challenge associated with this but rather, watch these losers be losers

When it comes to the creatures you love, and the things you love and the life you love, what on earth could possibly be more important than soaking them up right now while you still have the opportunity?
—  Jen Sincero, You are a Badass

@blurredmxnds: This isn’t really a fic and i’m not good at writing but my ask was getting to long so i’m making it a submit lol

Anyways so i’m really digging the bad boy laurent and preppy damen. Soooo lets discuss more and put down all these wonderful ideas that you and your anons made together…

  • The most daring thing Damen has done was get a dick piercing because of a drunken bet.
  • (He was hella embarrassed and strayed from sex for awhile because he was scared and a noob)
  • but he’s over it now..
  • months past and he goes to the library to do some research on his next essay when he see a gorgeous man leaning back in his chair playing with his tongue piercing and reading some book.
  • Mr long hair mystery man has caught Damen and Damen juniors attention.
  • And well damen hasn’t really realized how intensely he was staring and how laurent is now sizing him up
  • (actually he’s checking him out but he’s super intimidating so Damen can’t tell the difference)
  • Quickly grabbing the closest textbook Damen takes it and runs off embarrassed
  • Days have past by and Damen can’t help but wonder who he is
  • He immediately goes and ask his very social butterfly friend Nikandros
  • When Damen describes his dream man to Nik, Nik immediately groans because he is talking about his lab partner
  • It’s not like Nik hates laurent, no he really doesn’t
  • To be honest when damen is busy with sports or club activities he sometimes ends up hanging out with Laurent to do some assignments or to grab some drinks
  • At the same time though he is thinking of how much of an idiot his best friend is because he’s pretty sure he has met Laurent’s brother Auguste who is the president of his frat house
  • Well now that he’s thinking about it Laurent always is there but Damen isn’t really since he is a full time student, club president, team captain, and a part time tutor
  • When Damen hears about how he is always missing laurent he thinks the gods hate him
  • But he also ask Nik for more intel on laurent because obviously they hang out so he must know Laurents type
  • But Nik says that laurent has never shown any girls or guys interest every time they go out but he tells Damen he’s very witty and sarcastic so he might wanna toughen up emotionally if he wants to have a chance
  • So Damen tries to come up with all these ideas to get with laurent and Nik is just gaining a huge headache because he’s trying to figure out how to talk Damen out of facial piercing to get a guy…..
Yes,” said a voice and Tiffany realised that it was hers again. The anger rose up, joyfully. “Yes! I’m me! I am careful and logical and I look up things I don’t understand! When I hear people use the wrong words, I get edgy! I am good with cheese. I read books fast! I think! And I always have a piece of string! That’s the kind of person I am!
—  Terry Pratchett - The Wee Free Men