badass batman


“Patty Jenkins worked really hard with her team to design a style of fighting that was incredibly badass, and believable. Where Batman will punch somebody in the face, and that’s effective, that’s not how the Amazons and Diana fight. They have a disciplined specialized, collaborative fighting style. They work together as a team, and leverage each other’s strengths. They are mighty, they are beautiful. And as the Germans learn, this new breed of badass warrior women are deadly.”


Unite The League - Batman

Last year on this day Suicide Squad dropped, so here’s some Wedding Harley! ♥️💙
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Batfam as shit my roommates have said

Dick: “So I’ve decided that since the world apparently hates me, if I’m going to suffer I might as well enjoy it. It’s 11:20 pm in the middle of January, negative 22 degrees outside, and I’m going to walmart to buy ice cream.”

Jason: *some minor inconvenient thing happens* “Well I guess I have no choice but to resort to grand arson.”

Tim: “I’ve been riding horses since I was six, I’m going to be great at this,” *gets on a skateboard and falls promptly .5 seconds later* “Okay, so that’s nothing like riding a horse.”

Damian: *staring forlornly out the window at a group of people building a snowman* “I wonder what’s it like to have friends”

Duke: “They’re all in the kitchen making pig noises and crying. I’m beginning to think I’m the only one who remembered to take their meds this morning.”

Barbara: “There’s this disgusting couple making out on the lawn so I’m going to go set off my car alarm and scare the ever-loving shit out of ‘em. Who wants to join?”

Steph: “You do you, boo. And him too.”

Cass: *someone groans* “For five dollars and a corn chip I will gladly put you out of your misery.” 

Harper: “I have a twelve step fool-proof plan to blackmail him into giving me his car. Unfortunately, step one is finding the motivation to go through with steps two through twelve.”

Kate: “Some guy mentioned my parking job and I flipped him off instead of making a I-can’t-do-anything-straight joke and honestly I’ve never been so disappointed in myself.”

Alfred: “As the only one who has not set off the fire alarm, I am declaring myself the ruler of this kitchen. If you want to use the stove, you have to pay a 25 cent tax, which I will use to buy earplugs for when you fucks inevitably set off the goddamn fire alarm.”

Bruce: “I am the father of this household!” *grabs a thing of bread and slams it on the table* “See I literally put the bread on the table! Except I just noticed this bread went stale five months ago, so yeah, we’re all probably going to die.”