badass janeway


“This is nice. Fresh air…good company..”     - Sam Healy 

#Let’s talk about her. #About this woman Kate Mulgrew and her character Galina Red Reznikov. #And the fact that she is not only so perfect and awesome, she is beautiful. #About the fact that she is able to pass from the terrible Russian lady that takes no shit to the sweet and smiling lady flirting with a man. #I mean look at her. This is a beautiful woman. This is probably the real  Galina before being incarcerated #Of course always badass and strong and intelligent but without being forced to create that hard look with the pointy hair. #She is aware of her power  #Of what her eyes can do to a man but here we are talking about Sam #She is attracted to him because she called him a good man and handsome. #We know that she was manipulating him a little, but that ladies and gentlemen is not a look from those who only want to manipulate #That is a look full of feelings to discover
because she apologizes to him and have a special relationship. #This is the power of Kate Mulgrew. #And I know that this speech did not make logical sense so just look at her. 


Janeway Tuesday: The Office Cosplay Edition!!!

I’m totally manning the reception desk in Killing Game part 2 garb today.  I have the 40s hair and the black turtleneck and the black trousers and the black boots and the perfect little black belt with the gold buckle and damn I feel fierce!

You think I might get overwhelmed working for over 300 people at once and dealing with corporate assholes all day while trying to schedule auditions for pilot season?  Bitch please.  I fight Hirogen Hitler in this outfit!