badass pipe

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rebelcaptain as holmes and watson - because I like the thought of jyn smoking a pipe

You guys really like Couple’s Costumes for this prompt. Also, my dog’s name is Watson, so this one amused me.

“Why am I always the sidekick?”

Jyn shrugged as she tucked in her cravat. Cassian may be annoyed, but she looked great in a pair of tweed trousers. Her curves under a 19th century suit and waistcoat weren’t worthy of protesting for long.

“Do I seem like your Watson?” She winked at him in the mirror. 

She had a point. 

“Next year, you choose. Besides, you get a sexy cane.” She spun around to face him leaning back no the vanity. “And a badass mustache.”

“Your pipe is better.”

“You can steal the pipe when I start drinking,” she grinned, and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. When he pulled away, appeased, she glanced over his shoulder. 

“What is that?!”

He stepped back at the look or horror on her face.

Jyn fell to her hands and knees on the carpet, peering under the bed.


“Come here. Look at this.”

He knelt beside her, but it was a tight fit to look where she was pointing. He squeezed his body next to hers to look under the bed, lying alongside her on their bedroom floor.

“Is that… a clue?” she arched her spine, rubbing her ass against him. He groaned. 

“You’re the worst.”

“Elementary, my dear,” she rolled onto her back and pulled his weight over her.

As he was sure Watson had his moments of annoyance at being the sidekick, he instead pressed her back onto her stomach, bringing her knees forward to lift her ass.

Jyn slid the pipe into her mouth, giving herself something to bite down on. 

“We can be fashionably late.”

He smirked, loosening his belt. 

“We can be late.”


Decided to go out of my comfort zone and do a dragon au. I am not comfortable with drawing dragons and i want to change that. This AU contains Shichibukai (of selected choices), Supernovas (of selected choices), and of other characters. The au contains dragons, dragon riders, tamers, and collectors. More will be added in the future.

Ace is very much alive in this AU but cannot shift from his dragon form. He and Sabo are from the same clutch and are the same type of dragon.

Koala is a dragon rider (Sabo is her dragon). Sabo is a dragon. Ace is a dragon.