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John Singleton Copley (1738-1815)
“Portrait of Margaret Kemble Gage”
Oil on canvas
Located in the Timken Museum of Art, San Diego, California, United States

Margaret Kemble Gage (1734–1824) was the wife of General Thomas Gage, who led the British Army in Massachusetts early in the American Revolutionary War.

Some historians believe that Margaret Kemble Gage may have had a hand in causing the first fired shots of the American Revolution (the Battle of Lexington and Concord). A secret informant had provided “intelligence of their whole design” – “to seize Samuel Adams and John Hancock, who were known to be at Lexington, and burn the colonists’ military stores at Concord.” Instead, Paul Revere had been dispatched, and set off a chain reaction of alarm riders across Massachusetts and even to adjoining colonies.Though the evidence is slim and circumstantial, many historians feel that the leading suspect is Margaret Kemble Gage.

Reasons why you should play Poptropica:

1.) No member vs. Non member bias crap. You don’t ever feel obligated to use real money in the game and can get along perfectly without it.
2.) You don’t have to socialize with everyone else. The other people are in one room per island, and you aren’t required to go there.
3.) The puzzles they give you are fun and can actually get difficult in parts.
4.) You can meet your future self.
5.) You can become a master ninja and ride a water dragon.
6.) Only game where your a badass super spy dressed as a world-traveling, panromantic, journalist while simultaneously being the star of a game show/superhero/ghost hunter/vampire hunter/Demi God (amongst other things) while being named something incredibly stupid like Lucky Panda or something.
7.) All the islands area super fun and will have you obsessed until you finish them (except for Skullduggery because it takes way too much grinding for gold).
8.) One of the villains is a scientist in a pink bunny suit.
9.) There’s a robot owl that you will become more attached to than some family members (seriously, when he gets shot bloodlust levels rise).
10.) Completely free to play on PC and free to download on Google Play and Apple Store (so if you have a windows phone then your stuck depressed like me).
And thus concludes why you should play a game that kids in your second grade class probably played. Enjoy friends!

wlw of Black Sails:

Eleanor Guthrie: governor’s bisexual daughter, HBIC of everything the light hits, pirates are scared of her, will have you killed if you call her honey.

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Max: lesbian owner of the brothel and pub, knows all of your secrets, has 12 contingency plans for when shit goes down, on everybody’s freebie five.

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Anne Bonny: pansexual pirate queen, knows 50 ways to kill you without breaking a sweat, invented polyamory, will burn the world to ashes if you fuck with what’s hers.

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Mary Read: incognito historical queer, cross-dressing badass pirate, has no idea she’s about to become the third leg of a threesome, cuts her own hair with a dull knife just for the challenge.

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