Badass History Ladies - Hypatia of Alexandria

“Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all.”

Said to have been the last librarian of the Library of Alexandria, Hypatia is the first recorded female mathematician. She edited works of science and math, and invented the hydrometer (a device which helps measure the gravity and density of liquids).

There are two accounts of her death. The first, and most widely accepted, was written soon after her dead in 415 CE. According to the historian, Hypatia was murdered by a Christian mob for her political influence and heresy.

hi this is my wolf 359 oc victor riemann, he’s cutter’s Best Friend and EVEN MORE SECRETIVE than si-5. even warren kepler doesn’t know he exists. he’s also really badass and bffs with rachel young. he’s really strong too and really evil and even miranda pryce likes him. he doesn’t legally exist because everything he does is so important and secret

Rachel Dare deserves love
  • Rachel: *thinks that she's going crazy for her whole life bc she can see things normal mortals can't*
  • Rachel: *helps in a war she had nothing to do with*
  • Rachel: *survives the labyrinth*
  • Rachel: *throws a plastic hair brush at a motherfuckin' titan*
  • Rachel: *becomes the oracle*
  • Rachel: *is very passionate about her hobbies and has a great personality*
  • Rachel: *is an absolute badass*
  • Fandom: ohmygods Rachel is useless she got in the way of Percabeth
First Listen Friday: Hell-O

This episode has a bunch of great numbers in it and a fucking great number that was originally cut but later released so now we can roll around in all it’s St. Berry glory (but of course I can’t find that one one youtube so someone else will have to post the “Hello 12 Hello 13 Hello Love” number).

First up is one of Finn’s best jams ever.  Everyone looks to be riding high in all their own fantasies here.  (Including that Finn can dance because his real life entrance to the choir room is very much “zombie that has to poop.”)

And up next little badass Rachel with a giant fucking bow on her skirt.  Angry kitten Rachel is very satisfying.  Even Kurt gets into it and would likely file this one under “Divas Strike Back.”

Oh my god look at these babies complimenting each other so well.  (Also, Rachel has on yet another giant bow, this time a gold one across her chest.  There are a lot of bow in this episode actually.  What does it mean??)

Anyway, onto the Glee Live fun because did you know Jesse showed up at the Radio City concert… and it was awesome.

So, this what I have taken from the sneaks and trailers:

  • Cosima is fine
  • Delphine is cool, good and loves Cos still
  • Cosima is worried because she thinks Sarah will take too many pictures of Rachel and people at the DYAD
  • Sarah is turning into Helena (sister sisterrr!!)
  • Lumberjack man thinks Sarah runs too much
  • Sarah has a lot of hobbies
  • Alison is totally okay! She’s practising her fighting and there was totally no alcohol there
  • Delphine looks really hot in that surgical get up (and the rest of the time)
  • Felix’s hair is wonderful
  • Rachel is badass and will see the errors of her ways and turn against the DYAD and be Sarah’s bffl
  • Rachel thinks Cosima is super duper intelligent
  • She is holding back on Cosima because Sarah just won’t reveal her hiding spot and they have been playing hide and seek for HOURS!
  • Paul is still Big Dick Paul and now even more of a dick (still hot tho)
  • Leekie is still annoying
  • Rachel is still hot
  • Cophine is on
  • Sarah became a part of a horror film (lots of hobbies like i said)
  • Cosima is FINE
  • There was no dead clones anywhere
  • Beth’s alive
  • I am further in the ball pit than I was last week