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After watching Amy’s epic scene from Sonic booms “Knine to five Knuckles” episode I was like DAMN give this hedgewoman an award or something 😆💖🏆i made this for her lol …Sonic and sticks shoulda totally just let her go so she’d kill em all with that hammer! We love you Amy ,yer a savage ❤️💪

The Netflix Castlevania 4 episode series is perhaps one of the greatest adaptations of a franchise, and it is a love letter to a video game series with a dedicated fan base who will mostly, if not all, respect and appreciate this amazing piece of animation and work. Kudos to Netflix for producing such a beautifully animated series that is bloody, well written, funny, but a mostly serious gothic themed project. The voice cast brings such a lovely drawn animation to life, and the atmosphere is just right.

Please watch and support this series, for the same development team announced an Assassin’s Creed series that should be looked forward to.

Thank you for the kind treatment towards Castlevania. Definitely looking forward to season 2!