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Pre-Devblog Celestial Tower Progress Update

So I’ve been getting a couple of questions about Project Celestial Tower’s (still codenamed) progress; however, due to the art assets necessary for a proper preview not being finished yet, I haven’t started a devblog yet. So, for the time being, I’ll be giving you guys an update on this blog. :D

First and foremost, I’m happy to officially announce the awesome artists working on the game in order to make it less bland than Prom Dreams as pretty as it can be!

  • Title Screens and Ending Cards: The lovely @caffeineandcarpaltunnel, a SCAD graduate who also did Prom Dreams’ incredible thumbnail artwork!
  • Character Busts: The charming @genkaiko, who has also done fan and commissioned artwork for Prom Dreams!
  • Enemy Artwork: The awesomesauce @pleasedrawmore, who has already been sending me a steady supply of badass monsters (except for the slime, who’s just ADORABLE okay)
  • Cutscene Artwork: the fabulous @meaka, who not only did fanart for Prom Dreams but is also the developer of Living Playground which I’m going to play I swear to god!

Second of all, I’m also happy to announce that the game will be released in a demo version later this year, hopefully by the fall or winter! Several folks on the Prom Dreams survey suggested this, and I hope it will help generate a little more hype for this new project!

With that in mind, here’s a current status update as related to the demo’s completion (as opposed to the full game):

  • Story and Outlines: 100%. Like Prom Dreams, I wanted everything to be mapped out before development started; the plot of the game is already planned in its entirety. However, small details have and may still change for better continuity, pacing, etc.
  • Character and Event Sprites: 40%. All of the MCs are done but no special event sprites have been created at this time.
  • Artwork: 20%. A few monsters and one main character have been finished, and the prologue cutscene is currently in storyboard phase.
  • Misc. Graphics (Logos, windowskins, etc): 60%. Still need to make skill, status, and item icons.
  • Database (Skills, monsters, items, etc): 20%. Currently in the process of creating “dummy” items/skills without set parameters that will be worked on as I go.
  • Music: 70%. This is actually the most complete aspect of the game as of yet. Out of the 16 songs needed for the demo (including jingles/MEs), I’ve completed 11, plus three more that will only appear in the final game. I like to get the music done first so I can use it as BGM to work on the rest of the stuff with :D;;
  • Dialogue: 25%. I’ve pre-written several optional yet important conversational dialogue bits, mostly so my artists can use them as character references. They still haven’t been coded into the game yet, however.
  • Mapping: 0%. Still just a debug room, alas. Trying to cobble together tilesets for this thing is tough orz

So there you have it! More news to come as more stuff gets done :V

Back from Japan, and here with the Spider Dance just as promised!  Definitely the one song I’ve had requested most so far, so of course I had to do it.  

Track is available for DOWNLOAD on my Soundcloud, on its respective link:

Other shoutouts go to Bees? for letting me use his MIDI so I didn’t have to write it all out by ear.  You can find his work over at:

Also Valen for supplying the badass art you see in the vid!  You can find him and his cool stuffs over at

And lets not forget the game itself, which you can get here if you haven’t already!:

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Gail didn’t remember unlocking the door and entering the darkened apartment, nor did she remember stripping off her clothes and jumping in the shower. No memory existed of drying off or redressing in her pajamas.

Nope, all she could remember was kissing Holly.

And yes, she kissed Holly. Holly may have been the one to lean in first, but Gail had been the one to press their lips together. She was certain Holly had set it up that way on purpose so as to give Gail a chance to tactfully avoid the kiss if she wanted to.

She definitely hadn’t wanted to avoid the kiss.

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