BAD 25th.

I am so happy. I love Michael so much I want to scream. I waited so long to watch this and it was worth the wait. Michael Jackson was a genius in every aspect of that word. I often find that people forget that this man was also a CHILD prodigy. A true genius. A prince who grew up to become a King. What he was always mean to be. BAD 25th showed the true musicianship, dedication, and passion Michael had for music. He didn’t write music so much as he felt it. I have never seen that much passion in one person. He was the music, he was the dance.He wrote from the soul. Pulled songs from the sky. And shared his magic with the rest of the world. Our King.

How he works and creates is magical in itself. BAD 25th showed the magic behind the scenes. We all know he’s a perfectionist, but seeing him create like that is just mind blowing. And might I just add, how so much adorable can exist in one man, I will never understand.