badass squid

autumnsneedle  asked:

How do you feel about deep sea creatures? Yea or nay on the glory of trilobites? Would you pet a mitten crab, provided it was appropriately fluffy and didn't mind the petting?

I JUST PLAYED ABZU which if you are a fan of sea life you should definitely play.

I have mixed feelings on sea life.

Like, its all fucking awesome.  From here.  From land.  I like zoo/aquarium exhibits and such.  I love orca and dolphins and whales, and I love many kinds of sharks, and I love starfish and anemones and brightly colored things.   Octopi are SO BADASS. As are squid, but I prefer octopi. Some sea things (like sea apples) give me the squick, though.

The DEEP sea thing … I think deep sea fish like hatchetfish and anglerfish are horrifying to look at but so cool.  I LOVE COELACANTHS SO MUCH.  Anything bioluminescent is fascinating.

I would pet any crab.

Trilobites are incredible.