badass brown women

I am keenly aware that in many of my clients’ fantasy landscapes I am a white thin woman. Because I do not live in the body they are fantasizing about this can be a dysphoric experience that disembodies me and places me outside of my sex work . However, this performance of whiteness and thinness also feels like a fun drag game that destabilizes the heteromasculinity/white supremacy of my clients. My position outside of whiteness/thinness makes me hyper-aware of the ways to mimic that kind of privilege and entitlement, and my clients are essentially paying me – or remunerating me, actually - for a skill set I have earned through surviving their oppression. I take the skills I gain in dominating my clients during work to dominate these same well-paid straight white men out in the “real world” – in the moments when their dick isn’t in their hand.
—  Virgie Tovar, ‘On Being a Phone Domme’