badass machines

If you guys are looking for some badass female singers then check these ladies out

Florence and the Machine
Ellie Goulding
Hayley Kiyoko
Ryn Weaver
Zella Day
Lana Del Rey
Marina and the Diamonds
Melanie Martinez
Sky Ferreira


New idea:

Play Iolanthe with a Patrician
Vetenari-esque Fairy Queen. The whole story is all part of her longstanding plot to f*** up the human government. She knew Iolanthe was pregnant when she was banished, and has intentionally manipulated Strephon’s upbringing for twenty four years (hardly long at all to an immortal fairy) so that she can plant him in Parliament, getting her whole troupe access. I suspect she knew the mortals were kinda sexist and so female fairies weren’t allowed, so she sends a male half-fairy. (Heck she may have even orchestrated Strephon’s creation).

So then in Act 2, she brings a bunch of horny single ladies into a room of horny single men, and says “whatever you do, DON’T fall in love and get married,” knowing that of course they’ll do just that. Then she pretends she never thought of changing the law, making Chancellor happy and feeling like he’s oh-so-clever for thinking it up.

BUT THEN. She turns all the men into fairies! And flies them away! And they are super happy about flying off with their new wives, but guess what? Half of Parliament is gone! And now, FQ can do whatever she wants to gain control. Or just leave things to the House of Commons. Or wait for the Lords and Fairies to reproduce to create an army of half-fairies and take over the world!

Genos Shirts: A Ranking

Genos wears six different shirts in the anime

The Stock Shirt (#6)

  • cut off sleeves do not look like that
  • looks like Genos is walking around in a muscle shirt edged in fur
  • possibly indestructible ?? ?
  • white hemline breaks up the graceful line of his figure (a misdemeanor)

The Half-Turtleneck (#5)

  • I don’t know how a sleeveless shirt on a combat cyborg could possibly be described as “matronly” but here we are
  • partially covers The Neck but in an Amish way not a sexy way
  • loses points for being slimming

The Grey One (#4)

  • utilitarian
  • looks p. comfy
  • good Neck Ratio
  • unfortunately not acid resistant (;¬_¬)

The Fancy Shirt (#3)

  • combo Neo Z-City/pop idol aesthetic
  • extraordinarily heat resistant but sheer enough to let light through, as well as being able to support the structure of a high, open collar (maybe Kuseno designed this one?)
  • white makes the battle arms really pop
  • for those occasions when you want to impress sensei by being a badass war machine but still go to dinner after

The Blue Hoodie (#2)

  • adorable
  • hood flaps in the breeze (pictured, right)
  • the most pure of all Genos shirts
  • unfortunately lacks a cute pocket he could put his hands into
  • why is there no pocket for him to put his hands into

The White One With Rolled Up Sleeves (#1)

  • off white contrasts well with arms
  • rolled up sleeves for asshole delinquent aesthetic (A++)
  • looks like he is about to go change the oil in his ‘76 camaro

half of these shirts were destroyed, leaving open the tantalizing possibility of new and exciting Cyborg Fashions in the future (pls madhouse (シ_ _)シ )


1.National Anthem - Lana Del Rey // 2.Psycopath - St.Vincent // 3.Starring Role - Marina and the diamonds // 4.Style - Taylor Swift // 5.The Fear - Lilly Allen // 6.Just One of the guys - Jenny Lewis // 7.Bravado - Lorde // 8.Lost in My bedroom - Sky Ferrera // 9.Young Blood - Birdy // 10.My Life would suck without you - Kelly Clarkson // 11.Burning Gold - Christina Perri // 12.Anything could happen - Ellie Goulding // 13.Over the love - Florence + The Machine // 14.Hot Knife - Fiona Apple // 15.The Wire - Haim // 16.Kicks - FKA Twigs // 17.Partition - Beyonce // 18.Closer - Tegan and Sara // 19.You’ve got time - Regina Spektor // 20.Girls - Marina and the Diamonds // 21.Digital Witness - St. Vincent // 22.New Romantics - Taylor Swift // 23.Skinny Love - Birdy // 24. 22 - Lily Allen // 25.Bad Girls - Mia // 26.White Teeth Teens - Lorde // 27.Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson // 28.She’s not me - Jenny Lewis // 29.Sea of lovers - Christina Perri // 30.My Song 5 - Haim // 31.Kiss with a fist - Florence + the machine // 32.Valentine - Fiona Apple // 33.Video Girl - FKA Twigs // 34.Pretty Hurts - Beyonce // 35.Brooklyn Baby - Lana Del Rey


Stardew Valley Headcanon - Vincent

Little dude can DRAW.  

Instead of studying, he spends a lot of his downtime drawing.  He draws bugs, that’s why he finds them. He draws them HUGE, though, like kaiju stomping through cities.  He draws brave human soldiers shooting them and throwing grenades at them.  His pictures have tons of fire and explosions, badasses on motorcycles, machine guns, tanks, bombs, and ludicrous amounts of bug meat.

Penny would prefer that he studies, of course.  Those books won’t read themselves, and he’s behind Jas in math even though she’s a bit younger.  Still, she enjoys his drawings, and she’s a little envious that he can draw better than she can.