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So you reblogging and making a lot of YuGiOh stuff got me interested (I never watched the show as a kid, and if I did it freaked me out and I'd turn it off really quickly) but I never knew that there was a spirit and there was a lot of ancient Egypt stuff??? I thought that Yami was just 'Game-Face Yugi' and there was a lot more depth than I initially thought.

Oh man, you’re in for a treat especially if you delve deeper than the (English/4Kids) dub. Because if you read the manga, you get the stuff that wasn’t included in the Duel Monsters Anime (but was animated in what we fans call “Season 0″) which was a lot darker and dealt with a variety of different games - not just card games. Also Yami killed people. That was A Thing. Season 0/ the manga in general is a LOT darker than the show. And the Japanese anime adaptation still left in some pretty dark things while others they were like “ehhhhn, you know what? Maybe the child shouldn’t skin his father. We’ll let him stab him, but we have to draw the line somewhere”

Takahashi mentions in an artist’s comment towards the end of the series that his original concept for the show was as a Horror series, and I still think “ARE YOU SURE YOU DIDN’T?!” whenever I see it.

Yugi and Atem (Yami) and their group of friends are all really interesting characters that go through some amazing character development throughout the series. It’s downplayed or written out in some cases of the english dub, but its still there in the Manga and the original Japanese. And When I say character development, I don’t mean it’s always positive, but it feels natural for the characters and they do tend to come to terms with said development not necessarily being a good thing.

And as for Yugi and Atem specifically, whether you interpret their relationship as platonic, friendly or romantic, they still have one of my favourite damn relationships ever written. It’s probably the most dynamic relationship in the series considering how much it changes from the first chapter to the last (and the last chapter STILL makes me cry, okay. I’m STILL not okay even 13 years later)

The Ancient Egyptian stuff is fun with some basis in historical stuff (because Kazuki Takahashi did a lot of research), but it is still a fantasy that takes a ton of liberties. Makes for a lot of beautiful art and interesting fanfic ideas, though!

And then there’s Yugioh Abridged, which, I think, even with only a cursory understanding of the franchise is still one of the funniest damn things ever made by a human being. And when you know the show/story, it’s even better.

The spin-off series are hit or miss with me. I haven’t seen them all, but some of them, like 5DS, are WAY BETTER THAN THEY HAVE ANY RIGHT TO BE. Someday when I have more time I would like to watch all of the series, but for now, I’ll just keep the original close to my heart.

This series is ridiculous, amazing, and I love it.