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Psst you should go check out Mia Winchester’s newest video on YouTube (but only if you’re prepared for Feels)

Ah yeah I am always prepared for feels, I’ll just—


Okay so. I mean. Wow. This is just a very, very lovely and very thorough testament not only to Sam’s brokenness, but also to his shame, and guilt, and amazing, unshakable faith and power despite all of it. Straight from Sam’s own mouth. This is the kind of stuff no one can contest. Watch this. Watch Sam hurt, and fear, and lose, and watch him kick butt anyway and do what’s right.

Thanks Anon for the rec! If anyone sees this and wants to give the creator love, please check out the video on Youtube if you have an account.


moffat era meme || companions ➡️ [4/4] rory williams

Howie had been in speech therapy. He’d just got over this massive stammer. What an achievement. I mean, can you imagine? I’d forgotten not all victories are about saving the universe.

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Sam is so sweet and caring most of the time that I sometimes forget he's really badass. What're your favourite Sam's ruthless moments :D (I know Sam's in a very bad time during the addiction, but I just couldn't resist his brutal force)

Oh goodness, yes, Anon, Sam is the baddest of badasses and the sweetest of cinnamon rolls. Sam’s displays of his power during s4 don’t fall on my favorite moments list because that whole season is so unbearably painful to watch. (That’s not to say that him killing Alastair wasn’t super freaking intense, though!) 

In the same way, Sam’s displays of strength in, say, 10.01 and Mystery Spot don’t really register on my badassery scale, though I totally see why many people like them. The moments I find Sam to be most badass (usually!)  have little to do with ruthlessness, though.

Here are some parts I thought Sam was particularly badass:

  • Psychic Sam using freaking telekinesis to free himself when Max is threatening Dean (1.14).
  • Sam throwing himself in front of a Wendigo, arms spread, to protect two innocent people (1.02).
  • Sam taking down a few werewolves and saving the day after being shot in the gut and pretty much choked to death (11.17).
  • Sam in “The Usual Suspects” wasn’t a badass in the traditional sense, but the way he and Dean were totally competent sassmasters made me happy. Like, how freaking awesome is my tall puppy son?
  • Sam leading the Special Children in 2.21. Again, it wasn’t a display of violence that made it seem so badass to me, but it was instead the way he prioritized the safety of the people around him over his own fear. What is that if not badass?
  • Any time Sam does a spell, honestly. (Witch!Sam feelings!)
  • Scary as heck, but Sam taking control of the dream in “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” I mean, no big deal. He’s just doing what this other guy has spent ages learning to do without any effort at all.
  • Psychic-nosebleed!Sam. I know I said s4 is tough for me, but HNGHHH.
  • Sam in “My Bloody Valentine.” It’s not his displays of power that make him so badass to me, but the fact that Famine’s influence made lovers eat each other, but Sam not only had the presence of mind to make his friends lock him up, but the strength of will to refuse the blood/strength offered to him when he was literally right in front of Famine, which made even Castiel, an angel, lose himself in his desire to indulge.
  • “Swan Song.” That is all.
  • Soulless!Sam. Especially that bit where he chewed into his own forearm to get the blood necessary to paint a huge devil’s trap on the ceiling. Smart!Sam + Badass!Sam is the best combination.
  • Sam taking back his Soulless memories and absorbing his Hell!Self in order to wake up and help Dean. “You know me. You know why.” Honestly Sam is the most badass when he is not holding a weapon. His true displays of power so rarely involve violence.
  • Sam in “Born Again Identity.” Sometimes he shows the most breathtaking strength when he is physically and mentally at the end of his rope.
  • Sam hunting hellhounds in s8 and s12. Glasses are a plus.
  • Sam taking out a series of demons while doing his best not to hurt the host in “Our Little World.”
  • Sam facing the guy who tortured him for centuries head-on in 11.09 and 11.10. That is one of the most badass things anyone could ever do.
  • Sam doing whatever he could to save people in “Don’t Call Me Shurley,” which ultimately led to him getting infected by the Evil Fog of Doom.
  • “You can ask me any kind of question you want. The answer’s gonna be the exact same–Screw you. You want to get mad? You want to get mean? I’ve been tortured by the Devil himself, so you—you’re just an accent in a pantsuit. What can you do to me?”
  • Leader!Sam in 12.22.

(And many more.) But those are just a handful of my favorites.

my ships include:

• person A and B are polar opposites like fire and water/sun and moon/ black and white

• enemies turned into friends turned into lovers

• person A looks like a cinnamon roll but is a badass and person B looks badass but is a cinnamon roll

• person A and B are perfect for each other, beautifully developed, but ends up with other person

• basically non-canon ones

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What do you think about Yoichi??

Yoichi is a cute cinnamonroll

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Who always cares about others around him

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But is also dependable

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And strong

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And can kick your ass anytime he wants

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Overall, he is a precious and cute, dangerous cinnamon bun

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That question actually hit my feels. I’m gonna do the best I can to explain.

Look, Kate was an amazing character and I loved her more than I could ever put into words. In the pilot, the present her to us as a high qualified agent who takes no one’s bulls**t.

Her chemistry with Gibbs is another thing I adore but that’s another story. So yes, she did her job really well and was proud of it, and given that it was 2003 and there were lots of men there, that’s one thing you gotta admire. Let’s take a moment now to appreciate her gorgeous smile:

The following episodes show how she started to get used to NCIS and Gibbs’ way of doing things. Remember when he was like

Plus, she got on well with the others (Tony, Mcgee, Abby, Gibbs, Ducky). She formed special relationships with everyone.

Another reason for loving her was that she was very kind hearted and always thought the best of everyone (which sometimes led to some people backstabbing her, like 1x03 and 1x10). Bottom line is, she was a really nice person, even if her job meant dealing with all those deaths and murderers. She never stopped smiling and always encouraged her teammates and took care of them.

She also didn’t lack badassery.

She was serious at important times, even when her teammates weren’t.

Also this:

She was willing to make sacrifices for her teammates, or more accurately, family. Remember when she stayed with Tony even if he had the plague to keep him company?

Or when she jumped in front of a bullet for Gibbs?

She was never afraid to speak up, not even to superiors from other agencies.

And she was good with kids too:

Basically I have a lot of respect for that character and I am really hurt about what they did to her (s2 changes, 2x23) which only makes me wanna protect her even more.

And the reason I’ve been blogging about her these past days was that yesterday (May 24th) was the 12th anniversary of her death and I haven’t gotten over it yet. I don’t think I ever will because she was just too awesome.

Tl;dr: Caitlin Todd was a splendid character with numerous qualities who deserved much better and I will always love her.

@onekisstotakewithme @itbloomedforyourlittlegirl @katetoddisnotdead @all of you Kate lovers feel free to add your own reasons.