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Yana’s twitter posts about Elizabeth (2017/01/24)

English translation:

It’s hard to make an effort and keep being the ‘lovely person someone wants you to be’. No one really wants to be stripped off of all their equipment and reveal their vulnerable part that remained at the end.

If someone told you to fight zombies - in underwear and with your set hair totally rumpled - in front of the person you love the most, it’d be totally devastating. That’s why back when I drew that scene, I kept in mind to draw her in a way that at least the readers would find cute. Considering the manga takes place in the Victorian era, the way Lizzie is dressed [in the Campania arc] can be compared to [modern women] wearing only their bra and underwear.

It’s such a trivial detail but since Ciel is smaller than Lizzie, she can’t button the jacket she borrowed from him. However, she keeps wearing it until the very end because the boy she’s in love with lent it to her. I think it’s typical of boys at his [Ciel’s] age to try to do something cool but be unable to really pull it off.


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Alexis’s VA’s hilarious comment

Nakata Jouji, Alexis’s VA in the Book of the Atlantic movie, recently commented on Lizzie’s poster that reads “I’m fine with not being cute, as long as it means that I can protect you!!”:

There’s no way that the daughter of Tanaka Atsuko [*Frances’ VA] and me, voiced by Yukari Tamura [*Lizzie’s VA], is weak.”

And Yana replied to him:

“That’s so convincing…! Thank you!!  -Toboso”

Fun fact:

Alexis’s VA, Nakata Jouji, is known for his role as Alucard (a powerful badass vampire) in the anime series “HELLSING”.

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Frances’s VA, Tanaka Atsuko, is known for her role as Motoko Kusanagi (a powerful badass cyborg) in the anime series “Ghost in the Shell”. 

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They are both actually very famous voice actors in Japan and that’s why the tweet got 33K likes and 29K reblogs and also why Yana was super excited when the Midfords’ cast was announced:

“The son (voiced by Mr. Seiichirou Yamashita) and the daughter (voiced by Ms. Yukari Tamura) who were born to the married couple of father (voiced by Mr. Jouji Nakata) and mother (voiced by Ms. Atsuko Tanaka).. you can tell just by their voices that they’re undoubtedly strong. It’s so convincing. I’m so happy. Thank you so much, Aniplex [for casting them]🙏” - Toboso

See? I told you they are the best and the strongest cast!! (≧▽≦)

Edit: Just in case…. “CV” in this context means “character voice”, not “curriculum vitae” xD

Imagine Being Bruce’s School Friend And Comforting Him After The Loss of His Parents

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Bruce hadn’t wanted Alfred to send in any visitors, but the butler must have deemed your appearance important, because there you stood at the threshold of the sitting room of Wayne Manor, swaying a little nervously at the prospect of being somewhere so extravagant.

You were not rich. You lived with your older sister in Burnley, and you could never afford to attend Bruce’s private school on your own; you went there on full scholarship. Still, Bruce always liked that you never judged him for his wealth and didn’t even care that he was rich; you were an unlikely set of friends from two very different worlds, but that only made your bond all the stronger.

“Bruce?” you asked quietly, only knowing that he had heard you from the slight turn of his head. He could tell you were uncomfortable- you had never been to his house before- but he didn’t say anything.

“I…I heard about your parents,” you stepped cautiously into the room. “Are you…okay?”

“No,” Bruce shook his head, “I-I’m not going back to school yet, either. But Detective Gordon says it will get better.”

“Right,” you said, awkwardly digging through your worn, brown bag, “well, I-I have a recap of the last couple chapters we covered in English. And I have the notes from biology, and- and-” You finally just tossed your bag aside and launched yourself at him in a full hug, “Oh, Bruce, I am SO sorry! I-I was visiting Dad that night in the Bowery, and if I had known…I mean, I heard gunshots, but it’s kind of normal, so I just…I wish I could have done something.” Bruce would have been surprised by your sudden crying, but it was an expected reaction from you. Your fight for a better life had been riddled with hardships, and it had only made you kinder as a result.

Bruce only said a quiet “thank you.”

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Having Jason Todd as a dad

He needs to know where you go, where you are, and who you’re with every second of the day.

He is training you to use guns. He kills, so you were taught to kill to.

-When you’re hurt (someone hurts you physically)
Boyyy is that person in for something. If anyone hurts you, or even tries to hurt you that person is dead.

-After patrol
You always patch him up. He would always do the same for you. You would be better at it than him but he is good at it

-When your sad/depressed
He would not know what to do. He would make sure nothing hurt you so bad it would turn into something that could get you seriously injured (or worse).

No, nope, na uh. With him it’s the boy comes over, you open the door, he would sit down and clean his guns in front of him, you walk away, he gives him a talk, the boy is a.)gone b.)looking like he is about to run away/go on this date already c.)walks away with you but no 2nd date after :(

-When you are kidnapped
Nothing is stopping him. He knows what it’s like to be beaten to death and go to hell. There is no way he will let that happen to his little girl. Plus, since he kills there is no limits he won’t cross to find you.

-When you are sick
He is not that good with it so he would call Alfred. Alfred (the badass butler, as I like to call/think of him) would tell him what to do.

reasons the Campania arc should be animated:

  • Zombies
  • Undertaker
  • Undertaker’s eyes
  • Ronald Knox
  • Grell (their first canon appearance since the jack the ripper arc)
  • basically the shinigamis in general
  • The Midfords
  • Elizabeth the fencing genius
  • Viscount Druitt
  • Snake
  • Sebastian
  • Ciel
  • The beginning of the contract
  • wet Sebastian
I was told nobody would read this book. What do you guys think?

Am I the only person who thinks this is cool? A book with:

- a bisexual half-Mexican Jewish protagonist who’s aces at the cello and can shoot a hole through a quarter at 50 paces; also likes the science
- a genderfluid Mexican love interest, who’s a snazzy dresser and uses a cane sword because they’re cool
- strong sister relationships
- a black gay cowboy in love with the badass butler
- Jewish cowboys
- a bisexual black Jewish best friend who’s a wiz with needle and thread and also knives and pistols?
- best friend’s love interest is intersex, is an artist
- Mexican mythology
- shout out to 1800s Jewish author Abraham Mapu
- pretty clothes 
- the entire conflict originated because a sleezy king felt threatened by two strong sister-princesses and deliberately pit them against each other to weaken them
- horsies!
- a main character who gets strength from her 4 female best friends
- nonheteronormative/cisnormative society
- sarsaparilla
- a lesbian Chinese best friend who’s an ace with knives and loves to cook and dresses like a queen
- Jewish mythology that actually ties into Jewish history
- really pretty dolls
- female valet kicking ass and taking names
- an amazing rock band in the tertiary cast list headed by a Sapphic ace Muslimah rebel warrior
- a complex relationship between two full-blood siblings and their half-sib, which is complicated because of bad relationship with stepmom
- steampunk airships
- badass female friend who’s a scientist and likes cute things
- cameos of famous women from literature in history
- bigass steampunk library

I’ve been told things like “nobody wants to read about Jewish cowboys” or “girls can’t shoot, nobody will believe it” or “a world where being nb isn’t a big deal is unrealistic” and “Muslim girls can’t be rock stars” or “there are no black cowboys” and blah blah. What do you guys think?