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ENTP Hufflepuff Gemini Aesthetic: Rina Cross, twin sister to Dacre Cross.

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Badass ginger Artemis with loads of freckles who stands in the shade of trees (so no more freckles appear bc Apollo always points out how many frecks she has) while she waits for game :'^) I weep it's so great

yes pls, I love freckles so much tbh

So if Brienne and Tormund do get together . . .

Imagine them going back to Tarth to tell her father that they’re together. (All of the scandal because Tormund has, like, zero political or social savvy for Westeros courts but, by damn, he thinks Brienne is the greatest.) Selwyn, obviously, would not be too happy about his daughter’s choice of a bedfellow, but Tormund offers to marry her, if that’ll make things square with the uptight southern folk.

And, when it comes down to Brienne inheriting the seat of power from her father. Tormund’s no politician and would bungle his way through this pile of political shit. He’s a simple man and Brienne’s the honest and fair ruler. He’ll just be at her side and support her (because, hey, she’s as fair a Lady as she is a warrior and they still spar in the yards). 

But, imagine the lords and dignitaries and representatives coming to Tarth and they all defer to Tormund because (however begrudgingly) he’s wearing the colors and sigil of the ruling house of Tarth and the Seven Kingdoms are as patriarchal as shit. (Their children, as tall and ginger and badass as they may be, will carry the Tarth name in the Seven Kingdoms to carry on their mother’s legacy.) Now, when all of these noble people automatically defer to Tormund, he just shrugs and laughs and goes, “The fuck do I know about being the lord of a castle? Brienne’s the one who knows this stuff. I’m just here to warm her bed, watch her back, and teach our children how to fight like one of the Free Folk.”

So everyone who comes to Tarth not-too-subtly has to deal with their (internalized or otherwise) sexism, misogyny, and issues with outdated gender roles. 

Are you sure 
That we are awake?
 It seems to me
That yet we sleep, we dream 

 I’ll follow thee and make a heaven of hell,
To die upon the hand I love so well. 

 Photo by the ever amazing @theprohobby taken at sunset before the battle game last Friday. 

 Gambeson, helmet, arms, shoulders (and legs) by Armstreet
Demi Cuiras by Stahlgilde
 Sword and sheath by Calimacil
 Belt pouch was thrifted

Happy birthday to my musical idol, Mr Joshua Homme, the coolest, baddest, most creative mo'fo around. Everything he does gets turned into sonic gold and he is without even the slighest bit of doubt my number one inspirational and although this blog is for my electronic music my first and primary love will be for heavy, beautiful, intelligent heart wrenching music that mr homme so gorgeously crafts. My outlook on guitar playing and  music making in general has been meticulously studied from the holy book of Homme. The man is a god and wills surely go down as one of the modern eras, true legends.

happy birthday. 

No hate on Stiles, but if Lydia wants go to her bf she will go to her bf. And no one can’t stop her, even a thunder, ocean, room without doors or Stiles. She want to meet with Parrish - she will. My badass queen hahaha

I love this because you have John and Lupita being badasses then preppy ginger fuck in the back giggling, Harrison ford is being absorbed by John’s neck and Oscar Isaac has either become Blurryface or is extremely stoned, and that security guy in the very back giving the death look to the camera

Sansa was a stone cold bitch to Ramsey and I love it.

Jon, Ser Davos, Lyanna Mormont, and Tormund made it to the end. Tormund can now have all the tall, badass ginger babies with Brienne.

RIP Wun-Wun and precious baby Rickon.

Eh, Daenerys, I’m kinda over your entire plot line.