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I feel like I shouldn’t have to even say this because this is the biggest red flag in the history of mankind. Guys will make stupid excuses to have you follow them to their hotel room and it appears to be perfectly harmless.

He forgot something in his room. He needs to pick something up. He needs to drop something off. He needs to check on something. 

Great, you seem to be on the growing stages of dementia, but do whatever you need to do in your hotel room and I’ll wait here outside for you.

If for whatever reason, your POT date ends up going to his hotel room, just insist on waiting outside or in the lobby. How long is it going to take him to get something, or check something. Maybe he’ll say that he doesn’t feel safe leaving you by yourself, or doesn’t want to leave you on your own. Tell him you’ll feel much more comfortable waiting in the lobby for him. Obviously if he keeps on insisting that you follow him to his room because he wants to “show you something” just say no! If he really wanted to show you something, then he can bring it outside. How fucking big is this “thing” that he can’t bring it out of the room himself and how the fuck did he get it in there in the first place.

I’ve heard so many excuses and stupid lines from men to get me to go somewhere “private” with them. If you want to go somewhere private to speak, do so in the corner of an empty(ish) bar or lounge. It’s still private but at least you’re in the public eye. 

Another example is if he says that he has some emails he needs to send for work, but that you can hang out in the room and watch TV or order room service until he’s done. Just don’t. Say you’ll go shopping or run an errand of your own, until he’s done sending his emails. 

Lots of stories where girls somehow end up in hotel rooms and fed lies from men with other hidden agendas. Don’t be naive because in our young age, this is our greatest weakness. We haven’t been exposed to how bad it can really get in the real world and so we don’t think a simple “Hey, I forgot something in my room. Want to come with?” is all that suspicious. But these are men almost twice your age, and are a part of the sugar world usually for a specific reason. Whether good or bad.

Girls, seriously, be safe and know that the kind of things that happen on the news will happen to you too if you aren’t smart.

♥  A.M.

paleesky  asked:

Heyyyyyoooooo love! Regarding that jogging couple yeah? So obviously Shiro exercises right? Does he force Keith to go on morning jogs with him or is it more of like Keith wanting to spend more time with Shiro? DO THEY HOLD HANDS? DO PEOPLE SEE THEM? WHERE DO THEY RUN?? I need answers sweetcheeks!! ANSWERS! Also. You better be staying hydrated and eating well. You guys should ask cathrel to go drink water. Googogoooo. 😂😂 love you

LMAO I am surprisingly staying hydrated despite being sick still. XD

[The Voltron Family] Shiro woke up when his phone alarmed at 4am. It was a Monday and he saw Keith still snuggling close to him, breathing normally. Shiro felt silly because he obviously knew they were husbands but still he felt like a sneaky lil high school boy having a crush so he leaned down and gently pressed a soft dry kiss on Keith’s lips. Keith didn’t even move so Shiro did it again just for the heck of it.

To his surprise, Keith’s hand shoved his face away.

Keith: Taking advantage of me. Even that’s low for you, Shirogane.
Shiro: *removes Keith’s hand on his face* *smiles*
Keith: *smirks* What?
Shiro: I love you.
Keith: *grumbles* Well, I don’t love you.
Shiro: *shocked* KEITH!!!
Keith: I don’t love anyone at 4 in the morning except my bed. *turns his back* Goodnight, Takashi. Go love someone else. I don’t need your lovi—*sleeps*
Shiro: *laughs* *tackles Keith* It’s Monday! We’re supposed to have our morning jog, my love. You promised! We gotta stay fit!
Keith: *turns to Shiro* *absolutely offended* Are you saying I’m not fit?! 
Shiro: *smiles fondly* I think you have a wonderful body.
Keith: Then I don’t need that morning jog. *turns back to sleep*
Shiro: *whines* *nuzzles Keith’s back* KEEEIIITH!! You said—
Keith: *groans* Fine, fine, fine. C’mere. *takes Shiro’s head and let’s it rest on his chest. *pats Shiro’s head* *goes back to sleeping*
Keith: *eyes opens* Tone it down! You’re gonna wake up our kids!
Shiro: I will if you get your ass out of the bed.
Keith: *grumbles* *gets up* I fucking hate 4am.

They got out of the house at 4:30am. 

Keith: *points at the sky* You can’t even see the sun yet!
Shiro: That’s kinda the point, sweetheart. C’mon.

They started jogging and Shiro noticed that Keith was lagging behind. He turned around only to see Keith barely awake. Shiro shook his head, clearly way too entertained. He slowly jogged back to Keith and cupped his face and kissed him. Keith kissed back sleepily and Shiro wasn’t even complaining. When they separated from each other, Keith looked dazed which made Shiro smirk.

Shiro: Are we awake already? *knowing smile*
Keith: I dunno. Maybe one more. *reaches out for Shiro*
Shiro: *takes Keith’s hand to stop him* Later. After we jog.
Keith: Oh my god. I can’t believe you’re depriving me of my morning kisses.
Shiro: I just gave you two this morning! This is the third one already.
Keith: Didn’t you get the memo? I need 10 morning kisses.
Shiro: *whistles* Well, good thing we have the time for that while we jog. C’mon, red bean. After one lap, you get one kiss.
Keith: *smiles* Yeah, okay. I can start with that. One kiss per lap.
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Fine. 

They headed to the park in their village where most early risers jog at 3am. When they got there, there were about about 30 people already jogging around. Shiro saw Keith getting distracted so he took his hand and interlaced them. Keith didn’t mind this at all, in fact, he just squeezed Shiro’s hand and they jogged. One whole family took notice of them, the little twins especially.

Twin #1: Mommy! Daddy! They’re holding hands! *points at Keith and Shiro*
Mommy: Sweetheart, it’s rude to point. 
Twin #2: Can we hold hands too while we run?
Shiro: *chuckles* Of course you can. My husband’s always just getting lost. So I gotta hold his hand just so we’re still together. *shows them their hands*
Keith: *tugs Shiro’s hand* *frowns* I do not.
Twin #1: *giggles* *points at Keith* You’re funny. 

The family said their goodbyes and the two twin boys were holding hands as they jogged away from Keith and Shiro. Behind the husbands were two girls who just witnessed the whole exchange.

Girl #1: *whispers* Dude, have you ever seen this couple? *eyes Shiro and Keith pointedly*
Girl #2: I haven’t, no. They must be new? I haven’t seen them around.
Girl #1: You sure? This is our first time jogging though so maybe—?
Girl #2: I honestly don’t mind jogging every 4am if I see that. *smirks*
Girl #1: You’re such a dork. *laughs* I call dibs on pretty boy on the left.
Girl #2: Dude what the hell?! Didn’t you hear? They’re married!
Girl #1: What? That doesn’t mean I can’t crush on them?! You can take Captain America. Plus, I’m just simply admiring how aesthetically pleasing they look in those shorts and together. I’m not going to steal someone’s husband. I’m 18, Rebecca! *rolls eyes*
Girl #2: Well, if this motivates us to jog every day then I guess it’s not so bad.
Girl #1: Exactly. We’re just two girls trying to be fit. Seeing two fit men is just a huge bonus really. *smiles at Shiro and Keith* I wonder if they have kids.
Girl #2: *nods* I bet they have cute kids. They look like they have cute kids.
Girl #1: *nods* They definitely have cute kids. 


Tokyo Babylon 1999 live action movie with script!

Okay, thanks to the awesome sumeragimikoto we managed to piece together a script for the Tokyo Babylon 1999 movie. Sadly though the script is missing some tiny bits here and there. So it would be awesome if someone else were to come to our help and help us to fill the missing sentences so as to have a complete script.

Therefore, if you can, please, give this a try.

And if you can’t, please, at least just reblog. Who knows, through your reblogging this script might reach someone who can help!

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