badass girl lol

Royal Commander, y’all. Whenever I have to play those levels that are like, “Use all this magic to rack up your KO Count!” I immediately choose Zelda b/c it’s raining light arrows time, mooks!! 

Dealing with Bras
  • Me with my first bra: uggh how do I get this on and off with this stupid little hook thing.... so complicated.... *gives up and hooks bra before pulling it on* *has to wriggle out of it later on because it's impossible to unhook*
  • Me now: *the end of the day while sitting at computer on tumblr* yeah this bitch needs to come off... *reaches with one hand up back under three layers of clothing and unfastens four hooked bra in one motion like the badass motherfucker I am*

the preacher’s daughter strikes again