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So David’s said in a lot of his ComicCon interviews that he wants Blaine to remember. That he misses the smarmy, sassy guy. That while new Blaine proved badass, it’s kind of a castrated Blaine.

Personally, I want Blaine to remember… but I don’t want him to go back being the guy he was. It would be interesting if his personality is an amalgam. It would be very lazy just to to go back to the criminal Blaine who killed kids and sold drugs.

The last we saw of old!Blaine, was when he was at his most human. He told his employees to stay out of the drug business, but to keep selling brains. For the sake of humanity. He gave a shit, even though he thought he was dying.

If the Blaine we get going forward is more like that Blaine? I’m all here for it.

Also, they said Liv’s next boyfriend won’t die. So what’ll happen to him? We’ve been down the Major route, and they’ve implied they won’t get right back together when asked in interviews.

After Peyton chooses Ravi… Blaine’s going to be available. >.>

And they can have their good old CW drama, because what if Blaine doesn’t let her know when he starts to remember? Cause he thinks she’d leave him?

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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT - Fearlessly Day 4

This is the “rec someone else” day!! Happy reading!!!!

Day 4: Recs!

Endymion Fell by Inkystars, 

The Muse by cimmerian

a lost boy (ready to be found) by pterodactyl

Case Study by purseplayer 

Threadbare by merikg

First off, I want to say how virtually impossible it was for me to choose only five stories to recommend. We are so lucky to have such outstanding writers in this fandom. Aside from the five recs for this Author’s Spotlight, I will be posting a list of other stories I love in the near future on my Tumblr: @fearlesslysgleefics

Read on for excerpts and reasons

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What are your most badass Kurt fics? I've felt like every fic I've read lately shows him taking a back seat to Blaine.

Let’s start you with our badboy!Kurt and skank!Kurt tags. Here are some cool fics to get you started:

Puzzle Pieces by LaurenEP18

Blaine is new to McKinley and immediately inthralled with one, Kurt Hummel. Kurt has had a tough life and now his facade is beginning to crack. Klaine, badboy!Kurt. Warnings: non-graphic talk of rape, talk of suicidal thoughts, underage drinking, language, sex.

Coming Through by ungoodpirate

Rumors about Kurt Hummel range from arm-breaking to fire-setting, so new transfer student Blaine Anderson should really keep his distance from the sarcastic, pink-haired deviant. But Blaine doesn’t, and that might be the best, but most chaotic, decision he’s ever made.

Carry Me Home Tonight by blasthisass

As disagreements continue to rage in the Anderson household, Blaine is forced to spend his evenings behind a bar to pay his way through OSU. It’s not an ideal solution, but the money is good and he manages well enough. That may very well change, however, when the interested gaze of Kurt Hummel, self-proclaimed resident bad-boy, lands on him. And it seems that Kurt doesn’t have the word ‘no’ in his vocabulary.  

Always Here In The Silence by @the-cimmerians

Nerd!Blaine/Badass!Kurt AU.


Blaine showing people that being gay does not necessarily mean one can’t be a bad-ass when one needs to be…

5 reasons DC Comics TV shows rock

by Nicholas Yong

So the Supergirl TV series trailer has just hit, and it’s giving us the feels! (though it could stand to cut down on the emo soundtrack)

It’s funny, awe-inspiring and has a very likable lead. In short, everything Man of Steel was not. 

From Arrow to The Flash to Supergirl to iZombie, TV shows based on DC Comics characters rock! Here’s 5 reasons they’re so awesome. 

1. They’re fun

What’s not to like about guys in spandex running around at super speed, or a forensic pathologist who eats her deceased clients’ brains and has visions of their past lives?

2. The villains are awesome

Ra’s Al Ghul is pretty badass, and Blaine has a rogueish, deadly charm. But the best DC TV villain for me is still the Reverse-Flash a.k.a. Harrison Wells a.k.a. Eboard Thawne. 

With a silly name like that and a yellow spandex costume, you’d expect to be laughing at Wells instead of being scared of him. 

But he’s turned out to be a nuanced, complex and even sympathetic villain. And pretty scary too. 

3. They’re funny

It’s the basic formula for all comic book adaptations: Stay true to the spirit of the source material, while not taking yourself too seriously. Fans just love all that nudge-nudge-wink-wink, so long as you don’t overdo it. 

4. It never gets too dark

The DC TV shows have learned the lesson that the movies never have: The dark, grim and gritty Nolan approach doesn’t always work for comic book adaptations. 

5. Let the shipping begin!

There are so many potential couples you can root for. Oliver-Felicity, Ray-Felicity, Barry-Felicity - basically, every single male character and Felicity!

And let’s not forget the Liv-Major-Lowell love triangle in iZombie too.