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Best Friends and Soul Mates

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Derek Morgan x Reader

For @milkandcookies528 who requested - “ Could you do one with morgan where he and the reader are on a hike together and she has a bad fall which causes her to twist her ankle and derek takes her home and takes care of her. Thanks.💕”

Derek and Y/N had been best friends as long as anyone could remember. Derek had been there for Y/N her entire life. When she fell off of her bike and broke her wrist, he was at the hospital. When her dad’s convoy was under attack and she didn’t know if he was alive or not, he was there for her. Y/N was there for him when his cousin, Cindi, had been abducted. She was there for him when Buford was molesting him. They loved each other wholeheartedly. They were best friends and soul mates.

When Y/N had transferred to Quantico to lead the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team it came as no shock to anyone that the first person to find out was Derek. The two moved in together and became a makeshift family with Clooney. Derek and Y/N, both abnormally into working out, loved running. With Derek being as competitive as Garcia in a who loves Chocolate Thunder more competition, Y/N hated running with him. After repeated nagging, pleading, and begging Y/N finally agreed to go on hike up the Chopawamsic trail in Prince William Forest National Park as a consolation.

When they reached the park it had just started to drizzle, attempting to ruin their plans and only “date” they had had in the past two weeks.

“Are you sure you want to go?” asked Y/N.

“Yes, I’m sure. You’re only trying to get out of going on the hike with me because you know you’re going to lose” teased Derek.

“You are going to regret every saying those words” replied Y/N before sprinting off in an attempt to reach the end of the hike before Derek.

The duo, competing with each other the entire way, had finally given up trying to beat the other as they both reached the top of the mountain in unison. They spent some time together at the apex of the cliff taking in the moment. The peacefulness that with no doubt would be gone once they got back to their home, that Derek had refurbished himself. As it started to rain harder, Y/N looked up at Derek, who was almost a foot taller than her, before smiling. Derek glanced down at Y/N, the most beautiful woman in his eyes, before asking, “what are you looking at?”.

“I’m just really happy right now” said Y/N before wrapping her arms around Derek.

Derek simply rolled his eyes before saying, “you know you’re really cute right?”.

“I love you, you dork” said Y/N before pressing her slightly chapped lips to Derek’s scruffy jaw to leave a chaste kiss.

“I love you too Y/N, now let’s go before the rain makes the trek back all muddy” said Derek as the two carefully attempted to make their way back to the car.

Derek and Y/N had easily made their way back until they reached the steep hill, which led to the end of the trail, that looked daunting to Derek and terrified Y/N. The hill was grassy and slick with a mixture of dew and mud. Halfway down the slope, Y/N slipped before rolling down the hill and landing at the start of the trail.

“Y/N” screamed out Derek before rapidly making his way to the bottom of the slope where Y/N sat clutching her ankle in pain.

Derek picked up Y/N effortlessly before getting her into the passenger side of his SUV before getting into the front seat and driving them back home. Throughout the car ride it took all of Y/N’s effort in order to keep Derek from taking her to the hospital. They compromised by deciding that if her ankle was worse the next day, she would go get it checked out. On the way back Derek stopped at a CVS and picked up every single painkiller he could get his hands on. He picked up Advil, Tylenol, Motrin, Bayer, Aleve, and even the generic brands.  

After Y/N had changed out of her now muddy clothes, Derek force fed her a granola bar so that the pain medication wouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach. She eagerly took her medication hoping for some relief. While the medication worked its magic, Derek worked his by giving her a euphoric back massage as she laid in bed practically swaddled in blankets that Derek had insisted on wrapping her in.

As her breathing deepened while Y/N fell asleep, Derek vowed that he would one day marry the woman that risked her life to hike a trail with him. She was his cheerleader and the love of his life. She was the one person he knew he could always rely on. She was his best friend and his soul mate.

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The Signs as Badasses

Aries: Rihanna

Taurus: Jim Halpert 

Gemini: Louise Belcher 

Cancer: Dewey Finn

Leo: Daniel Desario 

Virgo: Abbi Jacobson

Libra: Robin Scherbatsky 

Scorpio: John Bender 

Sagittarius: Shawn Hunter 

Capricorn: Jim Morrison

Aquarius: Ilana Wexler

Pisces: April Ludgate 

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top 10 things about Elena?

fuck… ok let me think

  1. she orchestrates her own happiness and ensures the wellbeing of her husband and loved ones holy shit???
  2. Elena Fisher has a Master’s Degree and it’s kinda crazy to have a main female character that is shown as being more educated/knowledgeable than the (male) protagonist
  3. there is nothing more pure than “It’s like a camera right? Just point and shoot.”
  4. Elena Fisher can climb for days and punch out anyone who gets within range of her fists of havoc
  5. despite being an investigative journalist who witnesses war crimes and horrible depravity on a regular basis, she’s still so positive and wants to help everyone
  6. she is 100% down to call people out on their shit, most of all Nate (the moment i fell in love with her was that amazing scene in UC1 where she tells nate not use her as an excuse to quit)
  7. she can be judgemental and harsh on people but she’s willing to grow and open to changing her mind (aka her tenuous allyship that grew into a friendship with Chloe)
  8. she is literally willing to smuggle herself onto a plane and drop into the fucking desert to save her father-in-law. Elena is the definition of We Ride Together We Die Together
  9. she’s a wonderful mixed bag of a girl next door, casual badass and passionate idealist 
  10. she worked at Macho Nacho as a teenager
The Bodyguard (Saphael)

So @raphaelsantiagosavedhimself sent me this prompt and it took me a while to write it because it got way bigger than I had planned but I hope you like it! Love you!!!

Description: In which Simon accepts the offer to be Raphael’s bodyguard.

I have a job offer for you,” said Raphael.

“Seriously? You short-staffed at the hotel?”

“I need a bodyguard.”

Simon eyed him. “Have you been watching The Bodyguard? Because I am not going to fall in love with you and carry you around in my burly arms.”

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