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Hi my amazing assassins😊I saw yesterday pirates of the caribbean 5 and now I have a new aesthetic= THE YOUNG JACK 😍 omg he is so awesome and so badass😍 I want more young jack😍 the movie is very great 👍
Edits made by me :)

I love those characters who are traditionally trouble-makers and no good at what they do but somehow manage to get in a position of great responsibility and power. Like they’re always goofing off and doing everything wrong but they’re still in charge? The kind of character that makes everyone go “you idiot, you don’t deserve your title” and makes them question every aspect of their position until that one moment where they buckle down, get serious and do their job like a badass and you’re like, “Damn. That’s why they’re in charge.”

I’ve posted this before, but I like this version better.. The colors look more fit to the drawing.
It’s been so long since I last drew him.. I missed it 😌💚 
I think Zoro might be my ultimate favorite character of all times.


I’ve given these badass historical ladies a bit of a makeover in honor of a very special project I’m working on, which I am super excited about!

If I forget to post anything for a while, it will be because I’m very busy with that as well as other work, and I’m sorry in advance.

I’m linking to the original posts I made for them, incase you’d like to compare the old with the new:


Amelia Earhart

Ching Shih


Pirate! Lan Fan inspired by my dearest friend, @xyriath and her fic “Disinclined to Acquiesce”

I really like how that story is going so far, and I felt like doing something for it. Sure, I should’ve gone with RoyEd but then, Lan Fan is just too great to ignore. No, she hasn’t appeared on the story, yet, but I know that when she does, she will be awesome!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!

Elizabeth Swann is easily one of the very top few fictional characters I consider a role model alright.

And if you think about it, she was more of a pirate than Will Turner like the movies led us to believe.

She was resourceful as all hell. Almost the exact same to Jack, but with some differences. While jack had the ability to see things 10 steps ahead and make fully thought out plans and be able to just watch everything fall into place, Elizabeth had the ability to adapt and evolve with new obstacles. She could maneuver situations in ways that almost no other character could. She even outplayed Jack fucking Sparrow. On more than one occasion if I might add.

She was well educated. And not like with maths and sciences and philosophy and shit like that. I mean educated in the way that she understood exactly how others thought and how they were most likely to act, and played them accordingly. She had educated herself on the pirates code well before even thinking of setting foot on a pirate vessel, and knew it well enough to save her neck or someone else more than once.

Now on to the more “pirate-like” shit.

She didn’t originally know sword fighting, but in the first movie she goes to grab a decorative sword off the wall in her manor (which doesn’t work, for comedies sake, but moving on) with the intention of fighting the pirates ransacking her home. Not run, like literally everyone else in the manor, but actually fight. Two men versus one untrained woman I might add. What a queen. But during the second movie we learn that Will taught her the art of sword fighting. And she very clearly was an excellent student, for throughout the next two movies we see her go toe-to-toe with several badass and notorious pirates, and easily hold her own. And if she didn’t have access to a sword, she made do and made a weapon out of whatever was near her at the time.

When her wedding got crashed and she and Will arrested, Will was told to find Jack in order to gain them both freedom again, and so he set off to do so. Elizabeth on the other hand, with some assistance, was able to escape prison, and then proceeded to hold the man who arrested them at gunpoint until he gave her signed and sealed papers containing the pardon they needed.

She also later figured out that the Kracken was really after jack, and knowing he wouldn’t give himself up for the good of the others, she kissed him long enough as a distraction at the last minute to handcuff him to the mast, effectively becoming the only person to be able to kill Jack Sparrow.

She also knew the power of carefully made lies and crafted deception. She knew being a woman could get her certain places and certain perks, so she made it work in her favor. She knew the same but with being a man, so she figured out how to also make that work in her favor. She was mistake for a feared sea goddess, and instead of denying it, she rolled with it knowing it would be to her benefit. Which it did, considering it then aided in her achieving the status as captain of a pirate ship later on, and in effect earning her a place as a Pirate Lord. And then was voted in as the Pirate King.

She used every piece of knowledge and tools accessible to her as intelligently as she could. She crafted lies and deceptions to work to the advantage of herself and/or her companions. And she never apologized for these actions or for being anyone but herself.

Will thought and planned more in reference to his heart or sometimes rash feelings. Elizabeth was an analyzer and thought and planned through both logic and impeccable gut feeling.

Elizabeth Swann was one of the best pirates in this whole series, and no one can tell me any different.

Anne Bonny and Mary Read were a famous duo of female pirates who had a violent career in the early 18th century.

Both had unusual teenage years. Anne ran away from Ireland to the Bahamas married to a pirate named John Bonny, although she quickly moved through a string of lovers before setting sail on the Revenge, captained by John “Calico Jack” Rackam. While ostensibly onboard as Rackam’s lover, Anne fought in battles dressed as a man and acquired a bloodthirsty reputation, once stabbing a sailor who complained about her gender.

From the age of 13 Mary Read had been disguised as a boy to serve as a ‘powder monkey’ on a British man-of-war, and later served on a Dutch ship headed to the West Indies. Captured by pirates, she became part of Rackam’s crew, where she met Anne who learned her true identity.

The two became close friends (and possibly lovers), who fought side-by-side in battle wielding pistols and machetes. They served in Rackam’s crew during the height of his campaign in 1720, during which they captured 7 boats and 2 sloops.

This came to an end that October, when their ship was attacked by a ship commissioned by the Governor of Jamaica. The attack came at night when most of the crew were too drunk to fight and the Revenge was quickly disabled. Anne and Mary however refused to surrender and faced off against the enemy crew, but were only able to hold them off for a short time.

The two were sentenced to death in Jamaica but were given a stay of execution as both claimed to be pregnant. Mary died in prison, and Anne’s ultimate fate is unknown.