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Morning and Evening Prayers for Artemis, Apollon and the Agathos Daimon

Morning Prayers, in order:

Apollon Paion,
Beautiful healer of all mortals,
You with voice and lyre of gold,
As your bright sun rises, I greet your brilliance,
And ask for your radiant blessings,
That your passion runs through my veins.
Show me that which I cannot see,
And let your fire ever burn in my heart.

Artemis Potnia Theron,
Queen of Beasts,
You who protects all girls,
As a new day dawns, and your soft moon wanes,
I greet you and ask for your radiant blessings,
That your strength runs through my veins.
Show me how to be myself, unapologetically,
And let your hymns ever sing your glory through me.

Agathos Daimon, my companion,
Who comes beside me in every step,
Turning away evil and protecting me always,
As a new day dawns, and Helios rises,
I greet you and ask for your protection,
That you once again walk beside me, Zeus Ktesios.
Show me always the correct path to tread,
And guide my feet always, oh, wise Agathos Daimon.

Evening Prayers, in order:

Artemis Selasphoros,
Bringer of the light of the moon,
Hekatebolos, Khrysalakatos,
Now I come before you as your silver moon rises,
In piety and in thanks for all you have given me,
And for your voice, which ever brings me delight.

Apollon Mousegetes,
As you have lead the Mousai,
You lit the lamps before me today.
And now I come before you as your bright sun wanes,
In piety and in thanks for all you have given me,
And for your light, which ever grants the sparkle in my eyes.

Agathos Daimon,
As sure as the sun has shone bright today,
Such has your unwavering companionship.
I come before you as Zephyrus claims Helios once more,
In piety and in thanks for all you have given me,
And for your endless guidance and protection.

My order is simply because of the times of day that are most associated with them, always ending with the Agathos Daimon, to keep them close. Epithets are probably transliterated a bit incorrectly, I need to double check.

Lookout (drama)

I seriously did not expect this drama to be this good. The drama is not centered on romantic kinda love or whatever, it’s actually an action kind of drama with corruption, revenge etc… But unlike other “action dramas” it doesn’t get boring like Man to Man (yeah it was not my cup of tea even though I love action movies/series). Indeed it’s really intense and stressful and this is what I’m looking for in a action drama. And Lee Si-young is sooooo badass, love it! This drama is definitely in my top 5!

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► All the Vices and all Crimes

Finding that he was handsome, he desired to be elegant: now, the height of elegance is idleness; idleness in a poor man means crime.

A playlist to listen with a leather jacket and switchblade {cover}

i.Victorious // Panic! at the Disco ii.I’m a Wanted Man // Royal Deluxe iii.Everybody Loves Me // One Republic iv.For Your Entertainment //Adam Lambert v.Villain // Theory of a Deadman vi.Emperor’s New Clothes // Panic! at the Disco vii.Lock Me Up //The Cab viii.I’m Gonna Do My Thing // Royal Deluxe ix.99 Problems // Hugo x.Suprise Track

I so headcanon that Musichetta owns the Musain, she like runs it day to day.

She keeps Marius’ tabs organised for when he forgets his change and is tryna be sweet with Cosette.

Always knows when Enjolras is gonna arrive so always has his usual on the bar so he can swiftly pick it up on his way to the table with mumblings of gratitude.

She employs Bossuet and Bahorel as bouncers when she books parties in the function room downstairs,and she asks Joly to keep an eye on her finances.

She saw Jehan looking wistfully at the open window by the radiator one week during a meeting, the next week she’d converted it into his own little poetry corner, with a window seat and the walls had been painted into a chalkboard for his poems.

She takes no bullshit, if anyone starts anything she ends it there and then personally, she’s got no problem with barring people and cutting them off and when she says last call, she means last call.

She listens to meeting from behind the bar whilst serving others with attentive ears, and then at the end of the night after she closes up she walks home arms linked with Joly and Bossuet

Jehanparnasse || 1K || Arranged Marriage AU

Since it’s @theblazeofmemory‘s birthday, i’ve asked her what she wanted me to write and she chose this! It comes from a long thread of headcanons that can basically be summed up by:

Montparnasse is known as the King of Thieves and has married Jehan for a political alliance with Jehan’s kingdom. At this point (after a great deal of pining), they’ve both fallen in love. Problem is, war broke out with the neighbouring kingdom and Montparnasse was capture. Jehan managed to rescue him, unbeknown to the enemy.

Montparnasse almost looked peaceful, if you turned a blind eye and ignored the field of bruises that had bloomed on his face. The purplish marks trailed down his neck, and Jehan knew for a fact his chest and legs had not been spared. The enemy had avoided making any “real” damage, but they wouldn’t pass the opportunity to play with their prisoner.

The idea turned Jehan’ stomach, and he sought comfort in Montparnasse’s hair, combing the black curls softly. He was alive. It was all that mattered. Jehan had managed to get him back alive. The Consort laid a kiss on the King’s forehead, choosing an unscathed patch of skin. Babet had said Montparnasse would recover. If the Kingdom would rejoice, Jehan knew the King’s tormentors would welcome the news with much less enthusiasm.

“Your Majesty,” a voice called behind him.

Being the only conscious “Majesty” in the room, Jehan turned over. Claquesous had a satisfied smile on his ever half-hidden face. Good news.

“The commander of the enemy faction is here. They seem under the impression that the King is still in their hands.”

The enemy was here. They had come to make a bargain, no doubt. The King of Thieves’ life against their submission. The ball was in Jehan’s court now. He took another look at Montparnasse, his swollen face kindling something he had rarely felt in his life: contempt.

“Make them wait in an empty room,” Jehan ordered calmly, never taking his eyes off his husband. “I want every member of the Council, every courtier, every minstrel and bard in the throne room, everybody you can find.”

“Shall the servant fetch your official garments?”

Jehan looked down at himself. He wasn’t fit to receive anyone, with just a thin silk robe thrown on a shirt and britches. Perfect.

“No. I will receive them as I am. They’re not worth the regalia.”

Receiving the enemy dressed as he was would be more humiliating to them than the other way around. A royal that doesn’t dress is a royal that doesn’t take you seriously. And Jehan sure would not give them the pleasure.

“I will show them how the King’s Consort slays his enemies.”

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