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So just because I’m back doesn’t mean I wanna quit me and you.

I don’t know. I’m not really the sneak around dad’s back kind of guy.

Says the guy that works undercover.

thatkevinsmith Jesse L Martin IS Detective Joe West in LAW & ORDER: CENTRAL CITY - a future spinoff of @cwtheflash! I guest star as a hockey player who turns to crime after he’s become too-portly-to-puck. Obviously, I’m having a blast on #theflash! 2 days down, only 7 more to go… #KevinSmith #JesseLMartin #vancouver [x]

All That Mattered

Characters: Dean x Reader, Kevin x Reader (friendship)

Words: 1192

Request from anon: “could you do a Deanx reader one shot where Dean likes the reader and vice versa . while Dean was in purgatory , the reader (really badass hunter ) has protected Kevin by demons and between the two has born a deep friendship. Dean begins to be jealous when he finds out that Kevin instead of going with Garth, he asked the reader to be with her. when Dean discovers that between she and Kevin there’s nothing he declares his feelings for her?”

Here we go! Soem Kevin friendship, some Dean fluff. Hope you like it anon! :) Enjoy!

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What I want from season 11:

Team Free Will finally getting back together

Team Free Will fighting aginst the Darkness together

Castiel to move in to the bunker. Like move in stay there!!!

More Dean and Cas interaction filled with their usual chemistry and finally resolved sexual tension

Cute, friendly moments between  Cas and Sam

More hugs

Seeing them walking about the bunker barefoot, wearing only shorts

Seeing them happy!!!!

Badass Crowley

Badass Rowenna

Bobby, Kevin, Charlie, Gabriel, Balthazar and Benny brought back!

Is this too much to ask for?