Blog Action Day 2011-FOOD

Since 2007, Blog Action Day has gathered bloggers from around the world to focus on writing about one important global topic on the same day.  The theme for Blog Action Day 2011 is FOOD so we’d like to highlight some of our food-related ventures, past and present.

  • Wildstar Farm and Folk School is a farm and education center that teaches folk arts and sustainable living skills and increases access to healthy foods.  The campaign helped Wildstar Farm and Folk School’s founders put a down payment on a truck to haul their trailer while in search for land for their farm.
  • Berkeley Youth Alternatives (BYA) Garden Program engages at-risk youths from low income communities in a paid garden internship.  Through this program, BYA is able to support these youths in all aspects of their lives.  It provides them with health education, cooking classes, counseling, and academic support.  This program also makes fresh produce accessible to residents in neighborhoods where fresh markets are not located.  BYA’s campaign on StartSomeGood allowed it to hire a garden assistant and send two interns to the Rooted in Community National Youth & Food Justice Conference.  
  • Original Green Community Food Plan is a local food system that allows low-income South Los Angeles residents to grow fresh produce at its urban farming sites for free.  The residents can then either keep or distribute what they grow.  This program not only raises interest in healthy eating habits; it also encourages social interaction within the community.  The campaign helped Original Green purchase materials for 12 raised beds, develop the site’s space for community gatherings, and train the residents about food production. 
  • Youth Building Healthy Communities Oakland Dons puts together coupon booklets for families in East Oakland so that they have access to healthy foods and information.  The coupon booklets are rewards for students that do well in their classes and contain vouchers for fresh fruits and vegetables and discounts at local fitness centers.  The campaign allowed Oakland Dons to print its coupon books and expand its network of partners.  Oakland Dons pays a monthly fee to its partners in exchange for the coupons in the books.
  • Last but not least, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) is a venture on StartSomeGood that will be starting a campaign very shortly.  NAMA works to stop factory fishing operations that are a detriment to our oceans, environment, fishing economies, coastal communities, and marine based food systems.  Look for its new campaign in the next few weeks!

By supporting these amazing food-related social ventures, StartSomeGood has been able to play a major part in the healthy and sustainable FOOD revolution, and for that we are very proud.  

    Greenpeace volunteer, TV host and outdoorsman Kiko Rustia uses his skills as a trained sous chef in the preparation of dishes, centered around organic talong, for guests during the Greenpeace Organic Cook-Out at the Mercarto Centrale in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The event highlights the call for a ban on genetically engineered (GE) food crops, the protection of our organic farming industry from the threat of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and the promotion of sustainable agriculture.