badass ink

Well, here he is !! I wanted to draw him since a looong time ! Pale is a very interesting character, I would love to do a fight between Template and him !
And to draw Template to, when I’ll have some time :’)

And, of course, Pale and Template belongs to @unu-nunu-art.
If you don’t know this artist, you should totally take a look at her work, it’s amazing !  ヽ( ✧ ᗜ ✧ )ノ

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Look back and think “What have I learned?” This insight can be anywhere from precious to lifesaving to hilarious.

Taurus: Violence is the answer. If your problem is metaphorical, you need metaphorical violence. Understand?

Gemini: Likely the most complicated math you will ever do is splitting the check, but don’t let that stop you. Artillery needs calculus and you shall paint the earth with plunging fire.

Cancer: The stars say you need more hexagons in your life. Get six sided my friend.

Leo: Those who do not walk the path of martial self-discipline will never know the feeling of splitting a table in half with a single blow. Badass.

Virgo: The ink is permanent but the canvas is endless. Draw dicks to your hearts content, there is always enough space for other things.

Libra: Swearing implies power and control. There are times when asserting your power and control is not needed and now you’re banned from Joann’s Fabric.

Scorpio: Milk chocolate is for the weak. 

Ophiuchus: Bright colors indicate poison, that a single touch can kill. Gummy candy is a great treachery. 

Sagittarius: The more you desire an answer, the less likely you are to notice that nobody asked a question. Rest.

Capricorn: Some things really are your fault. Abolish property law and socialize guilt.

Aquarius: Your time at art school is well spent. Even the times you weren’t legally allowed to be there.

Pisces: Space is a social construct. The physical distance between two points is an illusion we have already reached glorious singularity and it is nice to cuddle.