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As If You’ve Always Been There by quietoceanlove

Hello, everyone! I know it’s been forever since I’ve done any drawings, but I finally finished this one just in time for the OMS Challenge. :)

I’ve had this idea in my head for nearly a year now, I just had a lot of difficulty transferring it to paper. But you know how it is with art – patience, perseverance, and practice. Eventually I got there, and I really like the final result. I love Spock Prime and I truly believe there should be more Kirk Prime as well so I decided to draw them together. The idea is that they are both living in the AOS universe now (though if you want to think it’s the TOS-verse that’s ok too) and still running the odd mission for Starfleet. You know how Jim is. He doesn’t believe in retirement. So, they’re hiding out somewhere and Spock is trying to meditate while Jim keeps an eye out for danger, always ready to protect his husband.

I wanted to combine TOS and AOS themes with the clothes that Jim and Spock wear, and so I drew inspiration from a few different places. Jim’s jacket has the shoulder patches and a similar design that that you see in Beyond with the blue reconnaissance uniforms, but he wears his original captain’s pin from the TOS-verse (the things that survive the nexus…). He also has a collar that fans out – something I noticed he wears in the TOS movies :). A few different things influenced Spock’s outfit. The cowl seems more AOS-centric to me but also very Vulcanish (something I could see the young Spock wearing).  The shoulder detail is a big part of Vulcan clothes in the TOS movies, and the rest of the dark colored tunic is  inspired by the black outfit Spock wears in The Motion Picture. The gloves/undersleeves were my own idea. I just think it’s a cool look and actually pretty logical that a touch-sensitive species might have the gloves and sleeves of a shirt as all one piece. Jim’s phaser rifle is also something I made up though I tried to make it look kind of TOS-ish.

It was a bit of a struggle to draw Kirk Prime, but I wanted to so badly! I feel very strongly that Jim is a handsome badass regardless of weight or age so I really enjoyed showing that he is heavyset and unashamed of it. He’s awesome AND cuddly. It was strange drawing Spock’s hair as being white instead of black, but I’m quite happy with his expression. I felt honored but sort of sad drawing Spock Prime, knowing that not only is the beautiful Nimoy no longer with us but that Spock’s own story closes in Beyond. I prefer to think of him as still out there, perhaps with his Jim.


I’ll be dead before the day is done  |  5.22  |  [

When I first watched The Force Awakens, I was caught up in the hype of the moment, so I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the acting, and the special effects, and the in-joke references to the older films.

But then, after I’d calmed down a bit, I realised there was something I didn’t quite like about it.

Was it how it had basically lifted plot from A New Hope?

Was it how Jakku was basically Tatooine, when they could have just used Tatooine instead, or made a planet with an actually different feel to it?

No. Those things were issues, but they were forgivable.

The problem I have with TFA is that it makes the plot of RotJ almost entirely pointless.

At the beginning of the original trilogy, the galaxy is under the rule of the Empire, we have a ragtag band of Rebellion heroes about to be found and destroyed by the Death Star, Han is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and the Jedi are a very few stragglers hiding out on empty or inhospitable planets on the edges of the galaxy. By the beginning of Return of the Jedi, Han has become less selfish and more consistently moral, Luke has taken multiple levels in badass, and the Rebellion are in a much stronger position. By the end of the film, Leia (who was badass all along, and didn’t get that much character development tbh) and Han have found romance, Luke has grown into a full Jedi and essentially done the Star Wars equivalent of saving Vader’s soul, our team of core characters are working together well enough to befriend the local primitive race that doesn’t even speak their language, despite nearly getting eaten, and take the Stormtroopers totally by surprise, and the Rebellion has managed to destroy the Empire’s superweapon and is in the position to start a New Republic democracy. Luke is ready to pass on what he has learned, and the potential for Leia to learn the ways of the Force is clear. It’s heavily implied that a new era of peace, prosperity, democracy, and badass Jedis under the direction of Luke and not the old restrictive code are on their way. (I strongly believe that Luke wouldn’t enforce the old prohibition on attachments, because either no one told him, or if they had he would find it wrong or unnecessary.)

Fast forward to The Force Awakens. Ok, about 3 decades have passed. But there is no mention of the New Republic at all, and the Resistance already feels like the underdog to the First Order’s Totally-Not-The-Empire power building, because all we see of it is a military base. Did they EVER manage to establish a successful democracy? Also, while the Jedi Academy is acknowledged, apparently Luke just gave up after one unsucessful pupil, when he didn’t even give up on Vader, a man who had been evil for the length of Luke’s entire life. Leia seems to have not even bothered to learn anything about the Force- surely she would have learnt something by that point, even if she is busy being a politician/general, given how motivated she is to succeed?

Han and Leia have somehow failed in their romance, despite how strong their bond was by the end of RotJ. Ben/Kylo has somehow got a bucketload of angst and is idolising evil!Vader- did no one ever tell him stories of good!Anakin? What the hell happened in his pristine life of being related to celebrities of good moral character and being raised on worlds that weren’t even tough that caused him to be so angsty? Even Anakin only went evil after the whole deal with his mum and Padme, and that was after being a slave for half his life. Have Luke, Leia and Han somehow failed to teach Ben morals between them? I really feel like they’d be better parents than that.

Basically, it feels like we never see any of the good parts of the end of RotJ come to fruition. We see no New Republic, no functioning Jedi Academy with a selection of Padawans, no elderly Leia and Han still together and snarking at each other affectionately, no example of how the original trio have managed to make their impact on the galaxy.

A plot I’d have prefered, even if we keep the Totally-Not-The-Empire and their Totally-Not-The-Death-Star and Rey and Finn and all that, would have started with the galaxy in relative peace, showing how the end of RotJ had affected the galaxy positively, and then have, say, rumours spreading of trouble in some backwater corner of space…

At least let us have a brief period of everything going well before it gets terrible again, Disney.

Rogue One can stay, though. The plot actually made sense for the most part.

On a related note: Luke is my favourite character and WHY OH WHY aren’t there more Luke-centric fanfics focused on the Original Trilogy timeframe or shortly after, that AREN’T AUs in which Vader is actually alive? I just want to read about Luke being awesome, ok. :3

2p!Allies reaction to s/o kicking some ass!:

2p!America/Allen Jones-
Cheers you on while eating popcorn, high fives after.
2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
Just waiting for you get done, buys you ice cream for your victory. He’s proud.
2p!China/Xiao Wang-
Laughs the whole time. He loves the pure badass quality.
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
Tries to make you stop, promises all manor of sweets if you at least don’t kill them.
2p!France/Francios Bonnefoy-
Also just waits, pulls you aside later to help relieve some of that ‘aggression’.
2p!Russia/Viktor Braginski-
Pulls you away. He doesn’t like it when you fight. He doesn’t like the violence. Prepare for a minimum 6 hour lecture.