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Juphelia With Kids

-So Jules is a teacher and Ophelia is a cop.
-O actually has normal colored hair (forced by her job)
-they are hella over protective parents
-their kids are kinda really sheltered
-And juphelia is the perfect parents who “never do anything wrong”
-so their kids dont really know that they are kind of badasses (except O bc shes a cop, but they always thought that O was like a good child and crap)
-so as their kids get older they begin to tell them about their younger selves
-and the kids are just kind of like wtf
-they show them pictures from college (“mom are you wearing a weed shirt?” “No…” “that is definetly weed” “how do you even know what that is” “mom im fifteen, please” “dont you ever do weed! It is a gate way drug and itll kill you” “there is literally a picture of you smoking a joint, you cant say anything” “shut up! Dont smoke weed”)
-they find out about the vigilante thing and o being a weed dealer and their like wtf our parents werent always lame
-and then thy beg jules to teach them how to fight (at first she says no, but then shes like “rats, you do need to know how to defend yourselves”)
-so their children become badasses as well and thy want to carry out their parents legacy (which o and jules flip the fuck out about and lecture their kids about not doing for three weeks)
-the kids dont listen and become vigilantes, and O ends up arresting them for vigilante work and gets so pissed bc she lectured them on this
-so the kids get grounded, Ophelia yells at them and Jules gives them the silent treatment (bc it makes them feel worse when shes just silent, with a dissappointed/angry look on their face)
-they try to go out again but jules follows them, and they almost get hurt by the guy their going after and Jules ends up saving their ass and beating the shit out of the guy
- jules takes them home and is silent the whole way and the kids are like holy shit that was awesome but crap she pissed
-and when they get home she just goes to her bedroom and leaves them to O. O looks at them and shakes her head then follows Jules.
-the kids apologise and that stops their vigilante adventures (for now at least)

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Elain Archeron (ACOTAR series)

“I hope they all burn in hell”

Inked Up

Oh no it became a full blown AU… So after I drew this, I couldn’t get the idea of Tao having done his own tattoos out of my head… and so Panda Ink Tattoos was born (thank you @etherealtao on twitter for the name!!). It’s Baekhyun’s first tattoo and who better to get it from than his main beef bro Zitao <3

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CaRtOoNz Appreciation Post

Luke is always represented as this really badass and somewhat intimidating dude, but what about his soft side?

What about the fact that he breaks all the stereotypes about what a macho man does and doesn’t do by rocking a kickass beard while getting a mani/pedi at the same time? Do you know how much insecurity that that simple act defeats in all of those boys who look up to him?

What about the fact that he harbors so much love and loyalty for his friends? It doesn’t matter if that’s represented as protection of Delirious’ identity, consistently thanking his best friend for pushing him into the best career of his life, or returning that same favor for another great friend who’s trying to get off the ground.

What about the fact that he’s remained incredibly humble despite the following he’s gained? He’s never once taken any of this for granted. It’s obvious that he thrives off of meeting fans and supporting creators on Twitter because he feels like that’s a way of giving back to us, if even just a bit.

What about the fact that his entire aura is indicative of inclusivity and friendliness? I will always remain adamant that the only reason why I was so chill with meeting all of the boys at the PAX meetup is because we ran into Luke about 15 minutes into the first day of the convention. He hugged me and instilled so much confidence in me with that one conversation, even despite the fact that his flight was delayed and he hadn’t gotten into Boston until 2 am the night before and he had to deal with a less than ideal hotel room. I never once got the vibe that he was irritated or that he was trying not to take out his frustration on us fangirls who flipped a shit when we saw him.

What about the fact that he is incredibly generous? We had decided to make Luke cookies that first night of the convention after hearing what a shitty day he had. So we made a batch and packed up little baggies for all of the guys, but obviously we gave Luke the most since they were sort of meant for him to begin with. But you know what he did? He offered most of them up to fans at the meetup after scarfing down a few himself.

tl;dr I don’t know what we did to deserve Luke, but holy fuck am I emotional about just how much I love him. He’s such a sweetheart when you really get down to the man he is. I’m honestly so blessed to have met him at PAX, because doing so only reaffirmed all of the positivity I have for that incredible person.