badass southern succubus

shakespeareandpunk said:saint augustine as a twenty-something hipster christian boy is all i see now


Augustine as that neo-traditionalist boy with hornrimmed glasses, a curled mustache, and like twenty pairs of super skinny suspenders who takes vigorous critical notes in the front pew of your local non-denominational every Sunday. He’s probably has had his radical treatises on biblical sexuality and original sin published in some breakaway Protestant journal of theology, which is so mainstream, ugh, it was a necessary evil to get his ideas circulating. After his night class he wanders through the university quad smoking his old man’s pipe and conversing with God who comes to him with the voice of a child on the breath of the wind.

Sounds good. 

You could even say it sounds pretty….



To Alice, God-haunted southern succubus, Winchester-approved demon huntress, hard femme saint of the gang of righteous punk, unorthodox acolyte of the Most High, and birthday girl. Raise a glass to a flesh-and-blood queen of literary scholarship, light ‘em if you’ve got 'em for the patriarchy-smashing voice crying out for equal representation in the wilderness. Here’s to you, sweet thing, dear darling Alice, light of my virtual life, on your (day-after) birthday. May the year to come be full of love, good wholesome things, spiritual revelation, personal discovery, and punk. Tons of it. Like, seven punk. I love you darling. Here’s to you.