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*slams $500 down then places a small puppy next to it and slides them both to you* Connor having had a really shit morning (mainly because his dad ragged on him for being mentally ill and stuff), goes to school with his s/o who makes him feel a bit better. Then at lunch, his s/o slams the cafeteria door open so loud it makes everyone be quiet, but then Zoe (whose next to them) presses play on music player and s/o sings "Helpless" to Connor in front of everyone & he feels SO HAPPY AND LOVED

adorable! I love it! and I’ll take the pupper. I wrote this in my tiny world that I think Zoe and Connor got along. This has been one of my favorite requests! It was so fun to write!

•He had had one of his shittiest days in a long time. His mother made him and Zoe get a ride with his dad for some “bonding.” Yeah, much bonding.

•The whole ride was basically Connor’s dad pestering him about why he’s so closed off and sad looking and when Connor said he was depressed, Larry got mad and denied it, saying some bullshit like “it’s just a phase.”


•Zoe basically sat silently, trying to shut up her dad a few times but always failing. She was absolutely stunned about what Larry was saying.

•You hadn’t seen Connor that morning and that freaked the hell out of you, you usually meet up at your locker, no exceptions, but you saw Zoe. That freaked you out even more.

•You confronted Zoe as soon as you saw her, and she told you everything, and that’s when the plan aligned.

•You told the teachers it was for a club, one that only you, Alana, and Zoe were in. It was something like, “Helpless Project.” Yeah, lame name but it was an easy excuse for you not to get in trouble. You said it was to get more people interested to be in the club.

•You were so prepared to do your plan . You got a radio from the music teacher and you were already a major Hamilton fan, so the lyrics were no problem.


•Connor had thought you were mad at him for not seeing you in the morning and decided to show him up. But he was oh, so wrong.

•You know those movies where the boy has sunglasses on and a boom box on his shoulder, that was Zoe. Alana behind her in one of those superman poses. You definitely got the attention of the room.

•Honestly, it was like an action movie, two people coming out of double doors like badasses ready to swing at anyone. They thought you were going to play some pop, or rap music. That’s when Zoe started playing Helpless.

•You spotted Connor in the room, but didn’t walk over to him yet. You wanted to be the dramatic little munchkin you are. You wanted to do the choreography.

•Alana played Angelica while Zoe danced around, you wouldn’t say you were an embarrassing show but rather amusing.

•You and Alana are surprisingly good singers and dancers. You were spinning around tables together to get to Connor.

•Every time something referred to Connor, such as “I am so in to you,” you decide to widely point at Connor, making him more embarrassed.

•Connor had his head in his hands by now. He was smiling and blushing so hard. You have the boy Helpless.

•"Insane, your family brings out a different side of me. Cynthia confides in me. Larry tried to Idk a fight with me. Zoe tried to get him to align with me. No stress. We’ll figure it out.“

•You played both Alexander and Eliza, it was a bit hard, but you think your rapping sufficed.

•Alana and Zoe were definitely great as background singers when needed. They should be in a musical or something.

•You replaced all of Alexander and Eliza’s name mentioning to Connor if it fit, other wise it would refer to Zoe or Alana.

•It was all going good until you jumped up on to the table that Connor was sitting at, he finally looked at you. He looked so happy? You looked down at him singing out “that boy is mine,” while pointing at him, staring at everyone else.

•People might’ve been surprised you were singing to Connor because they thought he was a freak and you are so beautiful, but what they don’t see that Connor is just as beautiful and amazing.

•You sat down in front of Connor, attention still on you, you still singing, “My life is gon’ be fine because he’s in it.” Cheesy enough, you were looking into Connor’s eyes, your hand on his cheek. It made it even better that the other girls were singing “I look into your eyes, and the sky’s the limit.”

•Connor honestly could have been happier in that moment. You did all of that only for him? Wow?

•You sure bet you guys kissed after, and you saw bet you guys heard applause when you were done.

•He asked you the reason why you did it and you simply answered “Love makes people do weird things.”

•People stopped you, Alana, and Zoe in the hall about the performance. You gave them the same answer about why you did it.

•Connor felt so lucky to be with you. To be with someone that would go so far to make them happy. To be with someone that makes him feel so helpless. God, you have him so helpless

Edit: okay, so this anon requested it more than once to different writers. So if you want a full, great fic. @cherrywiness has an amazing one.

Best Friends and Soul Mates

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Derek Morgan x Reader

For @milkandcookies528 who requested - “ Could you do one with morgan where he and the reader are on a hike together and she has a bad fall which causes her to twist her ankle and derek takes her home and takes care of her. Thanks.💕”

Derek and Y/N had been best friends as long as anyone could remember. Derek had been there for Y/N her entire life. When she fell off of her bike and broke her wrist, he was at the hospital. When her dad’s convoy was under attack and she didn’t know if he was alive or not, he was there for her. Y/N was there for him when his cousin, Cindi, had been abducted. She was there for him when Buford was molesting him. They loved each other wholeheartedly. They were best friends and soul mates.

When Y/N had transferred to Quantico to lead the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team it came as no shock to anyone that the first person to find out was Derek. The two moved in together and became a makeshift family with Clooney. Derek and Y/N, both abnormally into working out, loved running. With Derek being as competitive as Garcia in a who loves Chocolate Thunder more competition, Y/N hated running with him. After repeated nagging, pleading, and begging Y/N finally agreed to go on hike up the Chopawamsic trail in Prince William Forest National Park as a consolation.

When they reached the park it had just started to drizzle, attempting to ruin their plans and only “date” they had had in the past two weeks.

“Are you sure you want to go?” asked Y/N.

“Yes, I’m sure. You’re only trying to get out of going on the hike with me because you know you’re going to lose” teased Derek.

“You are going to regret every saying those words” replied Y/N before sprinting off in an attempt to reach the end of the hike before Derek.

The duo, competing with each other the entire way, had finally given up trying to beat the other as they both reached the top of the mountain in unison. They spent some time together at the apex of the cliff taking in the moment. The peacefulness that with no doubt would be gone once they got back to their home, that Derek had refurbished himself. As it started to rain harder, Y/N looked up at Derek, who was almost a foot taller than her, before smiling. Derek glanced down at Y/N, the most beautiful woman in his eyes, before asking, “what are you looking at?”.

“I’m just really happy right now” said Y/N before wrapping her arms around Derek.

Derek simply rolled his eyes before saying, “you know you’re really cute right?”.

“I love you, you dork” said Y/N before pressing her slightly chapped lips to Derek’s scruffy jaw to leave a chaste kiss.

“I love you too Y/N, now let’s go before the rain makes the trek back all muddy” said Derek as the two carefully attempted to make their way back to the car.

Derek and Y/N had easily made their way back until they reached the steep hill, which led to the end of the trail, that looked daunting to Derek and terrified Y/N. The hill was grassy and slick with a mixture of dew and mud. Halfway down the slope, Y/N slipped before rolling down the hill and landing at the start of the trail.

“Y/N” screamed out Derek before rapidly making his way to the bottom of the slope where Y/N sat clutching her ankle in pain.

Derek picked up Y/N effortlessly before getting her into the passenger side of his SUV before getting into the front seat and driving them back home. Throughout the car ride it took all of Y/N’s effort in order to keep Derek from taking her to the hospital. They compromised by deciding that if her ankle was worse the next day, she would go get it checked out. On the way back Derek stopped at a CVS and picked up every single painkiller he could get his hands on. He picked up Advil, Tylenol, Motrin, Bayer, Aleve, and even the generic brands.  

After Y/N had changed out of her now muddy clothes, Derek force fed her a granola bar so that the pain medication wouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach. She eagerly took her medication hoping for some relief. While the medication worked its magic, Derek worked his by giving her a euphoric back massage as she laid in bed practically swaddled in blankets that Derek had insisted on wrapping her in.

As her breathing deepened while Y/N fell asleep, Derek vowed that he would one day marry the woman that risked her life to hike a trail with him. She was his cheerleader and the love of his life. She was the one person he knew he could always rely on. She was his best friend and his soul mate.

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A/N this is my first Derek request so I hope I did our badass door kicking hero some justice. Finals are almost done so send in more requests! I would love it if you guys left me comments, I love reading them! I hope ya’ll enjoy!

The Signs as Badasses

Aries: Rihanna

Taurus: Jim Halpert 

Gemini: Louise Belcher 

Cancer: Dewey Finn

Leo: Daniel Desario 

Virgo: Abbi Jacobson

Libra: Robin Scherbatsky 

Scorpio: John Bender 

Sagittarius: Shawn Hunter 

Capricorn: Jim Morrison

Aquarius: Ilana Wexler

Pisces: April Ludgate 


(I’m so sorry that I’ve been watching so much Supernatural lately. This is ridiculously AU and totally self indulgent.)

 Adrien blinked at the building in front of him. Plagg stirred in his jacket pocket restlessly. “This is the place?”

 Jake shrugged, pushing the map into his backpack before slinging it back around his shoulders. “The address Tuck gave us. Says the dude either lives or works here.”

 Danny huffed a breath, shaking his head. “Place is heavily layered with sigils. I can feel ‘em from here. Pretty bang up job actually.”

 “Anything that'll….” Randy gave some wide gestures between Danny and the house. “Ya know, totally wonk up your mojo Casper?”

 “Shouldn’t.” Danny muttered, glaring at the walls of the building. “I’m pretty well studied on things that’ll keep me out or screw me up. Plagg, you good?”

 “Get me some Camembert and keep me away from all the hunters and I’d be glowing with happiness.” Plagg drawled.

 Adrien winced. “Désolé Plagg.”

 “Meh.” The kwami rumbled from his spot in the pocket. “Take your apologies and shove them up your-”

Thank you Plagg!” Jake cut in glaring at Adrien’s pocket. The blonde gave them a sheepish smile, pink dusting his cheeks.

 Randy bounced on his toes,  “Bros I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get this over with. Bruce as it was for Tuck to find someone capable of reading all his techno babble ‘sides Spud, I am not comfortable hanging around this many trigger happy hunters.”

 Danny scowled at the building some more before leading them down the path and through the door.

 The inside was practically the exact same as other bars the four of them had snuck into before. They ignored the initial silence that always appeared when they stepped into a seedy place with practiced ease.

 Jake gave a slight nod towards the ceiling, where a devil’s trap was just barely visible on wood.

 “Right place for sure.” Danny muttered as they slid into a booth.

 Randy leaned back in his seat, stretching his limbs out and knocking his feet into Adrien’s shins. The blonde kicked his feet off of him.

 A lady walked up to the group, a maternal frown on her face as she looked at them. “What are ya boys doin’ in a place like this? Look a bit young don'tchya?”

 Adrien flashed his model worthy, boy-next-door smile at her. “Looking for a contact for a friend, mademoiselle.” He let his French accent bleed through a little thicker, to up the charm.

 She raised an eyebrow at him. Jake bit his lip to keep from laughing out loud.

 “Were looking for someone named Ash.” Danny jumped in before Adrien could stick his foot in his mouth. “We had some friends put together an algorithm for some demonic omens and they wanted a third party to overlook it. Ash found them and volunteered.”

 “We’re just the delivery boys.” Randy piped up, grinning at her excitedly.

 She sighed and crossed her arms. After a moment she jerked her towards a door in the back corner. “He’s in there. Keep your hands to yourself and no sampling the drinks, got it?”

 “Yes ma'am.” The boys echoed as they slid right back out of their seats.

 Jake grinned as he approached the door. “Yo I like this guy already.”

 Randy happily knocked on the door. “Dr. Badass? We got a delivery from Too Fine Foley here.”

 The cracked open to reveal a grungy man with a mullet, peering at them with half lidded eyes. “You guys are the super squad Spudster and TF sent?”

 Danny spread his arms, “In the flesh.”

 He snorted. “Buncha shorties for being hunters.”

 “We’re not hunters.” Adrien said.

 Ash eyed them some more before sniffing. “Eh, I’m the last person to judge. Wait here.” He disappeared behind the door.

 The lady from before walked up to them and knocked on the door. “We ran out of pretzels, can you do a run for me?”

 There was some muffled banging and not so muffled cursing before Ash responded, “Can’t! Busy!”

 She groaned. “Fine! Get your ass out here and watch the bar for me at least. I’ll be right back.”

The four boys watched her walk off.

 Ash banged out of the room, a bulky computer in his arms. “Follow me boys.”

 He stumbled over to the bar, setting the contraption on the filthy surface with a sigh. The group crowded around him as his fingers flew across the keys.

 “So this algorithm,” Danny said, handing the hard drive over to Ash, “You think it will work?”

 “Psh! From what I saw? It’s brilliant!” Ash plucked the device and went to plug it in.

 Adrien shot out his hand, “Wait!”

 Randy gave him an incredulous look, “Bro what the heck?”

 Adrien ignored him leaning in closer to read the screen. “Is that what I think it is?”

 Danny turned his attention to the screen, reading quickly. He gasped.

 “That’s a program for finding Azazel’s psychics.” Danny suddenly scowled, turning an accusing glare on Ash. “Why are you looking for them?”

 “Woah, dude,” Ash held his hands up, wincing under his glare. “It’s for some friends of mine-”

 Jake slammed a hand on the table, “Why are hunters looking for the psychics?”

 Ash squirmed in his seat, looking around uneasily. “Back room might be a better place to talk about this yeah?”

 He shut his computer and scrambled for the back of the bar, not waiting to see if the others followed.

 Randy’s eyes were wide. “I didn’t think anyone else even knew about them. The others will be okay right?”

 Danny didn’t say anything as he marched after Ash, Jake on his heels. Randy looked at Adrien who shrugged in response. The two of them scrambled through the door marked ‘Employees Only’.

 Ash had hunched his shoulders under Danny and Jake’s heated glares. “We aren’t after psychics, cross my heart!” He mimed the motion, raising his hands in defense.

 “And the algorithm?” Adrien questioned, putting a hand on Danny’s shoulder to calm him down.

 Ash ran a hand through his hair. “Something’s going down with the demons and the psychics. Some friends caught wind of it when they found psychic killing people.”

 All the anger drained out of the boys at the news. Jake rubbed his forehead. “Aww man.”

 “Then there was an exorcism thing,” Ash continued, “and something big is about to go down with the demons and they asked me to see if I can find anymore psychics so we can maybe have a leg up when all the demon shit goes down.”

 “So you’re building an army?” Adrien squeaked.

 Danny puffed up in anger and Ash waved him off, “No no no. The demons are using the psychics for something and we’ve been searching for them to warn them and make sure they aren’t going bad side.”

 Randy looked between his friends and Ash a little wide eyed. “….Did you make sure to demon proof your laptop so they can’t track you?”

 Ash paled and Danny cursed. He turned to the others. “We have to get everyone out of here now. Chances are demons are headed here now to kill everyone.”

 Adrien slumped against the door, groaning. “Just when I thought we had a nice, normal task demons have to come and ruin everything.”