badass walking gif

My favorite Michonne moment. Fighting off walkers to keep her, Carl, Judith (and Father Gabriel ) safe–all with the baby strapped to her back. The definition of a badass moment, all with a maternal, feminine twist.

There’s nothing like mothers going into Mama Bear mode. (Though, let’s be honest, that baby would definitely have had a serious case of whiplash after that swinging around she was doing in that carrier on Michonne’s back. Lol. But I’ll gladly suspend disbelief simply for the image of Michonne protecting those she’d grown to love.)

I always imagine this was what she meant when she was “talking” to her boyfriend Mike in her head—that she could have kept their son safe. And she, ironically, is the one who lasted all of this time and is still around, surviving.

So, keeping Judith and Carl safe is kind of her way to do what she couldn’t for her own son.