badass janeway

i have to rewatch at least every garashir episodes EVERY OF THEM OK to get over this shit and at least the season 2 of tos but I’m also going to rewatch the search for spock and the voyage home two times OR MAYBE THREE TIMES each bc spirk gives me life and btw i’m totally going to be like badass Janeway or badass Kira the next five years and i’ll have no mercy for the nazis and the neoliberal shitheads omGgg


Janeway Tuesday: The Office Cosplay Edition!!!

I’m totally manning the reception desk in Killing Game part 2 garb today.  I have the 40s hair and the black turtleneck and the black trousers and the black boots and the perfect little black belt with the gold buckle and damn I feel fierce!

You think I might get overwhelmed working for over 300 people at once and dealing with corporate assholes all day while trying to schedule auditions for pilot season?  Bitch please.  I fight Hirogen Hitler in this outfit!