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things i loved in ww
  • sleeping together!
  • hippolyta: don’t train diana
  • antiope: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • above average!
  • luddendorf and maru wanted to destroy the world yea, but they took genuine pleasure from it. takes the blanket pure evil just up a notch. also no villain monologues! luddendorf wants to get high and murder everyone. maru wants everyone to die horribly. ares wants to point and say: seeee. it’s the antithesis to jor-el’s philosophy of everyone’s potential for good: everyone has potential to be destructive and violent
  • so far every single dceu movie has presented this theme as trippy visions. kind of like an offering, and each evil is incredibly specifc to real world anxieties: xenophobe zod, megalomanical lex, resentful enchantress, scornful ares. clark rejects zod’s plan to turn earth to krypton, bruce rejects lex’s manipulation (and possibly darkseid’s influence), the squad rejects enchantress (and waller), and diana rejects ares.
  • steve doesn’t believe what diana is saying about ares, but never once does he tell her her beliefs are wrong or stupid, and he eventually does come around in the end
  • does patty like lament configurations bc there are some nice bird’s eye visuals of the louvre and the pattern in the department store. reminds me of motherboxes
  • steve carries around an edgar rice burroughs novel to share with soldiers in order to bond asldfjhlkjdsf i headcanon it’s princess of mars: american solider arrives on strange new world, meets and falls in love with badass scientist warrior princess watch john carter ya’ll it’s beautiful
  • the photograph is 10x worse now thx patty and zack
  • battle of the languages between samir and diana tho
  • everything we learn about the crew is to further diana’s understanding of the strange and sometimes conflicting dynamics in man’s world. charlie has ptsd from being a sniper but is still a soldier, samir is an actor who can’t find work in his profession bc of racism and became a soldier to use his talents, chief already fought in wars and lost and is now in it for himself and that means working with steve, a white man. and steve has the same noble calling as diana but his methods are not exactly hers. yet even when they clash but it’s explicitly to understand more, not to cover anything up or out of misunderstanding
  • like even the ice cream scene is about how good steve and diana are to each other. she wants ice cream? sure, buy her some ice cream and for a brief moment enjoy how happy it makes her. it’s so fucking pure my fuck
  • above average! again! yes! bc! steve covers up right, but it’s not bc it makes her uncomfortable. she’s 100% ok with it. a watch is more important. UGH PATTY PATTY PATTTTTTAAAAY. THAT GETS ME GOOD
  • antiope and her 2nd in command aaaamiright
  • little diana running straight from her lessons to watch training
  • diana just climbing shit in general
  • steve too, she got right on that
  • i love that it fades out bc wondertrev is so hot and into each other, yea i believe they’d go at it, but they’re also so pure and sweet, they also could’ve just cuddled
  • i’m of the both. both is good persuasion.
  • znyde and art history majors must’ve gone nuts during the zeus/ares story. also how dope to get around exposition by making both big moments of just telling us shit by making them stories integrated into the worldbuilding
  • things diana wants: to protect mankind and save the world
  • things steve wants: to save as many people as he can, get married, have babies, grow old
  • things i want: to die
  • *totally destructive battle mayhem*
  • diana: stay here
  • crew: : /
  • steve: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • present diana works to preserve history hahahahaaaaaaacries

Mind if I butt in too? Since it looks like you want something more. Ah, there’s no need to refuse. - Noblesse 468

Okay new show idea! Badass women scientists!
Half of them are lab people half of them are not, or they all are, some of them like shooting people it’s cathartic.
The science is right! They’re saving the world.!
Maybe they have superpowers? Who knows?
Lots are LGBTQ+! One of them has tried being with another woman and found out they didn’t like it and the teams just like “that’s cool fam”.
Lots are questioning!
They nerd out a lot but it’s never shamed! They have Harry Potter movie marathons!
References to prior shows the actors have done.
Staring: Katie McGrath, Sasha Alexander, Chyler Leigh, Samira Wiley, Anna Kendrick, Britney Snow, Sarah Shahi, Amy Acker, Taraji P Henson, Sophia Walker, Elise Bauman, Natasha Negovanlis, Kaitlyn Alexander, Ellen Page, Sara Paulson, Laverne Cox!

Please add more actually lgbtq+ actors and more woc! It’s almost like I don’t see them often enough on prime time television?!

merle feeling a bit weird about his position on the ships team since its full of badass wizards and scientists and journalists and fighters and then theres him and hes not quite as insecure as post-ipre merle but hes still got a few Issues and decides to go ask davenport why he brought him along bc he doesnt quite get it

and davenport starts talking in that Matter Of Fact tone he gets and is all well of Course you came for a myriad of reasons, your medical abilities are one since no one else on the ship has any medical training nor healing or buffing spells, your relationship with your deity brings a new perspective and a different selection of spells and magic for an added advantage in combat and exploration like your divination, you know more about plants than anyone on this ship which sure as hell helps when we run out of food inevitably and helps us get a grip on the local flora so we dont all eat poison mushrooms and die, not to even mention how good you are at making and maintaining relationships which is incredibly important to the ship for obvious reasons, i mean just LOOK at what you did on that mushroom planet- and just keeps kinda rambling about all the various reasons merle was clearly brought aboard and merle doesnt tear up or get visibly emotional but hes got a little tired smile on his face and feels like a weight was lifted

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For the record my baby bro has been so into gravity falls lately and I am so pleased. I’ll just do the Pines’ and Wendy and Soos.


-Prepare to be on the receiving end of the conspiracy theory of the week. He’s just so happy to have found someone willing to listen to him ramble on for hours. If you can contribute its a bonus but honestly just having the tolerance to listen to him is enough

-He’s still a bit of a loner at heart and so often goes off on his own, but he likes going on adventures with you

-So many Ghost Hunters marathons. So many.

-He’s always pretty supportive of you when you need it, but is pretty needy in terms of validation. He just wants to know you actually want him around


-Expect 3 am voicemails about the cool badger she saw and also she’s not sure she told you your hair looked good today so she just wanted to get that out of the way and did you see that one guy at the gas station TOTAL dreamboat anyways she’ll see you tomorrow!

-She’ll talk your ear off and drag you on totally insane errands but she does her best to look after you, make sure you’re eating right and taking care of yourself.

-Friendship sweaters, friendship bracelets, friendship necklaces, if it has the word “friendship” in front of it she’s making one for you

-No one believes in you more


-He was probably drawn to you through a shared sense of humor. You laugh at his jokes, you are probably one of his two friends

-You will likely become a participant in some of his shadier activities (however unwillingly) and middle of the night calls for you to come to his house with rubber gloves and an encyclopedia set, no questions allowed, are fairly common.

-You have reached maximum friendship levels when he cooks for you. Especially Stancakes. 

-He’ll laugh when you’re struggling but truth be told no one watches out for you more. He will always have your back, even if you don’t know it.


-Its pretty hard to become friends with him, given that he has a pretty formal approach to relationships.

-Once you get closer with him, though, he starts showing more of his dorkier side. To everyone else he’s a rugged and badass scientist/dimension hopper. To you he’s the doofus who squealed all night about the new edition of D&D&MD and loves your dog more than some members of his family.

-Like Mabel he has a tendency to leave lengthy voicemails in the middle of the night, likely about his latest breakthrough. He also LOVES taking you on adventures with him because then he gets to lecture someone with fresh ears.

-Please PLEASE make sure he’s eating, Stan does his best but Ford has a tendency to get in the zone and then not eat or sleep for like 48 hours.


-I don’t care about your gender or your orientation, you will have a mild crush on her at some point in your friendship. She’s just that charismatic.

-The coolest person you know, without question. Your hangouts are always intense, but you usually walk away without many consequences

-However much you open up to her, it’ll take her a long time to be open with you. She’s not really that comfortable sharing how she’s feeling. Once you get through, you may find she’s carrying a lot more burdens that you’d think, but she appreciates you being there for her.

-With her come her entire squad, but the two of you will have a certain closeness


-Hope you like video games and weird non-sequiturs sent to your phone at odd intervals

-He’s always on call when you need him. Even if his help isn’t always what you need.

-Extremely supportive at all times

-his Abuelita’s cookies are fantastic

-He makes his own remixes and sends them to you

ngl I bawled like a baby through most of Wonder Woman because it was so good and refreshing and I’d been waiting for literal YEARS to see a female superhero front in a modern superhero movie and it was everything I could have dreamed of and more

Seeing the fight scenes was life changing because Diana fought like a warrior - no different than any male superhero in any other movie. Not once is there a weird thigh lockhold and other weird sexualized fight scenes which male writers LOVE to make female heroes do (black widow anyone?). I think at one point you see Diana’s muscle jiggle midfight - JIGGLE!!! Like I couldn’t believe my eyes that a superhero movie would ever depict a woman’s body like that. Diana’s the opposite of a seductive female superhero - she’s awkward and unflirty and charges into situations head first with 0 tact and I love her more than anything because she’s real and even as beautiful as she is, she’s not for the male gaze. She is the living embodiment of a female power fantasy and she’s always been there in some way (even if certain writers ruin her in the comics at times) but now she’s on the big screen!!!!

not once does the movie fall into cliche female superhero tropes and even the men take on important roles that push Diana to be better in ways that aren’t tied to their masculinity. not once are they depicted as weak to make Diana look stronger, she doesn’t need that because she shines on her own. The male love interest literally teaches Diana to believe in love which is so wonderfully refreshing (and who also dies for Diana’s woman pain which was both parts sad and amusing).

The best part too is when you notice the little things. I never thought I needed to see an army of women separated from the male gaze, but just seeing women fight and be unquestionably strong on their own was empowering in so many ways. The way this movie handles its many female characters is amazing and you can tell just the care it takes. Even with their arms and legs bare, it’s undeniable that the amazons are warriors and not once do you ever get the feeling that the movie is treating these women as sex objects. You know who is getting that kind of treatment? Chris Pine’s character. Wonder Woman flips the rules entirely.

Anywho I’m rambling but I’ll end this post on the note that I honestly would have liked the main big bad to turn out to be the badass evil German scientist woman because the idea of the god of war taking on the persona of a woman that controls so much in the German army and then Diana having to fight her would have been incredible. I didn’t hate the direction they did take and it was enjoyable in its own right, but it left the viewer uncertain of the fate of this brilliant but evil female scientist and it seemed like a waste to not wrap up her story in some way.

Jemma Simmons / Caitlin Snow parallels

Jemma and Cailtin are both super smart, badass scientists who would do anything for their friends.
And they are also really stylish and beautiful!

Jemma Simmons quotes:

“It’s science, Fitz! I have to dissect something.”

“I can’t be a part of your bad-girl shenanigans. I like following the rules and doing what’s expected of me. It makes me feel nice.”

“Oh, with a dose of only .1 microliters of dendrotoxin. I’m not Hermione. I can’t create instant paralysis with that.”

“Right. If this was a competition, then I’d win. I had to shoot him three times just to shut him up.”

“Jemma Simmons:   You think I’m not romantic? I’m gonna do something with you on that island that will take your breath away.
Leo Fitz:   What is… eh… are… are you… what?
Jemma Simmons:   Snorkling!”

Caitlin Snow quotes:

“I don’t always dress like a high school principal.”

 “So we’re just supposed to get used to working above a makeshift prison housing evil people with superpowers.”

“Barry Allen: Wait, you carry a blood-collection kit in your purse?
Caitlin Snow: You have YOUR hobbies…”

“Have you both lost your minds? Who do you think you are?”

“I am not uptight. You can’t call me uptight.”

Here’s a cute memory from summer when I visited the Glaumbær museum in Iceland. All of these fantastic women, except for me, are currently working towards a PhD! From left there’s Luoth, who researches how microbial life can survive in extremely cold habitats, me (getting a BSc in Physics next semester), then Candice, who models Martian geochemistry from the Curiosity rover data, and finally Victoria with Martian hydrological cycles as her specialty. We’re in different fields, different countries, but Mars connects us.

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This isn't astrobiology but the head (and founder of) my university's astrophysics department is a heavily tattooed British women who always has brightly colored hair. She cosplays Tonks every year for our Harry Potter themed Kiwanis fundraisers and basically she's life goals. Anyway you can be a badass professor and scientist and have tattoos. I'm rooting for you, astrobio anon!


Puberty hit Hange like a truck. Seriously, from the most precious adorable cinnamon roll to the hottest badass prettiest scientist ever.
DAMMMN. Anime designers, I can’t thsnk you enough.