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I've been thinking: if Alex (finally) was introduced to the STAR Labs people, since Kara most likely talks Alex up a lot, Barry and Cisco and Caitlin and everyone are all nervous to meet her because she's this super badass secret agent, right? What could they possibly have to talk about? And then Alex mentions that she was recruited as a bioengineer, and Caitlin gets excited because she has someone to talk bio stuff with! Could you maybe fic this? I just want the science nerds to hang out! :)

Kara talks about her sister.

A lot.

Her big sister who protects her, who can take down nine foot aliens alone and with her bare hands and with a gaping wound in her side, who is incredible at pool and who drove all the way back to Midvale from college on her motorcycle to punch out a high school senior who was tormenting Kara about her glasses.

Kara talks about her sister every opportunity she gets.

She even surmises that her big sister would stand a chance against Oliver Queen.

It’s that, almost more than anything, that sends a shiver down Barry’s spine, that makes Cisco’s eyes fly wide, that makes Caitlin arch an eyebrow and bite her lip slightly, that makes Iris grin, because of course Supergirl’s big sister is a superhero, too.

So when she brings her sister and her sister’s girlfriend – because “she’s gay now – I mean, I guess she’s always been gay, a lesbian, but she’s just coming out now, and she has a girlfriend now, and you should meet her, too – Maggie, her name is, Maggie Sawyer – she’s a cop, like your dad, Iris, they’ll probably have a lot to talk about, can he come to dinner with us?” – to Earth-1 to meet the S.T.A.R. Labs crew, they’re all a little bit… nervous.

Nervous, because their brand of superheroing is Star Wars jokes and Back to the Future gags. Nervous, because Iris can handle a gun as well as anyone, but none of them are… soldiers.

And Alex Danvers?

Alex Danvers sounds like one hell of an intense soldier.

Cisco slaps Barry five when his portal works on the first try and Kara steps through, Alex and Maggie in tow. Maggie grins at their excitement, and Alex arches an eyebrow.

“Barry Allen. The man who thought it was a good idea to bring my sister to another universe to fight off an entire alien invasion for you without backup from her sister whose job it is to protect our earth from alien invasions.”

Caitlin and Iris smirk and Cisco rapidly turns his snort into a cough.

“Alex Danvers,” Barry nearly squeaks. “The woman who could probably separate me from important organs if I even try to do anything but apologize and assure her that it won’t happen again.”

“Whipped already, Barry,” Cisco whispers, and Maggie nods at him. 

“You should see what she does to the boys back home,” she murmurs to him as she takes Alex’s arm and leans up to kiss her cheek. “Take it easy, Danvers, we’re here to make friends, hm?”

Alex melts and Barry relaxes slightly, grinning at the way this solid, steady woman melts at her girlfriend’s touch.

“So,” Kara bounces on the balls of her feet, “now that Alex has that out of her system, everyone, this is my sister, Alex, and her girlfriend, Maggie. Guys, this is Cisco Ramon – “

“Pleasure, ladies.”

“Barry Allen – “

“But you already knew that.”

“Iris West, a reporter, like me, and a darn good one!”

“Aww, Kara, thank you!”

“And Caitlin Snow, genius doctor extraordinaire! Alex is a doctor, too, Caitlin – “

“Oh, really? Kara talks so much about you, Alex, but she never mentioned – “

“Yeah, bioengineering – “

“God, are you Kara’s doctor? Don’t mean to talk about you like a science experiment, Kara, but your body’s response to Earth’s sun – “

“No, please, have at it, you two.”


“You say that like you’re not a nerd, Maggie.”

“Ohhh,” Iris winks, stepping forward as Caitlin takes Alex by the arm and guides her to her lab, both of them babbling at top speed about regenerative capabilities and harnessing phenomena in physics to influence biological realities. “What brand of nerd are you? The Cisco type nerd, or the Barry type nerd?”

“The difference being?” Maggie wants to know, and Kara and Iris laugh simultaneously.

“Forensics nerd,” Iris points to Barry.

“Winn-type nerd,” Kara points to Cisco.

Maggie’s eyes fly wide. “I might be both,” she leans in, and Barry and Cisco high-five.

Kara and Iris roll their eyes and lean into each other, content and peaceful and so, so proud, as their families start to laugh, start to geek out together, start to merge.

okay but consider this:

instead of natasha romanoff and sharon carter having their characters erased in order to have their stories completely defined by the forced heterosexual romances they were pushed into that make no sense with the plot of the movies

they could just date each other and still maintain their badassery while being awesome badass secret agent girlfriends

@ marvel get on this

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Sanvers just having a laugh and silly night with pillow fights and climbing all over each other and just being adorkable (prompt)

Before Maggie, Alex’s go-to after long days – the days where she needed to be alone, where not even Kara’s company would do – was a bottle of bourbon.

Before Alex, Maggie’s go-to after long days – the days where she needed to be alone, where not even M’gann and the bar would do – was a heavy bag.

Since Maggie, Alex’s go-to became the massages Maggie would give her, the root beer Maggie would crack open for her, Maggie’s fingers running through her hair as Alex laid in her lap.

Since Alex, Maggie’s go-to became the baths Alex would draw for her, the vegan ice cream Alex would buy for her, the soft jazz Alex would play throughout the apartment for her.

But Maggie still needed physical release; Maggie was wired for physical release.

Sometimes, it was sex; sometimes, it was begging Alex to shove her backwards onto the bed and fuck her senseless, and sometimes, it was bending a pliant, panting Alex over the couch and slamming into her until the were both weak in the knees.

But with Alex, she was also learning about other kinds of intimacy.

With Alex, she was learning to laugh again. More than that, she was learning to giggle.

Because one night, after a particularly long day – after a particularly bloody day – she comes home earlier than expected, and there is a pile of blankets, a fort of pillows, meticulously assembled in the middle of the living room.

And in the middle of all this soft pillow-y chaos, her head and wide, deer-in-the-headlight eyes poking out from under one of the blankets, is Maggie’s badass, take-no-prisoners, secret agent soldier girlfriend.

“You weren’t supposed to be home yet!” Alex squeals, and Maggie tilts her head and saunters forward, barely holding in a laugh.

“Do you… want me to leave? You could be alone with your… fort?”

The fort trembles and Alex’s upper body emerges in protest. “It’s not my fort, Maggie! It’s yours! Well, ours, really. I – it – Kara makes me forts sometimes, when I have a really rough day, so I thought maybe you’d like a fort too!”

Her eyes are still wide and her face is getting redder and redder with each syllable, and Maggie kicks off her boots without breaking eye contact with her, and she bites the corner of her upper lip, and she knows she’s never been in love like this.

Without looking away from her suddenly shy, suddenly nervous girlfriend, Maggie reaches out to the couch for one of the only pillows that hasn’t yet been integrated into the fort.

“Do you uh… need extra pillows for our fort, Danvers?” Her eyes glisten dangerously, and Alex fully emerges from the fort now, holding her hands up protectively.

“Don’t you dare, Maggie Sawyer,” she cautions with a growing smile, and Maggie lunges.

Alex shrieks, part with laughter and part with shock, as she tumbles back into the fort, fall completely cushioned by soft blankets and more pillows than Maggie even knew she owned.

Maggie’s frozen on top of her with laughter, and Alex takes the opportunity to flip her over, to wrest the pillow from her hand and bring it down into her side.

“Oh, that’s how you wanna play, Danvers?” Maggie laughs as she grabs above her head at another pillow.

“You started it, Sawyer!” Alex breathes as she rolls over to avoid Maggie’s pillow blow, but Maggie must know some pillow fighting tricks that Alex never learned in the DEO, because before she can regain balance, Maggie’s found her shoulder with the memory foam pillow.

“Oh, bringing the memory foam to a pillow fight! You play dirty, Sawyer.”

Maggie straddles Alex so suddenly that Alex hisses, suddenly turned on beyond belief. “You know I do, Danvers.”

Alex leans up for a kiss, but Alex comes up empty, because Maggie launches herself off of Alex to the other side of the fort to grab at one of the blankets and wrap it around her shoulders.

“Every good pillow fighter needs a cape,” she declares, hands on her hips, and Alex giggles.

“And you call me a nerd,” she laughs as she swings Maggie’s favorite throw pillow her way.

“Takes one to know one, Ally,” Maggie counters as she blocks the blow, and she can’t stop the last syllable from turning into a scream when Alex scoops her up bridal style and spins her around until they collapse in a dizzy, painful, breathless, hysterically-giggling pile on the fort.

They laugh until tears sting their eyes and stitches ache in their sides, and they laugh until they’ve forgotten what sadness feels like.

“Pillow fights need to be an institutionalized part of game night with the gang,” is the first thing Maggie declares when she gets her breath back, and Alex kisses her soundly, relieved and profoundly, profoundly thrilled that Maggie is exactly who she is.

“Kara and Winn are fiends; we’ll have to team up with James to stand a chance.”

Maggie snuggles into Alex’s still slightly heaving chest and smiles. “Teaming up with you, Danvers? I could do worse.”

“Love you too, Sawyer.”

#SanversWeek Day 5: Domestic

Alex looks so innocent when they sleep, hair messy an arm thrown lazily over their face. The rising sun falling on their hair highlighting just how red it is, and bringing the gold and copper tones forward as well.

Maggie stares at her partner, a bit breathless at just how beautiful they are. Sliding closer to Alex’s warmth Maggie debates staying in bed and cuddling her badass Secret Agent. But she knows Alex had a rough night at the DEO and she wants her partner to wake up to a warm bath and a delicious breakfast.

Placing a kiss to Alex’s temple Maggie grabs her notepad from her bedside table and writes her partner a note.

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Top 10 most anticipated comics of 2016

Now we know comics get announced often only 3 months before release but of the comics we know are releasing here’s what I’m most excited for.  That said if you want to see my month to month hype I do a series whenever books are solicited  as well as talk about every comic I read in my Diary of an aspiring comic book writer series #DACBW. I won’t be mentioning already released series but quickly I’ll mention series that are just one issue one Insexts, Tomboy, and HellCat all had good starts and are ones i’m excited to read moving into the new year.

Raven: It’s New 52 Raven so I have little interest but it could be a really cool series. This is one I just hope is good more then I think will be good. I really don’t have much to say about the story I don’t think we really know the plot or anything like that. I don’t think it will really even be good I just hope it will so here is to hoping.

MockingBird: Female team creating a badass secret agent woman story sounds brilliant to me. Some Fresh talent on the book too so while I don’t care much for the character I do care for some exciting new life in the industry. Following an agent type character isn’t anything new for female characters but there is so many things that aren’t new for male characters that just get a pass so I am just excited to see someone cool taken a lead.

Poison Ivy: I rather like the writer of this book, the covers aren’t exactly making me jump at the book. That said Ivy needed a series, she is getting one and I am super excited to see it.  Ivy tries to solve a murder from what it seems or a series of them and I’d be down for an Ivy taking down bad guys in a very anti hero way book any how so this is really cool.

Bryan Lee O'Malley “Next Book”: It’s  at the bottom of the list because we know nothing about it other then all the sketches Bryan Lee O’malley puts up. However, all his books have been great and I really like the designs here so sign me up for this book. (Note this might be a 2017 release I don’t think we know for sure).

The Unbeliveable Gwenpool: This could be awful but it could also be amazing and while the Gwenpool stories at the back of Howard the Duck didn’t catch me her Holiday special scene was solid for me. This book seems to be a metaphor for being a teen where she knows she is in a comic book but has no powers. However, assuming she is the main character since she read marvel comics before coming into the universe she thinks she can just do anything. It’s about finding out your actions do have repercussions and stuff like that. It could be really cool, the art on this book is awesome, I am very excited to see what’s going on here.

Snotgirl: Speaking of Bryan Lee O’malley his first book to not be totally his creation Snotgirl is coming out with him as the writer.  It’s about a girl who can do stuff with her snot. It sounds gross, weird but potentially amazing. I really love seeing leading woman be allowed to be gross and this is going to at least be one for the history books.

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems: I love Steven Universe and it getting a new comic is super exciting because when the old one was out I wasn’t really into the show so I missed out on issues. This new series will start out with the Crystal Gems camping so that is exciting. Also with a lot of the big twists revealed for Steven Universe and even more by the time this comic releases I imagine we may be seeing a lot more cool things. Also if this book keeps the format of an indie creator getting to do a back up that means supporting very small creators and that is always great.

Faith: The first woman of this body shape to get her own superhero comic ever is releasing and even though it’s a mini series this is one I really want to support just to show we do want diverse body shapes in our superheroes. The plot is something I should maybe know but I kinda wanted to avoid accessing any real info on this one just to do it totally fresh. I know she is a hero who can fly, she is a nerd, and she sounds really cool. She seems like a perfect hit for people who enjoy Ms. Marvel.

Jonesy: The story of a girl with the powers of cupid who can make anyone fall in love with anyone, except herself. Jonesy falls in love and has to deal with that. I think this story looks super cute, they added a preview in the back of one of the comics I read recently but I forget what issue it was. Anyway the writing seems solid, I adore the art and this is currently looking like the new indie book I’ll be drooling over.

Legend of Korra: Every month’s solicitations I run to Dark Horse hopping that this comic will release. One of my new favorite artist Brittany Williams working with a great writer to tell further adventures of one of my favorite universe is so exciting. The focus on KorraSami is also the most exciting angel. Obviously you need to be a fan for this comic to excite you but I’d be lying to say this wasn’t my most hype comic of 2016. Will most of these be better, possibly but I want me some more Korra and this will give it. Plus with one of my new favorite artists of all time in this book Brittany Williams doing art hype has only gone up.

One of the questions I had about the episode “Alex” (which was awesome) was pretty simple- the kidnapper (Rick) spent a year stalking Alex, Maggie, and Kara planning this. Then he went after Alex- a badass secret agent with a lot of skills (I mean, the credit card thing? AWESOME.)  My question is- why Alex? WHy not someone else Kara cares about, but who is a bit easier- like Eliza? And if you think about it, the answer is pretty clear.

Rick picked Alex because he wanted to punish her. It’s clear he was jealous of the Danvers- thinking they had the perfect family and life while he was abused. And then the girl he liked- the one he asked out on a date- turns out to be gay and finds love with Maggie, a cop.  This must have been one of the last straws. So instead of the easier victim of Eliza, he goes for the person he can turn his hatred, jealously, and homophobia towards.

I tweeted out that Rick was the walking personification of white male entitlement (Thanks Cat!) and I meant it. He was jealous that Kara had all the power, Alex got the girl, and the family was perfect- at least that’s what it looked like to him. In his mind, those things should have been HIS. This makes the episode and his stalking waaaaaay creepier in retrospect. 

So finally watching Supergirl

Finally got to episodes with Maggie

Crying now after watching Alex come out to Kara… Alex’s story is so relatable for me (I mean I don’t have a superhero sister and I’m not a badass secret agent… but the being almost 30, realizing you are gay and going through all those feelings… that’s all crazy similar… and I just came out to my sister last month!) and it feels amazing to have someone on tv who I can totally relate to.

And reminds me why representation is so important.

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Can you write headcannons for what it would be like to be Alex and Kara's little sister?

Originally posted by kissinsanvers

Headcanons for being Kara and Alex’s little sister:

- Oh man, are you always guaranteed for a wild ride.

- You weren’t always around, because you are finished your last year of college, but when you are around things get crazy pretty fast.

- There are times were you feel completely useless because Alex is a badass secret agent, and Kara is…well.

- Because of this, you tried following in James’ footsteps and became a vigilante. But that ended pretty fast after Kara and Alex found out.

       - “What the hell is wrong with you?” “Do you know how dangerous this is?               Are you insane!?” “Alright, alright! I’ll stop, just stop with the lectures!”

                 -You didn’t stop. You just learned how to be way more discrete about                     it.

- Dating is… difficult to say the least.

- You try to go as long as humanly possible without your sisters finding out you’re dating someone.

- Can you say overprotective?

- When Alex introduced you to Maggie, you two instantly hit it off. You were glad Alex found someone as awesome as Maggie.

- Mon-El was a different story.

          - You couldn’t see what Kara saw in him, and you thought he’s a little                     douchey, but you didn’t bring it up. If Kara’s really happy with this guy,                 your feelings about it don’t really matter.

                   - When they broke up, you were there for Kara, but you’d be lying if                         you said you were sad about it.

- All in all, not your ordinary sister unit, but you wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

Sometimes when I’m bored I just sit around thinking about how Chyler went into playing Alex thinking that she was just a scientist whose sister was a superhero and expected it to be an easy gig and was quickly
surprised to find out that Alex was actually a kicky, punchy super badass secret agent who happens to be super smart and have her PhD and do lab stuff on top of her kicky, punchy agent stuff. And had to learn how to do the kicky, punchy secret agent stuff on the fly and had no idea what she was doing but now feels like a badass and can take on whatever weird stuff they ask her to do…

I was on the Bésame cosmetics website just now (home of Red Velvet, aka “the Peggy Carter lipstick” that Hayley Atwell wore on the show) and I saw this.

They’re also doing a Snow White collection with Disney around the same time but honestly who cares when you can look like a badass vintage secret agent

Strong at the Broken Places

AU. Wash loses more than his mind when the MOI crashes. ~2k.

For @goodluckdetective‘s challenge “Welcome to the Multiverse.”


Two notes: this whole thing, from conception to completion, took seven hours and 20 minutes and I am very proud of both that and the fact that the title of this doc is RvB Wash Pain AU. and the title is a quote from Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms because I’m a horrible person sorry

“I still think this is a bad, bad, idea,” Tucker mutters, fumbling for the catches under the Freelancer’s helmet.  

“So why are you going along with it, Blue?”

“Because even I’m not that heartless, okay? Besides. I refuse to be on Blue team with just Caboose. He’d smother me with hugs inside a week.” The helmet comes off easily enough, and the dude’s face has more freckles than Tucker ever expected to see on a badass secret agent. He moves onto the greaves while Sarge and the Reds work on hauling the armor off of Church’s robot body—a job Tucker was more than happy to abdicate.

One small problem—the greaves and gloves won’t come off, no matter what he does.

He tries the left, then the right, then the left again.

“Uh, guys?” Tucker calls. “His armor isn’t coming off.”

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