badass blaine

So David’s said in a lot of his ComicCon interviews that he wants Blaine to remember. That he misses the smarmy, sassy guy. That while new Blaine proved badass, it’s kind of a castrated Blaine.

Personally, I want Blaine to remember… but I don’t want him to go back being the guy he was. It would be interesting if his personality is an amalgam. It would be very lazy just to to go back to the criminal Blaine who killed kids and sold drugs.

The last we saw of old!Blaine, was when he was at his most human. He told his employees to stay out of the drug business, but to keep selling brains. For the sake of humanity. He gave a shit, even though he thought he was dying.

If the Blaine we get going forward is more like that Blaine? I’m all here for it.

Also, they said Liv’s next boyfriend won’t die. So what’ll happen to him? We’ve been down the Major route, and they’ve implied they won’t get right back together when asked in interviews.

After Peyton chooses Ravi… Blaine’s going to be available. >.>

And they can have their good old CW drama, because what if Blaine doesn’t let her know when he starts to remember? Cause he thinks she’d leave him?

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