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Heartening Inspiration | October 6, 2014

Be brave enough to be yourself and be good to each other. And sometimes being brave enough to be yourself means that someone’s going to misunderstand you or they may not make you feel great in the moment. But you just have to know for yourself that you can lay your head on your pillow at night and feel good about it.

– Jennifer Morrison | NerdHQ Badass Women Panel ‘14 |x

As one of the most talented, kind, and brilliant actresses of our time Jennifer Morrison’s quote above is pretty self explanatory – a very wise and significant piece of advice we could always use. Our day to day lives are tough enough, but they’re a little easier when we pack up the courage to at least be ourselves. No matter how old you are or how many people have criticized you, deep down, you know who you want to be. And even if you don’t, that’s fine too – be brave enough to embrace the fact that you’re still deciding. Strength and happiness come from our own willingness to embrace every part of ourselves. 

Above all things, kindness should be unconditional. As human beings, we should always go out of our way to be good to others. If there’s one thing that’ll allow you to truly go to bed at night feeling great, it’s knowing you’ve gone through your day spreading love. 

If you haven’t watched NerdHQ’s “Badass Women” Panel yet, then we advice that you do so immediately because we promise, it’ll be the most inspiring hour of your life. And this won’t be the last time we quote from it either. 



Everyone should watch this! So amazing/important/hilarious/etc. I love all the NerdHQ panels/convos but this is one of the best I’ve seen so far. 

Severely unimpressed by the rudeness at the Badass Women panel.

Seriously. People are talking about how amazing they thought it was and honestly I thought it was fucking horrible. There were 6 women at that panel but only 3 of them really answered any fucking questions. They were rude, obnoxious and exactly what I hate in a “badass woman.”

You don’t need to steal the attention and interrupt everyone and be boisterous, crude and blunt as fuck to be considered a badass woman. I can’t even get over how rude they were. The three I’m talking about are Reeta, Missy and Ming (is that the girl from the Shield? I think so.)

They interrupted everyone that was talking and were constantly trying to talk over each other and it was fucking horrible.

Also when Jennifer was trying to answer a question about the women who inspire her, she was giving a really thought out and serious answer and fucking Missy was making fun of her and trying to make the moment about her and was like “My moms cooler” “My moms better than yours” “I have 2 sisters, so there”

Like are you fucking kidding me? Jen didn’t even look like she wanted to finish her answer because of her. She tried to laugh it off and was like “I’m not making it up” but you could tell she was upset by someone being so blatantly rude like that. 

Plus, it wasn’t at all funny and I really wanted to hear the fucking answer to that question.

There were multiple moments like this as well. Another one was later when Jen was talking about boundaries and Missy kept interrupting her again and Jen kept trying to continue with her answer and Missy kept talking over her again and again to the point where you could actually see on Jen’s face how frustrated she was with her. 

I’m sorry but that panel was horrible and I am so infuriated on Jen’s behalf. 

If being a badass women is being rude, disrespectful and basically anything like Reeta, Ming and Missy I don’t want to be a badass woman because that was horrible.

I want to be like the other three girls. Like Jen and the other two that I don’t even know the names of because they never got to answer any fucking questions.

So appalled right now.


watching the badass women nerdHQ panel

There are tears in my eyes, I had to pause the panel because I couldn’t see the screen properly anymore.



This is such an important concept to me

And then I started thinking about the #likeagirl Always campaign and now I’m crying again because I can point to the exact moment I stopped thinking the way the little girls in that video think, and started being embarrassed of my girl-ness. And I think about how I still struggle with it, and how I still fight to hold back tears during movie night whenever there are guys around or even other girls who I think might roll their eyes and tell me stop being such a girl. And then I think about my little sister, and her friends, and the little girls in my Pre-K class, and I just dread the day they start feeling like their girl-ness is something they should hide away, something that hinders them.

And I just wish so bad it wasn’t like this. I really do.

Please please please watch this badass women panel at Nerd HQ. At least the first like 20 minutes. It so great and they delve into the inner working about the hate in this world and on Social Media which is amazing! Reminded me why I took a step back a few months ago from all the social media hate. Be respectful and kind. That’s all we need to do. Why is it so hard?