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and the things that I think what made it a surprisingly good movie. 

SPOILERS AHEAD and a really LONG post 

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Trini Frazer-Ross

Yep, I did it again, lol :)! This time, my head cannon is that Trini’s full name is Trinidad Gabriella Frazer-Ross, she’s the adopted daughter of Nadine and Chloe Frazer-Ross, retired treasure hunters, now professors at Angel Grove University, and the biological daughter of Chato Santana (El Diablo from Suicide Squad), who doesn’t know that she exists because her birth mother, June, kept her a secret from him due to her very Catholic family and their prejudice against metahumans. When June discovers that her twelve year old daughter has inherited Chato’s pyrokinesis, and likes girls instead of boys, she sends Trini to the Los Angeles Children’s Home, which just so happens to be where Chloe and Nadine volunteer from time to time when not treasure hunting. On their next visit, (two years after Uncharted The Lost Legacy) they meet the now thirteen year old Trini, end up falling in love with the adorable tiny girl who has the spirit of a tiger, and soon adopt her, bringing her back home with them to Melbourne, Australia, even retiring from treasure hunting so that they can spend more time with their kid. When Trini is seventeen, and getting ready to start her senior year, both of her mums get transferred to Angel Grove University, in Angel Grove, California, and Trini to Angel Grove High, where she meets her future Ranger team :). Bonus: The Drakes are honorary family as well, and Trini is a perfect mixture of Nadine and Chloe. Also, her mums got married when she was fourteen, so they’ll be celebrating their third anniversary soon :)!

Trimberly Short Fic

Based on the prompt:

“I borrowed your pen and it’s been 2 weeks and I still haven’t returned it because every time I talk to you, I am reminded of the massive fucking crush I have on you which always ends up leaving me speechless” AU courtesy of daeguarchives

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She knows it’s been long overdue and at this point she practically owns the damn thing, but Trini can’t seem to bring herself to return the pink and silver ballpoint pen back to its rightful owner.

Twirling it skillfully in hand, the bland monotone voice of their history teacher - who Trini’s fairly certain is just a clone of Ben Stein - drones on in the background of her daydreams as images of Kimberly vividly flashes in her mind. Her sarcastic gibes, no holds barred attitude, and a smile so positively radiant that it can cure cancer (it’s a scientific fact) Kimberly is by all means everything that Trini didn’t even know she wanted in life.

And now she’s everything she needs.

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anonymous asked:

Trini and Kim are meant to be studying but she's an hour late and when she shows up she's drunk (thanks to hanging out with Zack) and being really gay, Kim things it's funny and cute, what happens next is up to u :)

Kim was worried; Trini was supposed to be over an hour ago. Kim had texted Trini eight times and had only received two replies.

One said: ‘Hanging with Zack, be over soon.’

The other: ‘About to leave Zack’s.’

That was almost fifteen minutes ago and Kim knows it doesn’t take more than ten minutes to get from Zack’s to her place; she timed it before.

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