badass women meme

In response to the U.S. Prez’s reactive Twitter post about her leadership post Hurricane Maria, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz of San Juan said, “The most powerful man in the world is concerned with a 5-foot-tall, 120-pound little mayor of the city of San Juan.”

Love that she doesn’t even have a enough fucks to give about his opinion to directly respond.

"Once the sun has set no candle can replace it." 

History Meme | Badass Women: Queen Olga of Kiev

Olga was the wife of King Igor of Kiev, whom she married debatably in 903, but he was killed by the Drevlians (which was really mean and uncalled for). At the time of her husband’s death, their son Svyatoslav was three years old, making Olga the official ruler of Kievan Rus (basically russia) until he reached adulthood. The Drevlians, aka her husbands killers, wanted Olga to marry their own Prince Mal so he could become the ruler of Kievan Rus. Olga wasn’t having any of their shit and was determined to remain in power - alone - and preserve it for her son.

Many of you have probably heard the phrase, “there is no fury like a women scorned.” Well, according to legends and documents, the Drevlians sent twenty of their best men to persuade Olga to marry their Prince Mal and give up her rule. She had them buried alive. But instead of leaving her revenge at that, she then sent word to Prince Mal that she accepted his proposal, but required their most distinguished men to accompany her on the journey in order for her people to accept the offer of marriage. Of course, the Drevlians (fucking dumbasses/meany heads) sent the best men who governed in their land. At their arrival, she offered them a warm welcome and an invitation to clean up after their long journey in a bathhouse. But here comes the fun part - after they entered, she locked the doors and set fire to the building, burning them alive.

But that’s not all. With the best and wisest men out of the way, she planned to destroy the remaining Drevlians. She invited them to a funeral feast so she could mourn over her husband’s grave, where her servants waited on them. After the Drevlians were drunk, Olga’s soldiers killed over 5,000 of them. She returned to Kiev and prepared an army to attack the survivors. The Drevlians begged for mercy and offered to pay for their freedom with honey and furs. She then asked for three pigeons and three sparrows from each house, since she did not want to burden the villagers any further after the siege. They were happy to comply with such a reasonable request.

Now Olga gave to each soldier in her army a pigeon or a sparrow, and ordered them to attach by thread a piece of sulfur bound with small pieces of cloth. When night fell, Olga bade her soldiers to release the birds, and light the cloth on fire. So the birds flew to their nests, the pigeons to the cotes, and the sparrows to the eaves. When they landed on their straw homes everything was set on fire. There was not a house that was not consumed, and it was impossible to extinguish the flames because all the houses caught fire at once. When the people fled from the city, Olga ordered her soldiers to catch them. Some captives she killed, while some she gave as slaves to her followers. To summarize, she took the city and burned it. She was later made into a saint.

Never piss a woman off, long story short. (…)


fake movie memems. marvel : the initiative

On a routine mission following up on a distress beacon at the far end of the galaxy, beloved hero and friend, Ms. Marvel (Katee Sackhoff) suddenly vanishes without a trace. When S.H.I.E.L.D. wants nothing to do with the matter, a group of heroes close to Carol Danvers (Meghan Ory, Angie Harmon, Rachel Nichols, and Natalie Morales) forms a task force in order to retrieve their friend from whatever danger she may be in. Challenges await our heroines as they battle their way through quadrant after quadrant, searching for their friend, but what they find in the farthest reaches of space might actually surprise them..

starring: katee sackhoff (carol danvers/ms. marvel), meghan ory (jessica drew/spider-woman), rachel nichols (greer grant-nelson/tigra), angie harmon (jennifer walters/she-hulk), natalie morales (maria de guadalupe santiago/silverclaw)

[disclaimer: i found all of these pictures on google, so if i’m using something that’s yours and you’d like it removed, please feel free to message me. no harm was meant- they’re all beautiful pictures and representations. <3]