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Arnav: TV ka volume itna loud kyun hai? Aur Lakshmi yaha kya kar rahi hai?
Khushi: Woh Lakshimi ji aur hum rashi bhavishya dekh rahe the. Aur hamne socha ki shayad Lakshmi ji..
Arnav: Tumne TV ka volume iss liye itna loud rakha hai taaki Lakshmi suun sake?
Khushi: Haan..hame pakka pata nahi tha na ki awaaz Lakshmi ji ke kaano tak pauch rahi hai ya nahi..issi liye!

Livestock Hogwarts Houses

Sooo I just finished up three weeks of ag vet rotations, and I have formed some opinions


Cows: Hufflepuff. 

Cute as fuck.  Just want to be your friend and lick your jacket to see if it’s food. Repeatedly. Very sorry because they didn’t mean to get in your way! Not dumb, just clumsy. Known to jump around in piles of fresh hay out of excitement.

Sheep: Gryffindor

Not here for your rules. Constantly trying to die in new and creative ways. Think they’re brave and adventurous, but only end up not dying because someone else keeps saving them.

Pigs: Ravenclaw

Smart. Efficient. Know what they’re looking for. Don’t usually cause any fucking problems. Don’t mess with them, though, because while they’re constantly looking down the bridge of their nose they do in fact know how to trample you.

Goats: Slytherin

Here for the climb. Deviously clever and full of schemes. Badass motherfuckers. 

So @eileenthequeen, I saw your tags about the goat thing on my Rromani FAQ post and it reminded me to tell you guys the story about my ridiculous goat so here we go: 

When I was little, my family was living in New Jersey for a while (USA) and we had a farm. Idk if it’s just my family or if it’s normal or whatever but we’ve always had horses and I had a goat friend named Rochelle (Chelley). Now, this goat was fucking fearless. I had a swing set with this totally awesome slide, and Chelley would literally climb the ladder and go down the slide. But that is not what this story is about. 

So, one night we had this ridiculous storm. It knocked out the power where we lived, trees fell down and broke the fences on the horse paddocks, and one tree in particular caught fire because of lightning. The horses bolted into the woods, so my folks went and rounded up the neighbours to help track down the horses. They also noticed that Chelley the Goat was missing. She had been in a stall in the barn that night, so they figured she got scared and somehow managed to jump the wall and get out of the barn. Not surprising for a goat who can climb a fucking ladder, tbh. 

They looked for the animals all night and managed to find all of the horses (I think we had like twelve at the time???), but there was not a single sign of this fucking goat. However, my mother, in all her fucking practicality, had put a fucking collar on my goat with a name tag and our address and phone number (who the hell puts a collar and a name tag on a goat??? daje, that’s who). So she figured they would call it a night and if someone found her, they would call. 

Flash forward to the next afternoon. 

My mother gets a phone call from somebody at the Delaware Memorial Bridge toll booth authority or whatever they’re called. Chelley. My motherfucking goat. This badass cabra motherfucker had cROSSED THE FUCKING DELAWARE MEMORIAL BRIDGE (FOUR MILES AWAY DOWN I-95) AND WAS BEING HELD AT THE FUCKING BRIDGE AUTHORITY UNTIL SOMEBODY COULD PICK HER UP. 

For reference, here is a picture of the bridge that was conquered by a fucking nanny goat.

Yule goats are an old-timey Christmas tradition in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Today, you can still find straw goats decorating many Scandinavian Christmas trees, as well as the occasional larger version: the Swedish town of Gavle, for example, puts up a 40-foot-tall straw goat every year in early December and keeps it there until after the New Year.

So what, right? It’s just a goat statue. It doesn’t even make noise or drag around cars with its tongue or anything. Except that the Gavle Goat does have one special power … the power to be burned down, against city officials’ best efforts, almost every year.

4 Awesome Winter Customs America Needs to Steal

UnderCover AU

AU Creator(s): Springy-chan11

Official AU Blog: Yes

Creator Tracked Tags: Yes

AU Canon:  There’s trouble afoot when the souls of all the citizen monsters are being taken one by one by a mysterious mastermind, who appears to be no other than Flowey! He prepares to use the souls he stole to become “God” and to take over the world. However, a secret spy agency (involving the main monsters) called the “Underground Inc.” has to go on missions to find out about Flowey and what he wants with the souls and to return them. It’s time for the monster spy’s to go on an adventure to retrieve the souls back!

Characters with roles:

Frisk & Chara: They are the youngest spies of the organization. They always go on missions together and fight the bad monsters side by side. They’re most famous weapons are their knives. Chara loves using it more though XD Usually Toriel and Asgore look after them. The two are known as the “Moles” of the team.

Sans & Papyrus: They are known as the “Skelespies.” They are kinda laid back (more likely Sans) and goofy most of the time. Sans can use his psychic powers to pick up his guns and other weapons to aim and shoot and many more. Papyrus can do hand-to-hand combat, uses his weapons inside his suit and usually shows off how cool he is in his black suit. He loves making spaghetti for the spy organization whenever they’re on break. Sans is one of the “Vice Spys.”

Undyne: She’s the badass spy woman of the team. The other monsters usually fall for her for her looks in her black suit. Her famous weapons are her spears and a black whip. She still has feelings for Alphys and goes to test her inventions daily, usually ends up in a failure XD She is the most loyal to Asgore and known as the “Vice Spy.”

Alphys: She is the “Techie”, “Code Master” and the “Conclusion Spy.” She builds a ton of inventions for the team to use on their various missions. Testing her inventions out, it most likely comes out in a failure. She tries to impress Undyne most of the team with her inventions. She is the brains of the organization.

Toriel: She is the badass goat mom of the spy team. She may look very sweet and innocent at first, but when you mess with her friends, she goes into her badass mode. She is also known as the “Diverter” of the team (master of disguise). She changes from her sweet outfit to a black suit and has her guns ready in her belt. She loves Sans’ fighting abilities XD

Asgore: He is the boss or “Head Spy” of the organization. He leads the group and holds all of the meetings. His main goal is to return all of the souls to the monsters from Flowey.

Official Canon Design: