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Genos Shirts: A Ranking

Genos wears six different shirts in the anime

The Stock Shirt (#6)

  • cut off sleeves do not look like that
  • looks like Genos is walking around in a muscle shirt edged in fur
  • possibly indestructible ?? ?
  • white hemline breaks up the graceful line of his figure (a misdemeanor)

The Half-Turtleneck (#5)

  • I don’t know how a sleeveless shirt on a combat cyborg could possibly be described as “matronly” but here we are
  • partially covers The Neck but in an Amish way not a sexy way
  • loses points for being slimming

The Grey One (#4)

  • utilitarian
  • looks p. comfy
  • good Neck Ratio
  • unfortunately not acid resistant (;¬_¬)

The Fancy Shirt (#3)

  • combo Neo Z-City/pop idol aesthetic
  • extraordinarily heat resistant but sheer enough to let light through, as well as being able to support the structure of a high, open collar (maybe Kuseno designed this one?)
  • white makes the battle arms really pop
  • for those occasions when you want to impress sensei by being a badass war machine but still go to dinner after

The Blue Hoodie (#2)

  • adorable
  • hood flaps in the breeze (pictured, right)
  • the most pure of all Genos shirts
  • unfortunately lacks a cute pocket he could put his hands into
  • why is there no pocket for him to put his hands into

The White One With Rolled Up Sleeves (#1)

  • off white contrasts well with arms
  • rolled up sleeves for asshole delinquent aesthetic (A++)
  • looks like he is about to go change the oil in his ‘76 camaro

half of these shirts were destroyed, leaving open the tantalizing possibility of new and exciting Cyborg Fashions in the future (pls madhouse (シ_ _)シ )


Researchers have developed a detailed picture of one of the complex molecular machines inside the nucleus of our cells.

A University of Wisconsin-Madison team of biochemists revealed the workings of a complex of five proteins called the spliceosome. This complex works together to edit out unneeded pieces of genetic code in RNA before it is used as a blueprint to produce proteins. 

To see how the spliceosome assembly works, they grew crystals of a part of it called U6. Among their findings is the complexity of the interactions between subunits of the complex, including one element that dives through a loop in another. 

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If you guys are looking for some badass female singers then check these ladies out

Florence and the Machine
Ellie Goulding
Hayley Kiyoko
Ryn Weaver
Zella Day
Lana Del Rey
Marina and the Diamonds
Melanie Martinez
Sky Ferreira


Machine Gun Kelly: the new lord of rap

Three years back, a tattoo-covered “underdog” rapper with a catch phrase of “LACE UP” burst into the genre with “Wild Boy”, as infamous party-anthem rapper Waka Flocka Flame gave reason for listeners to give the skinny white kid a shot. Even in 2011, before his radio flamer cross-over “Bad Things” featuring previous Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello hit the airwaves, Machine Gun Kelly packed a rugged local Charlotte venue Tremont Music Hall to the ceiling with fans throwing “L”s up in the air on tour with TECH N9NE.

Fast forward to February 16th, Cleveland-based rapper Machine Gun Kelly and punk rock Alternative Press magazine both announce they have a secret. The following day, it was revealed that Machine Gun Kelly would be on the next issue’s cover, giving way to an internet meltdown. So how did MGK, Richard Baker from Ohio, manage to create a whole new genre in the rap game where punk rock meets dirty rap?

Building up to being featured on a leading alternative punk magazine, MGK said yes. He said yes to collaborating with swoopy-haired Sleeping With Sirens on track “Alone”, he said yes to touring on infamous punk rock festival Warped Tour, he said yes to performing with Linkin Park on “Bleed It Out”, he said yes to covering Rise Against’s “Swing Life Away”, and he said yes to performing with Avenged Sevenfold and Blink-182: thus saying yes to blending rap with punk and building an unforgettable persona as a pure badass.

Being unafraid to merge with artists completely outside of his genre, but with similar fashion and tattoo style, allows MGK to do whatever the f*** he wants. Lace up, because Machine Gun Kelly is taking us on a ride that is far from ending.  

photos from Billboard and Alternative Press


Feed Me Railroads! — The M46 Rapid Railroad Destructor

Designed in the late 1940’s by the Army Corps of Engineers and Sperry Products Corporation, the M46 Rapid Railroad Destructor was a machine designed to destroy railways in order to deny enemy forces from using them in the case of a retreat. Built upon the chassis of an M46 Patton tank, the Rapid Railroad Destructor would first lift the railroad track into its maw with a winch.  Inside the device was a series of machines designed to totally destroy the railroad.  First, a set of six Browning .50 caliber machine guns loaded with armor piercing ammunition would shoot notches the rails so that it could evenly feed into the device.  Then the ties were smashed by a set of swinging hammers.  Finally the notched rails would be snapped into short sections by a set of rollers.  From the rear would be expelled a spray of woodchips and pieces of metal.  Incredibly, the M46 RRD could chew through rails at a rate of 6 miles per hour.

Only a few prototypes were produced, however the M46 RRD was rejected by the US Army.  The amount of .50 BMG ammunition needed to shoot notches in the rails was prohibitively expensive.  It was also determined that it would be easier and cheaper to use explosives.