badass shirt of the day

qrred  asked:

I'm curious, will you ever finish Dragon!Maleficent and Aurora T-shirt? I just love these two and want to wear that badass t-shirt one day lol

Yeah, I’ve been hacking away at it in what little free time I have! It’s nearly done, I just need to color it.

A lot of things are going on at once so it’s hard to juggle all these projects, but it’ll definitely be up for sale by early next month. <3

Here’s a preview to tide you over:

Elderly people who don't know exactly what they’re wearing

Nobody knows

100% truth!

She might wear a sweet smile but her sunny yellow t-shirt tells the real story… “I hate everyone.” 

Yeah, we get it, but at the local grocery store?!

Wait what? At the Spice Market?! Looks like this ‘machine’ had a little accident with blue paint.

Sasha Grey without makeup

Okay so this man’s shirt just might take it a little too far…but clearly some men never grow up and want to settle down.

This woman may live on cocaine and caviar, but what if we told you she’s actually only 35.

You do the crime at least 5 times a day

Badass as fuck