badass wolverine


You know, after reading a TV Tropes page about Samurai Jack in the Heartwarming section, it mention something interesting about Scaramouche possible future after the finale. 

It goes something like this:

If Scaramouche fans wish it so, he doesn’t die a villain in the new future, and instead comes back as an anti-hero in the same league as, say, Deadpool.

Since you have to admit, IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! And it could be a good opportunity to see what sort of new future Jack had created. Does the future characters still exist. If so, how would they be? What kind of character development Mouche would get?

He would play the opposite of Jack. Jack is heroic and stoic while Scaramouche is playful and villainous. Of course in this series he would be an anti-hero type of deal? The Deadpool to Jack Wolverine! 

Wolverine challenges Squirrel Girl to a sparring match. He tells her, “Show me what you got.” Squirrel Girl proceeds to kick his ass. 

From “Mighty Avengers” (2010-2012) #15.

you all are aware that basically the face of the x-men franchise, the character that has been in every single live action x-men film since the beginning, the macho, beer-drinkin, chain smoking all around badass Wolverine is confirmed to be bisexual right