Day 1: Crossover - Fool’s Gold

Killian Jones comes to Key West on Spring break and falls in love with Emma Swan, a treasure hunter who spins a tale of a lost Spanish treasure fleet, and he never leaves. They marry and spend eight tumultuous years loving, fighting and trying so hard to find the elusive treasure but eventually their differences drive them to divorce. Unfortunately Emma ends up on the bad side of small time drug dealer, Cruella de Vil. Circumstances drive Emma and Killian back together and with the support of billionaire Regina Mills and her misguided twenty-something son, Henry, they resume the adventure that brought them together so many years before. Emma and Killian’s dubious friend August, Regina’s chefs Ruby and Dorothy and Emma’s mentor David Nolan also join them in solving the mystery of the Queen’s Dowry. Along the way, Emma and Killian realize they still make quite the team. Their tale of adventure to find a lost treasure also becomes a tale of love rediscovered.

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Name: Jessica
Nickname(s): Jessie, Jess

Zodiac: Aquarius

Favorite Color: Light teal

Current Time: 10:47 PM

Current Number of Followers: 160ish

Average Hours of Sleep: Lately like 5 it’s bad

Last Thing you Googled: How to submit your own snapchat geofilter (cause that’s a thing)
What you Post: Um lots of cats, pretty scenery/ photography, relatable text posts, some fandom posts, anything funny or something that catches my interest
Dream Job: Well if it could be anything I’d say an animator for dreamworks or Pixar, but more realistically a graphic designer for marketing ads or something similar! If all else fails then I’d love to run a cat shelter
Height: 5′3"

Why you chose your URL: I came across the term moonsickness from a post you’ve probably seen about Native Americans and how when the women were menstruating it was seen as a sacred time- they were housed somewhere separate for the week away from busy life and stress and it was also good bonding time for younger women. and I thought it was such a neat word so tried to find a good variation of it 

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