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You're probably the only other person I know that likes Enid. But can we talk about her for a moment? Let's talk about the fact that Enid has come into her own so much. She went from the traumatized girl who couldn't deal with the happy-go-lucky people of Alexandria to being there for Maggie and doing everything she can to help Rick & Team Family fight Negan. I just really love Enid. I never hated her; I just never saw her enough. The writers are obviously doing better by her, & I like it.

I totally agree. She’s definitely growing into a good character. And I’m really glad that she wasn’t just made to be a love interest for Carl. She’s already had some pretty good development too. I’m super excited for the storylines she will have in the future. Hopefully she turns into a zombie killing badass too bc that’s something I’d love to see even though she’s already a badass in different ways.

zombie au where reyna is ex-military and basically goes “fuck the apocalypse” and converts an entire town into a safe haven (sort of like woodbury in twd but with less evil eyepatch guys) and the only problem is that sometimes the walls are breached and reyna doesnt know what to do other than just keep patching them up because they have zero expendable resources and she just doesn’t have time to rebuilt them

and then architecture major annabeth comes along and like snaps her fingers and fixes everything and reyna is Very Impressed and eventually makes annabeth her co-leader and also they make out idk

An exploration of gender in the Zombies, Run! universe

I think that one of the reasons that Zombies, Run! is so engaging to me and to a lot of other people, is its exploration of gender and gender roles. 

Most liberal media has already surpassed the stereotypical depiction of men and women. However, often these works fall into a kind of inverse stereotyping; the men are ‘flawed’ in the sense that they are incompetent and childish before they grow into their roles as natural leaders, while women are Strong Female Characters who can do everything a man can, except backwards and in high heels. I want to say that this is better than the original stereotypes, but it is nowhere near the complex reality of gender. I think that Zombies, Run! comes a lot closer, especially when considering how the different characters deal with weakness and strength.

It is too easy to say that the game focusses on female strength and male weakness. Even though this might be true in the eyes of some commenters, the reality is more interesting than that.

In a post-apocalyptic setting, the male characters do appear weaker than stereotypical male leads. There is almost no badass killing of zombies by machine guns, bowie knives or axes. The few male heroes who are physically strong are compromised in other ways (see Simon, Evan, Steve and Tom). It is interesting that the character that is revered for killing the most zombies is actually a scientist, who used his wits instead of his physical prowess.
Sam Yao is the actual definition of a communicator, a role that is traditionally feminine and Phil is the long-suffering sidekick to Zoe’s joking leading (wo)man.

In contrast, and playing with the expectations of the audience, the female characters appear stronger (physically or leadership, not character-wise) than female characters usually are in the genre. Janine runs the actual township, Sarah is a badass fighter with a mysterious past, Jody is an archer, even though she is scared as fuck the whole time. 
Female characters have their weaknesses too; Janine is brusque, Sarah is distrusting. They’re not perfect, but they make mistakes and certainly don’t just exist to outshine the male characters.

I think that the game is not just focussed on subverting the usual strength/weakness gender-roles of apocalyptic fiction, but instead does away with gendered roles all together;

The morally dubious scientist is a girl. The lovable sarcastic asshole is a woman. The star-crossed lovers are both women. The communicator is a man, the distraught parent is a man, the unethical journalist is a man.  Granted, it is still easier to portray a women in a traditionally ‘male’ role than it is to portray a man in a traditionally ‘female’ role, but that’s because there aren’t really very many traditionally ‘female’ roles in genre fiction (that’s the whole point of apocalyptic fiction, isn’t is? A new world?)

I know that Naomi Alderman once described her process for creating a gender-balanced cast of characters. Write a male character and then at the last moment, swap out the male name for a female name, and see what happens. I think that this is great. I feel like any character could have their gender flipped (yes this is a simplification) and their personalities would still hold up. I’d like to be more specific but I don’t want to spoil anyone.

So this essay doesn’t really do enough justice to gender in Zombies, Run, but it is a start, I guess? I might write more, but idk. I hope I didn’t just repeat things everyone already knew. I didn’t even get started on the villains, which are even more interesting gender-wise. So… to be continued, maybe.

David Wong promises that as long as you’re a non-Carl, you have some post-apocalyptic skill to offer.

4 Reasons The Walking Dead Hates Humans More Than Zombies

#3. Communities Are Cool and All, but in a Crisis It’s Every Man for Himself

At this point in the show, we’re about 18 months into the apocalypse (though there seems to be some confusion about that even among the writers) and even now, when somebody needs food or medicine or diapers, they have to go scrounging through nearby buildings to find it. This is a world where there is no commerce, in defiance of all logic and reason.

If the zombies came to your city tomorrow, somewhere out there will be a dude who owns a pharmacy, or just works at one. He is not a badass, or a zombie-killing machine – he might even be frail and old. But when he sees shit is about to go down, he will take the opportunity to stash as much of his stock as he can in a secure location and wait. He will do this because he is a thinking human being, with a fucking desire to live. Then, in the aftermath, he will start hanging fliers all over town that say:


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Do you have hope for a bigger arc for Michonne next season? Because I personally don't. As long as two others characters are still there (I won't name them, I think you'll know who I'm talking about), Michonne will never get the spotlight. I wish she could do more, season 6 was a insult toward Michonne's fans, she was barely there, and I won't blame Danai's plays because her collaborators track her filming schedule to know when to work with her on her plays, so it's not the cause. 1/2

It’s just the writers disrespecting her character’s importance in order to prop their favs. That’s my opinion, but you, do YOU have hope for her arc next season? Maybe you could cheer me up (or agreeing with me)? 2/2

Hi there.
I do, in fact have hope for a bigger arc for Michonne in the coming season, and in seasons to come. 

She is important enough to have one of the most iconic entrances on the show.
She was important enough to have the most iconic first meeting with Rick.
She is important. 

I am a huge Michonne stan; anyone who knows me knows this. Anyone who follows this blog knows this. If Michonne is even glanced at in a sideways fashion, I have something to say. I, as a Michonne fan, did not feel insulted by her S6 arc (I have to point out once again that the Jesshit arc had nothing to do with Michonne). I understand that on a show with an ensemble cast this size, there are going to be times when the story focusses on characters more than others. I don’t have any ill feelings towards other characters for getting their time in the spotlight; I thought I did before, but I got over it and realised that they are still part of the story. 

It takes time to work through the issues of trauma that many of the characters are dealing with, and some of them are more pertinent to the present story than others are. That does not mean that it won’t change once characters like Morgan and Carol have their issues addressed. And frankly, why shouldn’t they? They are important too. I don’t think Michonne is being disrespected to prop up any other characters; while I want to see more of her on our screens, I understand the storytelling processes and time constraints. 

The fact that Michonne was rarely seen and other characters were is part of the larger narrative and as much as I would love for it to be all about her, the story is not. That is a simple fact. Now, what we did get from Michonne was brilliant. She was trying to make the community work; she was taking a leadership role in her own right; she was helping people in TF and making new connections. This is a huge deal for her character, and it is something that a lot of people forget about. 

I still remember when the GA viewed Michonne as some zombie killing machine who they loved when she was just being badass and killing zombies. They didn’t care to see her opening up and making connections with people, they just wanted her to kill, kill, kill. Why bring this up? Well, for starters, Michonne being cold and distant to those around her was her way of dealing with her trauma. She did not let anyone get close because of everything she had lost. The changes that she has undergone have been incredible; her PTSD has been dealt with within the larger story in how she relates to all of the characters. I remember in 4A, Michonne wasn’t around at the prison long enough to learn people’s names. In 6A, we saw her vouch for the people of ASZ and trying to convince Rick that there was no ‘us’ and ‘them’. That is huge development, even if it is shown in small doses. 

If you are familiar with the comic books, Kirkman has not let Michonne heal from past losses and continually throws more pain and loss at her; she is completely miserable and closed off (save for Rick). As a Michonne fan, I feel more insulted by Kirkman and what he has done with Michonne’s arc in the books than by what I have seen with her character on our screens, and I commend Scotty G for that.  

In the lead-up to war with the Saviors, I think we will get to see more of Michonne in smaller battles (since a lot of ASZ’s fighters are incapacitated; not as capable; missing; or, sadly, dead). I think we will get to see her bring Rick back from his doubts about his own leadership; I also think we will see her being strategic and pragmatic when it comes to the larger battles that they have to face. She will play a bigger role in their march to war than many will be expecting because she is a fighter and a strategist. She is smart, calculating and patient and I am excited to see how all of this helps her as an effective soldier when ASZ goes to war. 

She will also be around in a diplomatic manner when it comes to the Kingdom. I see her being with Rick for negotiations with Ezekiel, as well as making trips there to discuss future alliances between both communities on her own. She will be very important in solidifying the residents of ASZ’s connection with the Kingdom’s people. 

Let’s face it, Rick makes most of the calls, but Michonne can get him to go in whichever direction she wants. Ultimately, whatever they decide to do, whatever Rick decides to do, will be influenced by Michonne’s counsel. 

Of course, we will get to see Michonne protecting her family; the thing that matters more to her than anything else. Seeing Michonne as a mother is so very important to who she is as a character. I for one am ecstatic to see her have a second chance at being a mother and that takes away nothing from her being a strong, badass character; if anything, her maternal instincts make her stronger. The love of Rick and his children makes her stronger and fight harder. 

I am looking forward to seeing more Michonne on my TV in S7 and I hope that some of what I have said here helps you to feel optimistic for her story as well.


The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 4 'Amid The Ruins' Sarah.

I can understand many of your distastes for Sarah as a character…Some of you were even glad to see that she died a miserable and agonizing death. “She was a useless character” “She was holding the group back.” is all that I hear anymore.

Hear me out.

 She gives you peroxide to clean your arm- which would probably save your life, considering the dog’s mouth was probably nasty as fuck and Clem would have died from infection. (plus if you pinky swear with her she’ll let you borrow the book she’s reading. I just thought that was pretty nice)

She’ll stick up for you if you’re telling the truth. She’ll take the blame for the photo even if you DID take it, and tell everyone that you did your best at keeping Carver away.

She’ll jump Carver’s ass when he smacks you,  regardless if you’ve been an ass to her or not. Which is pretty brave, considering the circumstances they’re in.

Sure, she messed up on the berry job- she was fucking scared and her nerves were through the roof. She wanted to do the job as well as she could. She wanted to be careful.

She tells the group about the zombies in episode 4 if you bother to save her, Eh…which is a hell of a lot more than Luke did in that episode considering it was his job.

Sure she wasn’t a shining ass example of bravery- she’s a fucking kid. She’s exactly how Clementine started out, and to be fair she’s portrayed pretty realistically. And It’s pretty damn impressive how she survived this long, even if her dad sheltered her.

Sure, she didn’t have any glaring moments of kickassery. but she didn’t get a chance. She could have been taught. just like Clementine. But she did what she had in her power to do.

I love the TWDG because it does an excellent job at showing us that not everyone can be fucking zombie killing badasses. It wouldn’t be real to us if it were that way. You’re just another group of people trying to survive.

R.I.P Sarah.

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More Lexark + Aden (in a universe where Elyza and Aden have been fending for themselves in the zombie apocalypse): Alicia is out for a supply run with the others when she gets cornered and she thinks she's gonna die but then this small child with war paint smeared across his face bolts past her with a flare in his hand leading the walkers away and she's like 'wtf just happened' and then suddenly a taller female version of the smol jumps down from outta nowhere (1/?)

and starts kicking ass and taking names, beheading walkers left and right and saving her bullets for some really cool trick shots (bc she’s gotta impress the ladies somehow) and Alicia is still in shock™ and the small raccoon child has doubled back and is forcefully dragging her with him away from Elyza absolutely destroying this hoard of zombies and he takes her back to the Lex Lair™ in an abandoned house (2/?)

and Alicia is still trying to wrap her head around the fact that this short little pipsqueak and a girl who looks like she could kick satan’s ass just saved her and she’s freaking out but lil raccoon child is totally chill and he pulls out some fucking chips ahoy that he stole earlier that week and he’s munching on them like ‘you want some’ and Alicia’s positive this is a weird dream bc why is a small raccoon child with an Australian accent (in America) offering her cookies (3/?)

during the /zombie apocalypse/. She just sorts sits there and stares at him when he starts going off on a shpeel about his entire life story bc Aden is a chatterbox he’s like 'listen I was probably gonna have to go to Harvard to study law this is way more fun the mixed martial arts classes really paid off’ and Alicia is just. So confused. And then she remembers her fam and is like 'oh shit I have to get back’ but Aden is like (4/?)

(5/?) 'whoa whoa whoa u can’t go out there alone in the dark you almost just died’ and Alicia is like 'then wtf am I supposed to do’ and he just grins and says 'sleepover. duh’ and it’s at this moment Elyza comes trudging in, with nothing but a scrape on her nose and a bloody sword (Lexa doesn’t know where tf she got that) and she ruffles Aden’s hair and steals a cookie and says 'nice going kiddo, and you kept the cute girl long enough to stay over’

(6/?) and because the Lex siblings are nothing if not chivalrous, they insist that they help return Lexa to her group and she’s really reluctant for their company at first but finds herself very thankful when Aden throws a knife into a walker’s eye with scary precision bc no 12 yr old should be that good at throwing knives, and finds herself coming to care for this mildly insane australians and convinces them to join her own group and Madison falls in love with Aden but is highly sus

(7/7) of Elyza bc she’s like 'I see u with your homosexuality. keep that away from my straight bb Alicia’ but lbr nobody can resist the Lex Family Charm for long and soon Elyza is everyone’s fav zombie killing badass and Aden gives Alicia war paint to match his own and they teach the others how to survive and Elyza woos her lady through a series of life saving, serenading her with spice girls classics, and getting Aden to recite poetry to her and they’re all a giant happy fam the end

i want a series of no less than five novels with movie adaptations and spinoffs and a thriving merchandise business for this.

Coming back home

Endy: *arrives to the cave during the 3rd or 4th day, the sun was going down so it looked like a good place to stay, he entered it putting torches on the walls, going further into consuming darkness, taking his steps carefully with Arion infront of him* This place seems quiet enough.. let’s stay here.. *sits on the ground then takes some bread from his inventory and starts to nomz it, petting his wolf with the other hand*
*some really slight skeleton noises in the distance, they seem far away tho inside the cave*
Arion: *suddenly turns his head moving ears up and starts to sniff the air*
Endy:…wellp.. maybe not so quiet.. *stands up grabbing a torch in the one hand and preparing the other one armed in huge sharp claws to the attack* I hate skeletons.. this one is yours, and also his bones~

Meanwhile not too far away:
Bart: hey buddy.. how’re you feeling.. I think that an asshole of your breed is coming and he has a dog.. I don’t like dogs.. they like to nomz and bite and crunch bones.. and I care about my noble ass.. my family is highborn I can’t let to a flea-bitten doggy to taste my leg.. even if It’s a really tasty leg.. okay seriously.. can I leave you with him.. I don’t feel like to stay..
Grimm: ..yes I can take care of myself now I guess.. a little ender can’t scare me..
Bart: ..wellp you met lady Death and drank some tea with biscuits with her so I guess nothing can scare you anymore.. maybee.. *smirks a bit while takikng the torch sneaks away, and before disappearing whispers* I’ll follow you..

Endy: *takes the torch behind himself then narrows eyes*..a light, probably lava, so high underground?..
Arion: *starts to growl and jump excited*
Endy: *peeks into another part of the cave*..holy fff-.. *sees Grimm leaning against the wall almost all in bandages with severely burned skin*

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