badass bitches

  • Younger Brother:*doing something annoying*
  • Me:Please stop.
  • Younger Brother:*smirks and continues to be annoying*
  • Me:My uterus is shedding. Don't test me.
  • Younger Brother:*raises eyebrow*
  • Mom & Sister:All of ours are.
  • Younger Brother:*swallows nervously*
  • Me:Dad is on a business trip. There is not enough testosterone in this house to protect you.
  • Mom & Sister:*nod*
  • Younger Brother:*runs away*
  • Don't mess with us when we're irritable. O____O


Wake up every morning and tell yourself that you’re flawed, and that the world is broken, and then try to fix the world by loving others as much as possible, and then, after you’ve loved others to the best of your ability, someone will inevitably eff with you. And when they do, let them. When they steal your crap, give them more. And then continue to walk humbly through life, and love the person who effed with you. Then go to bed, wake up, and do it all over again. 

For all of the crap Christianity gets for its hypocrisy, for its religiosity, and its adherents, there’s one central part of it that we could all learn from: Christ. And there’s a tendency to characterize Christ as a hippie, as a SUPER nice guy. We are desperate, even as non-Christians, to place this man in some box.

And while Christianity seeks to safeguard our deaths, and offer us a pill to lead us to Magical Gold Land, Christ offered a way of living that is 100% counter to this ridiculous graphic.

So today, props to the man who presented an impossibly humble way of living. Not a way of living that glorified defeat, and not a way of living that allows others to walk all over you, but a way of living that challenged the system at its most basic level. A way of living that cut through our identities of badass bitch, of quirky snarky guy, of liberal, of male, of vegan, of Christian, of gay, of hypersexual, of parent, of child, of American, of insertcareerhere, of literally everything, and revealed a common denominator of brokenness. 

Happy Good Friday, folks. 

Weird and Wonderful Women Musicians

(Who Eat Lady Gaga For Breakfast)

Poly Styrene

Bands & Projects: X Ray Spex

Time and Place:1970s London

Genres: Punk

Quote: If anybody tried to make me [a sex symbol] I’d shave my head tomorrow.

Poly Styrene was barely twenty-one when her band, X Ray Spex, released their only album, Germfree Adolescents

External image
. The lyrics, written by Styrene, confronted consumerism, ageism, human relationships and “the sales machine.”

Sartorial Style: Poly Styrene ran her own, eponymous fashion label in her late teens. It failed to break even or get off the ground; however, she had a lot of fun with it and created very interesting clothes. From an interview:

I would go to the DIY store and buy sink chain, which doesn’t tarnish and is quite shiny and chrome plated. I would also buy plastic tubing and then I would run the sink through the plastic tubing, and turn them into chokers and ankle and arm bracelets. It was funny, because I had people like Marianne Faithfull, Amanda Donohoe and Paula Yates coming in and buying them. I am sure that they didn’t know that I had bought it at the DIY store…

One of my friends, Sophie Horgan, was at fashion school. I designed some things and she made them for me. There was an eggs and bacon dress, which we did just for a laugh. We went down to Peter Jones and I bought some vinyl table cloth fabric. I then asked Sophie to applique an eggs and bacon design like a working man’s greasy fry up on it. I thought that it would be funny to put it on a dress, especially as I was a vegetarian and I didn’t eat stuff like that. (source)

Styrene closed down the boutique, since the band was taking off and she had to choose one or the other. But her fashion sense didn’t just stop on a dime once she took up with the band. Press photos and videos from that time show Styrene wearing proto-Ghost World outfits, such as a bright blue pantsuit, army helmets, black leather soldier’s caps, and handmade, A-Line dresses in interesting patterned and shiny fabrics.

Styrene had an afro, which she accessorized with hats, helmets, head wraps and ribbons.

Styrene’s most famous accessories were doubtless her braces. Though in her late teens and early twenties, Styrene’s braces made her look much younger and, somehow, more threatening.