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What a nonsense... Clearly Jemma isn't bi, XD there isn't even a hint of that XD Oh man! people really have to stop putting their own sexual fantasies on these poor characters lol

what kind of heterosexual framework mess do you have to live in to not see that jemma simmons is not a heterosexual! i will have you know i see jemma simmons personally at our “bisexual badasses united” weekly meetings (wednesdays at 7pm, for everyone who is interested. “trans is terrific!” meetings are held in the same location at 8) and i have seen her BiD (bisexual identification) card with my own two eyes! jemma simmons is bisexual and i don’t know what else to tell ya, pal

While functionally developed in the Netherlands, the most iconic boomboxes were created in Japan during the 1970s and ’80s. This was a time when Japanese design and manufacturing was evolving from a copying culture to an innovating culture, and the boombox is a great example of this. I want to find the inventors of these important “grail” boxes and tell the stories of how they designed the machines we love, before it’s too late.